Ormond Beach clean-up- 3 tons of refuse collected

Editor’s note: Ormond Beach is one of the few remaining open Southern California wetlands not developed or preserved as a park or wildlife refuge. It is under Oxnard’s jurisdiction and management, but on a shoestring budget. The city and private entities attempt to keep it up with their meager resources- mostly volunteers. Even the full-time caretaker is a volunteer, but the city bought him a used trailer to live in. The city recently tightened up ordinances, but has insufficient resources to police the area adequately.

Oxnard and partners are looking at various approaches, including public-private partnerships, to develop it as a park or preserve, with nearby amenities. More land has been acquired to expand it. When the Ormond Beach power plant is shut down in 2020, that land could potentially be re-wilded.


From Oxnard Police Chief Scott Whitney


I wanted to share some pictures with you showing the before and after photos of a clean-up effort at Ormond Beach. Our homeless liaison officer, Jacob Jundeff, coordinated this effort with Parks, Refuse, City Corps and St Vincent de Paul. 
They made contact with 3 homeless individuals. 
They collected 3 tons of garbage. 
The snowy plovers were safe.




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One Response to Ormond Beach clean-up- 3 tons of refuse collected

  1. William "Bill" Hicks November 24, 2016 at 6:28 am

    WOW! I didn’t see one plastic bags. Where are all the plastic bags that ruin the ocean and kill the environment?


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