Ormond Beach to be “groomed” as storm preparation

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For the third time this season, we are facing a storm forecast after a long period of not much rain (see link). Sand elevation on Ormond Beach is about 7.75 feet (target safe elevation is 6.5 feet), so flooding will occur if the beach is not groomed (see predicted lagoon water level at:http://www.vcwatershed.net/fws/VCAHPS/php/ahps_d3.htm?gage=793).

As you know, we previously groomed Ormond Beach on September 15 and December 18, 2015. The lagoon breached for the first time this season on January 5, 2016.

The attached forecast anticipates showers this Friday evening and Saturday, with more substantial rain Sunday through Tuesday. National Weather Service is also predicting high surf coinciding with high tide. As a result, we need to groom the beach at the last possible moment to prevent rebounding of the beach elevation before the more substantial rainfall.

At this point, the plan is to groom the beach this Friday morning, March 4 beginning at 8:00 a.m. As usual, we will have a survey crew on hand to ensure the beach is not groomed below 6.5 feet. Current lagoon water surface elevation is 5.47 feet (http://www.vcwatershed.net/fws/VCAHPS/php/ahps_d3.htm?gage=793), so there will be over 1 foot of “freeboard” after the grooming is complete (minimum required is 6 inches).

Because March 1 marks the beginning of the western snowy plover breeding season, a qualified biologist will conduct a nesting survey before Friday and will send you a summary ASAP. Two biologists will monitor the grooming: one with WSP authorization (likely Kimberly Paradis) and one with TWG authorization (likely Zack Abbey). Their qualifications were previously submitted and approved before and during reconstruction of tšumaš creek (i.e., J St Drain).

Jacki, the CDP permits grooming between October 1 and March 1 of each year. Therefore, we request expedited approval to proceed on March 4 under the current special circumstances.

Thanks to Oxnard Council Member Bert Perello for informing us

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