Our Duty to Defend Liberty : The Indispensible Militia



By Gina Harden

Pallas Athene Photo by Dennis Jarvis

John Locke, the philosopher of the American Revolution taught that the 1st Law of Nature is the right to self-defense. The second amendment of the Constitution states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free people, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The second amendment does not give us the right to self-defense, it merely reminds us of our inalienable right. It is a right given by our Creator that cannot be taken by man.

For over 100 years, the Colonists in America had been practicing self-government, enjoying their liberty, and holding a fond affection for their mother country England. They were encouraged by the assistance of the Red Coats in fighting the French and Indian wars, but grew leery when those troops remained at the end of the conflict. England had in mind to secure obedience to King Henry VIII’s dictates; however, after the King and their distant countrymen ignored their remonstrances and denied them the rights of Englishmen, the Colonists began making provisions for war by stockpiling food and weapons. Their reconnaissance told them that the British troops planned to raid their armory for a second time so they prepared a defense and Paul Revere rode in to the annals of history. The British regulars would not get the guns.

Arms are needed to protect individuals. Like Pallas Athene, the Greek symbol of safety and protection, the second amendment safeguards the first amendment and all other liberties of free people, but ultimately it us up to we the people to jealously safeguard our right to bear arms and resist its every encroachment, lest we quickly find ourselves to have lost all our liberties.

With the aid of a gun, a petite woman can defend herself against a much stronger foe. Guns have been called “the great equalizer” for women, yet the CA Department of Justice discriminates against married women who want to purchase weapons. Anyone who desires to purchase a gun must provide identification such as a CA driver’s license, a handgun safety certificate, and proof of residence. There is a short list of proofs of residency which qualify such as a vehicle registration, utility bill, or a lease agreement. Many married women, however, discover that their car registration and utilities are in their husband’s name so they are unable to prove their residency since a current address on the driver’s license is not enough. One woman showed the deed to her home which she’d live in for eight years and which had both her name and her husband’s name, but was told it wasn’t acceptable because it wasn’t dated in the last 90 days. She was told that the only thing she could do was lie and have her husband sign a lease agreement saying that she leases a room from him in the house that they own!!! Unjust laws such as these create criminals.

The framers believed that the Militia included the whole of the people, “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves,” and had confidence that the people would be secure against tyranny because they would jealously guard their liberty and rise up in arms if the government encroached upon their rights.

The purpose of the militia is to “repel invasion, suppress insurrection, and preserve the good order and peace of government.” The militia secures us against tyranny. A well-regulated Militia and individual arms help ensure the good behavior of elected representatives. It ensures a free, not despotic state, meaning, Webster tells us, a state “subject only to fixed laws, made by consent…not subject to the arbitrary will of a sovereign or lord.”

“Where the people fear the government there is tyranny, but when government fears the people there is liberty.” The militia also protects the State from the federal government usurping its sovereignty. Thomas Paine said, “The balance of power is the scale of peace.” If criminals carry guns and law-abiding citizens are refused Paine warns “horrid mischief would ensure.” Is not this horrid mischief what we have borne witness of in gun free zones and recent mass shootings not only at home, but also abroad?

In Counties across America, Sheriff’s swear an oath to the people to uphold the Constitution, yet many of them have violated that oath and enforce unjust laws depriving citizens of the right to bear arms, infringing their God given rights. They refuse to issue carry permits for self-defense. Law abiding citizens are at the mercy of criminals with guns. However well-intended the Sheriffs may be, their good intentions do not override the rights of the people given by their Creator and set forth in the 2nd Amendment. To the contrary, many Constitutional County Sheriffs do issue concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits resulting in a patchwork of laws based on zip code. In these counties, you may receive a CCW permit, but only as long as you reside in that county.

The right and duty to form militias comes not only from the Constitution, but is codified in the law 10 U.S. code 311. Our lack of vigilance has emboldened our governors, legislators, and judges and we have witnessed the erosion of our liberty. Free people must no longer comply with unjust laws violating our natural right to bear arms. We must take seriously our responsibility to form disciplined public militias. Failure to do so and we face the harrowing prospect of losing not only the Republic, but our very lives.

Gina Harden resides in Ventura County. You can follow her @libertygrows on FB, Youtube.

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