Fundamental Transformation: Our country is being erased

Michael Greer

Michael Greer

By Michael Greer

It’s for the children, you know. The excuse for every bad policy is “for the children”. This Townhall, given by Congresswoman Karen Bass with guest speaker Congressman Louis Gutierrez, was titled, “Keeping Families Together”. We can’t possibly object to trashing the Constitution and the Rule of Law, changing the demographics of our country and creating a permanent Democrat majority, as long as it’s “for the children” and “keeping families together”.

When we arrived at USC for the Townhall, we were told Congresswoman Bass would not be there. Apparently, President Obama sent her to Namibia (wherever that is) for the swearing in of their new President, just in the nick of time. They also told us there would not be a Q&A. If we wanted to ask any questions we had to write them down and they would be given to Congresswoman Bass later.

As we entered the auditorium we were given headphones and told the meeting would be conducted in Spanish and we needed the headphones for the English translation. This Townhall was to instruct illegal aliens on how to take advantage of President Obama’s Executive Order amnesty. Many of those helping wore “C.H.I.R.L.A.” or “I’m migrant” shirts.

The front of the auditorium had been roped off for the illegal aliens. I was actually surprised at the low turnout. The auditorium was not even half full.


Policeman asking for quiet

When Congressman Gutierrez entered the illegal aliens stood and cheered and started shouting, “Si, se puede”. To which the Americans stood and shouted in return, “USA”. It turned into pandemonium. A police officer came to the stage and asked for quiet. He said he didn’t want to have to remove people but they would if necessary.

A Black pastor came to the stage and gave a short speech on how God would want us to welcome the illegal aliens. Considering illegal immigration has hurt the Black community the most, it is appalling that a Black minister would be an accomplice and misrepresent what the Bible actually says.

We noticed there were no American flags in the auditorium, nor did the program start with the Pledge of Allegiance. This was an official Congressional Townhall given by an American member of Congress. There are normally flags at such events and they normally start with the Pledge.

The program began with a woman explaining in Spanish why if was necessary for the President to grant this amnesty by executive order. There was a slide on the screen that showed the Senate official seal, the House of Representatives official seal and the Presidential official seal. The Senate seal had a green check mark next to it. The House seal had a red X next to it. The woman explained that the Senate passed a Comprehensive Immigration bill but the “Republican held House” wouldn’t pass it. (Yes, let’s firmly implant in their minds Republicans are evil). She said the President waited two years but when the House failed to pass the bill..  He had to grant amnesty through an Executive Order. She said it was being held up in the courts, but that they expected it to be ruled in their favor soon. It was truly appalling to listen to this woman talk about an unconstitutional act by this President as if it were no big deal. That someone in Congresswoman Bass’s office put together this slide that completely misrepresents two of the three separate branches of our government and their legal authority. It also troubled me that she seemed so certain the court will rule in their favor.

When Congressman Gutierrez spoke, pandemonium broke out again. People began shouting, “This is America, speak English” as the illegals shouted, “Si, se puede”. As a petulant Gutierrez waited, the police officer again took stage and called for quiet. Mark, who was in my group, continued to shout that Gutierrez should speak English.  Mark he was escorted out of the auditorium and allowed back in a few minutes later.

Gutierrez continued, telling the illegal aliens not to engage with the “idiots”. He instructed them all to go the their consulates and get Matricula Consular ID cards and to get their birth certificates and rent receipts or any other proof (real or forged) to show that they have been here more than five years. He told them in ten years there would be more than 48 million of them and through the birthrate they would outnumber Americans in another ten years. He said he believed in One World, and that anyone who wanted to come to America should be able to. In other words, he’s for Global Governance. Gutierrez said he was at an event the day before in San Jose with the Mayor and District Attorney and they told him to “move forward”. Truly chilling to know just how many of our Representatives don’t really represent America.

It was difficult to sit in that auditorium and have an American Congressman insult citizens, to our faces, while pandering to illegal aliens. To listen to him admit, in so many words, that amnesty is about changing the demographics of America and moving us into Global Governance. His disdain for us was palpable. There is little question he’s one who doesn’t represent America, and that hundreds of members of Congress agree with him.

When Gutierrez stopped speaking he immediately left. No questions or comments were allowed. Our Constitution allows citizens to address their grievances to their Representatives. There is little opportunity to do that in person except at Townhalls.

Gutierrez was followed by the testimony of two illegal aliens telling how difficult their lives were being illegal. One was a Dreamer and the other was the mother of two anchor children.  She works at cleaning houses.

There were two other speakers on the stage who said they would take questions about how to get drivers licenses or other services. (What? We were told there would be no questions). They called on several people by name, who read their questions from cards. It was obvious they were planted. However, that opened the door and they did take a few questions from citizens.

When the program ended most of us stayed to speak to the supporters one on one. Keith Hardine spoke to a women whose English was limited,  but he still managed to ask her if she understood that unless the border was secure more would cross into the country and take the jobs from those who were already here. She thought the border should be secure.

One man asked me what the name of the our group was. I told him there was no particular group. I told him we were from all over, Orange county,  the Inland Empire, others from that district and still more from the Valley. He was disappointed in my answer, I imagine he wanted me to say we were the Tea Party. I pointed out there were Blacks and Latino’s among our group. He said he always thought Americans were polite, generous people but all he saw today was hate. I said it wasn’t hate, it was anger, and not at them but at our Representatives. We’re angry that people who are supposed to represent us–don’t.

Keith also spoke to a group of young Latino’s. He asked them if they would be upset if someone came into their homes or even their yards without their permission. They said, yes, they wouldn’t allow that. He asked them if that didn’t apply to this country as well. One of the young men gave us the argument we’ve heard over and over about the people who come here for a better life. He said he knew many illegal aliens who have been here more than 20 years and have American children. He said they made a mistake. Aren’t Americans a forgiving people. Can’t they forgive them for their mistake? He asked what would happen to the children if their parents are sent back to their country. I reminded him all parents are responsible for the consequences of their choices and the effect those choices have on their children. I told the young man if I committed tax fraud and identity fraud for 20 years, he could rest assured, I’d be separated from my children and they’d put me in jail. One of them objected to my saying they committed tax or identity fraud. I explained if they were working, they were doing so with either stolen or forged ID’s and that’s identity fraud. Or if they were paid under the table, that was tax fraud. On top of driving without a license or insurance. I asked them if they understood they wanted us to forgive them for crimes we wouldn’t be forgiven for. I explained they were asking for laws to be applied differently for them. I think, for the first time, they actually saw this situation from another perspective.

Before I left, I wrote six comments for Congresswoman Bass. I didn’t comment because I think she cares, I did it to remind her we understand her true intent.

1) This isn’t about your concern for illegal immigrants, this is about changing the demographics of this country and having a permanent Democrat majority.

2) You say we can’t deport 11/15/20 million people, but if I, as a Black/White American committed tax fraud and identity fraud for 20 years, what do you think the government would do to me? Why does the length of time they have broken our laws exempt them from punishment?

3) One of the points you make in supporting amnesty is that the illegal immigrants will have to go to the “end of the line”. But those under Obama’s Executive Order amnesty are going to the front of the line. How do you explain that to LEGAL immigrants who have FOLLOWED THE LAW and waited YEARS to come here?

4) Congresswoman Bass, please explain how amnesty benefits the Black community and why after decades under Democrat leadership YOUR district is the poorest in the state.

5) Please explain how not requiring illegal immigrants to speak our language benefits the immigrants or the country. Aren’t they turning this country into the one they fled?

6) You have illegal aliens testify how difficult their lives are being illegal. Considering you are an American member of Congress, why don’t you have Americans testify about how difficult their lives have been since losing their jobs to illegal aliens or having a loved one killed by an illegal alien.

Without borders, there is no country. Most of the illegals we spoke to agreed the borders should be secured. But they support the very people who will never secure them. If amnesty were really about compassion for the illegal immigrant, our government would have secured the border decades ago. Why have we had people “living in the shadows” for the last 25 years–Because the security part of the 1986 Amnesty Bill was never enforced. Why should we believe border security in any future bill wouldn’t end up being the same empty promise?

Our country is not just being stolen from us, it’s being erased.

Representative Luis Gutierrez is shouted down at Townhall:

Another event attendee’s video:


Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:

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