Our Rights being violated to celebrate Independence Day!

EditorialBy Bruce Boyer


dui.54th of July Alert! To help celebrate our Nation’s Declaration of Independence that we as Americans are a Free people with inalienable rights, the Oxnard Police Dept. in conjunction with other Ventura County Law Enforcement agencies will be hosting events in the City of Oxnard and Thousand Oaks to insure that all Citizens are fully aware that they have no longer have Rights. That we are in fact all slaves.

In particular it will be demonstrated on the 4th of July by Law Enforcement to all that our 4th Amendment Right, that Citizens may not be subjected to search except upon probable cause, no longer exists. Law Enforcement will  conducting ‘checkpoints’  to demonstrate this. At these ‘checkpoints’, ALL citizens will be required to be detained and searched at the discretion of the Law Enforcement officers, without Probable Cause. The alleged basis of these detaining and searches is ALL illegal activity, with particular emphasis on DUI and driving without a license. All alleged illegal activity that they uncover through these non-probable cause detaining and searches will lead to arrest and prosecution.

In an attempt to create an illusion that we retain our Rights, our Rights are only suspended at the times and locations to which Law Enforcement, at the direction of the politicians, choose to set up the checkpoints. Our Rights are allegedly in effect at other locations and at other times (subject to Law Enforcement deciding that they are not).

To help you understand this, consider that if you are travelling on Wooley Rd @ 5:59 PM the Police cannot pull you over without ‘Probable cause’. If you are on Oxnard Blvd @ 6PM, they no longer need Probable Cause because they declared they have a ‘checkpoint’. Once the checkpoint ends, they then need Probable Cause. Your ‘Rights’: now you have them, now you don’t! If you believe that this cannot be as the Courts would not allow this– we are Americans and we have our Rights, we live in a Free Country!– you are not paying attention! Courts in many States have concluded that yes, checkpoints are a violation of the 4th Amendment, so NO CHECKPOINTS! However, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that while they are a violation of the 4th Amendment, it is for just a “great purpose” that they are allowed. So yes unconstitutional, but allowed! California has them because the politicians that you did not vote against choose to abuse us with them and the judges they appoint sanction it.

These abuses of our Liberty are paid for by your tax dollars. So yes, you are paying your ‘public servants’ to abuse you. These abuses are in the form of special grants from the Federal Govt. to the State specifically for these abuses. No abuse, no bonus money. Much of the funds pay the officers’ overtime money that local governments lack, as a result the overtime creates a lot of enthusiasm among the officers who are collecting it.

For anyone who would suggest that they are somehow effective in making the roads safer, consider that they deploy eighteen officers at one checkpoint. Ask whether eighteen officers on the road looking for ‘impaired drivers’ might well make a much greater impact? Of course. The grant money pays to abuse you, NOT to make you safer, so abuse is what we get! The tow company likes them because they get to seize vehicles that they get to keep for only the cost of towing it a few miles!

I write this as the Chief Instigator for the SonsofLibertyLA.com. We have been out negating these checkpoints in L.A. County for several years. If the people of Ventura decide that they will not consent to be abused and have their Rights violated, they may easily stop it. Here is how. The Police Dept. gives advance notice of checkpoints to the media and the citizens who demand it. Demand that you be notified and then 1. Get out in front with your American flag, flashlights and signs to warn Citizens of the abuse that lies ahead, your fellow citizens will avoid it and the checkpoint is negated. You know they are coming, go find ’em, call the PD, they will tell you the where if you know the when. We have found that even two Patriots can completely negate a checkpoint. Be polite when the cops come up to you, do not engage them. Be a pair, keep your cell camera goin’ as experience (my personal and others)has shown that there are cops who will illegally abuse you if they can get away with it. 2. Go to the City Council meetings, do your public comment and tell them NO! Go after your local politicians that refuse to end the abuse, challenge them confront them, demand that there be an open public debate as to this. Put it to a vote of the people! Hound them and vote them out! Make it clear that you will not consent to be a slave! 3. Recruit others to BE Patriots, not just talk about it. The real Patriots will follow, IF you lead.

As I now reside in Ventura County, I am more than willing to help Ventura patriots be Sons of Liberty, ask me.

Bruce Boyer, SonsofLibertyLA, a resident of Ventura County.

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