Oxnard Boulevard as a successful walking and shopping street


By Roy Prince

Oxnard Boulevard as a successful walking and shopping street – 10 minutes to learn how to make this happen:

The video shows 7 examples [including Lancaster, CA] to assist us to understand how effective a few simple but thoughtful changes can be to bring a street alive.
Oxnard Boulevard could be, I say must be, an economic development engine for the City of Oxnard.
How long will Oxnard Boulevard be a blight and generator of bad publicity for the City of Oxnard? It could change in a few weeks. Your pressure on your elected representatives to upgrade Oxnard Boulevard could make all the difference. And join OxnardRenaissance.org – get the newsletter – speak up – Oxnard Boulevard needs your attention now. It need not be expensive – good street design, paint, and canopy trees would make all the difference.
Context Sensitive Design – Oxnard Boulevard could be, should be – must be, a social hub, generator of economic activity, and a real place for people to walk and shop.
For more such videos and information about economic development and urban design in Oxnard’s Central Business District and City at large – sign up for the OxnardRenaissance.org newsletter here:
Here is a link for the City of Oxnard to buy the publication – Implementing Context Sensitive Design Handbook:

“Roy Prince is a licensed Architect and Oxnard resident. He is an advocate for good urban planning and runs the OxnardRenaissance.org website/blog and newsletter.

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