Oxnard, CA | Sweet Words Don’t Tell The Truth

Commentary by Phillip Molina

Tonight the city manager is presenting the crumbs to the council and Mayor.  Again if you want payment now instead of in the future you should either make that comment at the Council meeting tonight or send an email to the Mayor and each council member expressing your desire to get refunded the money owed to you now.  You can send your email to:
Oscar Madrigal                [email protected]
Gabby Basua                    [email protected]
Vianey Lopez                   [email protected]
Gabriel Teran                    [email protected]
John Zaragoza, Mayor        [email protected]
Bryan MacDonald               [email protected]
Bert Perello                          [email protected]
What Alexander says will happen does not match his formula:
Alex Nguyen (Oxnard City Manager)  claims customers will get more than what the court ordered.  But didn’t the court state there was a $36.4 million excess amount illegally charged to 40,000 customers? That averages to $910 overcharges per customer.
Alex said he plans to cover the refunds doing 2 things: 1. providing $7 million credit in the Sept-Oct bill; and 2. provide an annual $4 million credit divided into monthly bills. That totals $11 million the first twelve months and the rest ($25.4 million) over time(?).
The public told me they want their full refund of the cash that was illegally overcharged returned NOW. 
If , however, you do not want the immediate return of the excessive amount you paid on your water bill for the illegal, excessive amount Oxnard charged you, please let me, Council Members and the Mayor know.
Am I missing something?
If you don’t need your money or you don’t care do not send an email.  Just simply ask for your money to be paid back now not in years from now.

Ratepayers will see the following changes in their October 2021 utility bill:

  1. One-Time Utility Billing Credit: All residential and commercial utility customers will receive a one-time rate reduction credit in September that will appear on their October 2021 utility bill. This means that customers will be credited for 20 months of IUF payments (January 2020 through August 2021) on their October 2021 utility bill. The City will credit a total of $7.1 million to its residential and commercial ratepayers.

  2. Utility Rate Reduction: Based upon the Court’s order, the City will no longer include the IUF in the current utility rates. Customers will see the average percentage reduction of 3.4% for Water, 2.7% for Wastewater, and 3.5% for Environmental Resources applied to future bills effective in September and will appear on October utility bills. This will result in about $4 million annually in savings for the City’s residential and commercial ratepayers.

Added Nguyen, “As I’ve stated before, the judge’s ruling on this matter was fair and reasonable; the City erred in its implementation of the IUF. We will certainly correct it.” 

Phillip Molina
Oxnard City Treasurer

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