Oxnard Candidate Forum Wednesday Sept. 24, 7 PM

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A City Council and Mayoral candidates  forum of  will be held Wednesday, buy September. 24, viagra sale  7 PM at RIO Vista Middle School, 2050 Thames River, Oxnard. It is sponsored by the River Park Neighborhood Council



















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One Response to Oxnard Candidate Forum Wednesday Sept. 24, 7 PM

  1. Citizen Reporter September 25, 2014 at 11:06 am

    5 City Council candidates showed up:

    Jaquez, Huber, Perello, Ramirez, Starr.

    All seem capable of doing the job, but there are big differences in energy level, conceptual ability, communications skills and approach. Find out what they are.

    Unfortunately, turnout of the public was unimpressive. It seems like the same few dozen people go to most of these events.

    There is another one on Oct 1 7pM at City Hall. If you are an Oxnard Citizen with a pulse, please come or watch on Channel 10 so you can make a more informed decision. Also watch the previous 9/18 televised session on Citizensjournal.us, in news or Candidates Corner section.


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