Oxnard City Council: budget priorities, Seniors Commission, $16MM Dev. Agency payout, Cultural Arts and Measure O Commission appointments and more

By George Miller

The Oxnard City Council honored Joanna Gentry, accepted reports on: EDCO on business development (see separate article next week), Metrolink disaster report (see other article), Senior Commission, Development agency wind-down, made appointments to the Cultural Arts and Measure O Oversight committees and approved $16 million semi-annual payout for Develpmental agency wind-down.

Name Date Duration Agenda Minutes Video
City Council Meeting February 24, 2015 05h 45m Agenda Minutes Video


Joanna Gentry honored by Oxnard for outstanding work and 28 years of service

OXCC2-24-15 011

Oxnard Mayor Tim Flynn honors Joanna Gentry for outstanding accomplishments at 2-24-15 City Council Meeting. (Photo: CitixzensJournal.us)

Ms. Gentry, who says “I got my foot in the door as a clerk-typist” 28 years ago, became a valuable city resource- an expert in GPS geo-mapping, data automation and imaging. She profusely thanked the City for providing career opportunies, training and more- and has repaid the city amply with her fine work.  She was the city’s first female surveyor, worked in land management, engineering, Public Works, Planning & Development. She was cited for numerous engineering process improvements.  Speaking at the meeting, Gentry counseled others to “look … and apply … for job openings, take a few courses” … to get your foot in the door.” We love such success stores.

Read proclamation: Document: Resolution (pdf 90KB)


Senior Services Commission has enviable record of programs


Senior Services Commission members at Oxnard City Council meeting- 2-24-15. L-R: Ron Fischer, Kathie Lanker, Clark Owens, Kay Brainard, Lourdes Yu, Chair Alice Sweetland (Photo: CitizensJournal.us)

OXCC2-24-15 014

Oxnard City staffer Greg Barnes received compliments for excellent work on behalf of seniors. (Photo: CitizensJournal.us)

 The Seniors Commission showed up in force, while Chair Alice Sweetland presented a status report showing that they are reaching out with many positive programs for Seniors and helping others as well, such as returning veterans. They are very active. Examples: Field trips, sporting events, games, walking group, luncheons, dances, picnics, parties, gardening, bingo, guest speakers, computer lab, jewelty, “My Story” project, card-playing, tax prep assistance, nutrition program, Volunteer programs, including “Vet Career Closet,” showing vets how to dress for intreviews, grants to worthy causes, hot meals provided to needy seniors.

Their priorities are continuing and improving programs, seeing that the Colonia Senior Center is renovated (will take one year after Las Cortes project constructiuon starts) and, finally,  building a major new Senior Center.  Sweetland said that Seniors are the fastest-growing group in Oxnard.

If you’re a senior looking for something to do, or need help, call NOW.  Senior Services meetings 

View their PowerPoint report: J-1 Senior Services Commission (5,900 KB)


Preliminary City/budget priorities presented

OXCC2-24-15 015

Acting Assistant City Manager Scott Whiteney presents city priorities at 2-24-15 Oxnard Ciy Council meeting. (Photo: CitizensJournal.us)

Acting Assistant Ciy Manager Scott Whitney presented a list of priorities developed by city staff. Nearly 200 items were identified, then initially grouped and prioritized. Mr. Whitney presented those at the meeting. Major categories were: effective and innovative government, including financial stability and sustainability; economic development- jobs, industry; public safety- police, fire dept.; infrastructure- utilities, streets, transportation; promoting Oxnard image, destination, strengthening neighborhoods.

Read priorities report: Document: Community and Budget Priorities (pdf 358KB)

PowerPoint Presentation: K-1 City of Oxnard Community and Budget Priorities (2,111 KB)

Oxnard residents can come to/participate in a major Community Forum being held on March 5 to address building trust and community priorities as input to the priority-based budgeting process. Read article/see video on 3-4-15 forum: Oxnard City Manager Nyhoff explains March 5 Community Forum- invites resident participation


2015 -16 appointments to Cultural Arts and Measure O Oversight Commissions

Council  members cited their preferences for the Cultural Arts Commission and appointed 9 of the 13 applicants, while asking others to stay involved:

Appointments: Margaret Cortese, Dr. Deborah DeVries, Javier Gomez, Jesus Gonzales, Oneta Hirata, Autumn Kelly, Jaime Moreno, Christine Moira, Susan Smith. Not sure if we got all these right and formal list hasn’t been published yet. Councilmembers Carmen Ramirez (Mayor Pro-Tem) and Dorina Padilla are the city liasons to the Commission.

Next, they turned to the Measure O Oversight Commission. There have been many battles over the allocation of the special additional 1/2% Oxnard sales tax. the Commission was set up to oversee it, but there is general acknowledgement that it is nearly powerless. There will be an attempt to change this. All nine applicants were approved by City Council, although Councilman Perello strongly oppsed the appointment of Chamber of Commerce President Nancy Lindholm.

Appointees: Nancy Lindholm (Business), Len Schulman (Neighborhood Councils), Dr. Don W. Theobeault (Seniors), Juan Reynoso (Youth);  at large: Kay Brainard, Ruby Durias, Deidre Frank, David H. Garcia, Joseph M. Munoz.


Ongoing Redevelopment agency workout- $16MM due.

Since the state arbitrarily ended local redevelopment agencies, variuous jurisdictions have struggled to wind down projects and disposition obligations and properties. About $16 million in payments by Oxnard is due over a six month period.  A total of $ 130,809,038.00 million in obligations exist, with numerous properties still to be dispositioned under the byzantine state regulatoria which govern such things. The report and presentation were somewhat confusing and seemingly contradicted a detailed spreadsheet distributed at a previous meeting, but was later explained to this reporter as a terminology difference, presentation format and rounding conventions.  Kimberly Horner has the uneviable task of managing all of this.

There were unanticipated taxes, maintenance, legal fees. A public speaker, Steve Nash,  expressed frustration that “winding down” of activities/obligations does not seem to be occurring.

Document: K-4 Successor Agency Reimbursement Agreement (701 KB)

Document: K-3 ROPS 15-16A (641 KB)



The Council  approved applying for another $307,000 in grants to pay for DUI checkpoints and intensive DUI patrols. This is administered by the state, using federal funds.

Gerard Kapuscik, Manager, Strategic Decision Support Group, announced that there will be a CEQA scoping meeting to talk about the Oxnard flood control levee project. The project will be explained, along with environmental impact.  Included will be temporary and long-term flood mitigation plans. The meeting will be at the Marriot Residence Inn on 3-4-15 at 7 PM. Public is invited and encouraged to come.

Phone: (805) 648-9284 E-mail: [email protected]



George Miller is Publisher of Citizensjournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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