Oxnard Council 2-20-18: Recall Update; Next Step on District Elections; Investment Policy

By George Miller

City Clerk Ascension updated special recall election status. a six district (plus Mayor) election map 635 was selected, district election sequences were determined and staff ordered to draft an ordinance for preliminary vote next week. Aaron Starr and Alicia Percell responded to Mayor Flynn’s allegedly illegal attack on Starr. Investment policy and annual delegation of investment authority was approved.


Item G- City Manager’s report:

Draft agenda now being posted further in advance, written weekly City Managers report, upcoming meetings highlighted.

Riverpark dog park now open. Ormond Beach Villas groundbreaking took place. Oxnard police officer of the year (see report). Police Dept. won James Q. Wilson community policing award. Will award it 3-19-18. New Oxnard-PAL Youth Center. Weekly report now includes meetings and some significant events

Document: City Manager’s Weekly Report

City Clerk-

14 candidates qualified.


Mayor Flynn & Mayor Pro Tem Ramirez
Transportation Policy Committee
Special Meeting Feb 22, 2018 – 3:30 PM Council Chambers
Mayor Flynn & Councilmember Perello
Channel Islands Harbor Task Force Feb 22, 2018 – 6:30 PM
PACC Oxnard Room
Mayor Flynn & Councilmember Perello
City Council Procedures Committee Feb 26, 2018 – 6:00 PM
Human Resources Activity Room
City Staff Planning Department – Community
Workshop Feb 26, 2018 – 6:00 PM
City of Oxnard Community Room
Commissioners Parks, Recreation, and Community
Services Commission Feb 28, 2018 – 5:30 PM Council Chambers

More meetings in linked City Manger report

Public comment

Jackie Tedeshi- Please keep up City Manager reports.


Item F- Public comment- Items not on agenda

Pete Placentia- Tx for supporting Colonia Boxing Gym, driveway in poor condition- hazardous. Needs repair.

Peter Martinez- Since Scott Whitney was promoted to Police Chief: Car show in downtown, walk, coffee with a cop, community conversations and “check-ins”. Now 1 1/2 years later. OPD was selected to receive James Q. Wilson Community Policing award. Credit  to Assistant Chiefs Jason Benites & Eric Sonstegard, command staff and line officers.

Woodrow Thomas- Unfair state deductions made to payments to recipients, without substantiation.

Jackie Tedeshi, INCO Chair- 2-17 INCO special meeting- re: district election hearing. Asst OPD Chief Benites presented on small drones. Needs to go before council. Also Coastal Architects- 234 Johnson (Blackstock Neighborhood) presentation.

Martin Jones- Better number would be 8 election districts, not 6. Trust honesty, integrity of Chief Whitney and Karl Lawson.

Steve Nash- Wants to act on gun control: red flag registration (concern for an ibdic, register, insure all firearms, eliminate bump stocks. Eschew NRA “Party Line.” Blood on their hands, misinterpret Second Amendment. Wage the fight at the local level- overwhelm, NRA locally. Kids are traumatized. Active shooter drills traumatizing.  Wedge issue.

Bruce Boyer- Candidate for Sheriff. Would be happy to point out Oxnard Council. I will spell out corruption. How about a public forum on it? Not suggesting that any of you should be indicted by a grand jury, convicted by a jury of your peers. Civil asset forfeitures- can’t find numbers. Asset seizures from citizens arrested, but not convicted. Sheriff takes million a year. Property taken. OPD seizes vehicles. A political activist cited for jaywalking for a political process (Todo Poder). Corruption. Crime rate? End Sanctuary state. We will put ICE holds, for deportation. Defend Second Amendment.

Alicia Percell- Lat week election appropriation. S/B approve plan, Mayor criticized Aaron Starr- said Aaron not qualified for office because he didn’t accept Flynn’s offer. Fl;ynn didnt accept Aaron’s office either. Flynn criticized Aaron for consulting with a woman (Alicia), Maybe Flynn is  intimidated by a woman. She baked cookies but not for the Mayor.  asked status of wastewater bonds letter of credit. (Asst City Manager) Nava said it was ready for signing, no amendments, but the actual one had amendment. Why did Mr. Nava give that info? Difficult to get straight answer around here

Aaron Starr- (in reference to Mayor Flynn’s attack on him at end of 2-14-18 council meeting) -Statements violate election law 13308. (Officials) shall not make reference to candidates, character or activities. Madrigal statement had grammatical error. Ramirez statements violate 13308. Council said they wouldn’t defer maintenance, but did. Flynn asked to vote no on recall- violated 13308. Incorrect statement that City produced the first balanced budget in decades, first clean audit in decades- false statement.

Lopez- Trashed Starr and immediately left.


Item H- Council General Comments

Madrigal- Anniversary of (FDR) executive order for WWII Japanese internment. Went to Community action tour, will be reading to elementary school kids. Went to CLU social justice fund on effect of immigration in county. Focus on school shootings- sad for nation. We have lockdown drills. Happened in Oxnard 10 years ago. Involves mental issues. Need to work to make sure that does not happen. Becoming the norm.

Ramirez- totally endorses Madrigal comments. Children must now wonder what might happen. Who is opposed to banning “weapons of wars” which have absolutely no use except a war situation, Officials supporting are funded are at a time of reckoning to deal with this public health.. Monthly gun show on Ventura- state property., Can buy guns there . Hunters don’t use assault weapons. Whitney- strongly opposed by police chief assns. He will update on it. Ramirez so impressed with efforts of police to get guns out of the hands of people (Actually, police dept only removing guns from criminals). One of the most damaging things to our city,

MacDonald- James Q Wilson award to OPD. Thanks

Perello- Appreciate all public comments- freedom of speech. Leadership of police dept has yielded good results. Murders in Oxnard are stigma of the city. Tribute to WWII Japanese internees.

Flynn- Went to San Diego and met with former Oxnardian Mayor Kevin Faulkner. Studied San Diego impressive homeless crisis efforts. Faulkner spends 1/4 of his time on this- 5600 estimated homeless  people. Now housing 160 vet, 300 women and children + 300 single adults. We will step up efforts for homeless. Re CALPER unfunded pension liability- had meeting on this. Will be on March 27 agenda. Now $283 million. If stock market goes down, it will get worse., Has gone fro  5 to 20%. Will cripple ability to provide services to the public.


Item K- Information Consent Agenda

Passed unanimously


L-1 Special use permit 20 townhomes units +20 condos in Southwinds at 5849 Saviers

Armando Delgado- Ormond Beach Villas- contractors to provide equal opportunity/affirmative action. Create jobs for County residents, foster local economic development and improvement. HUD money.  Need to be consistent with Dept of Labor reqmts. We are the local income people you are building for, We want local jobs.

Will be more testimony and continue to March 20 per Carmen Ramirez. Why was not explained.  Unanimously approved.


L-2 Possible City Council districts and sequencing of elections.

City Attorney Fischer- Mr. Johnson of national Demographics will recapped where we are in the process. Johnson showed the maps much too fast for comprehension. Did not explain election sequencing.

Map 622- 6 districts

Lupe Andiamo- Map 635 highly recommended. Only one not gerrymandering South Oxnard. Preserves Colonia. Also, commend City Manager for weekly reports and dept meetings.

John Haight- Want Map 635- keeps most neighborhoods intact and relates to geographic interest.

Pat Brown- Map 635 is only one that will work.


Sandra Arroyo- CAUSE. Map 635. Keeps right communities together.

Fernando Mesa- CAUSE youth organization. Want 635. More representaion for South Oxnard. Needs gretaer representation. 2 seats for s. Oxnard, very difrenet communites.

Freda Rios- Cause  yout. Map 635. Fair representation.

Woodrow Thomas- Can’t read maps on screen. Too small and bad colors.

Sergio Salid- Map 635. Helps S. Oxnard which has no representation on council now.

Steve Nash- Map 635.


Council comments

Madrigal- All speakers were in favor of Map 635. So is he. Helps S. Oxnard.

Ramirez- consensus on Map 635, although not the most perfect one. Fits in with neighborhoods. Goo that young people have been involved in environmental justice.; Upcoming census will change things. Want limits on campaign contributions (Is this way off topic or what?). Wants 4 year mayor terms. Publkic given ample opportunity to weigh in.

MacDomald favors map 635. Comments heard about splitting up or combining neighborhoods. Benites asked him to reconsider Map 622.

Perello- Wanted 8 council districts. Appears it will be 6. Map 635 DOES break up some neighborhood councils., Want Map 622. I can live with 635.  Need decision- when was the last time any change was made to the methods of selection of elected officers? This is not the best crafted of laws. He has been advocating for districts for decades, results in better districts. Wants general public to vote on this, NOT Council. Campaign money does NOT buy victory. Examples- SOAR, Measure M, although facts misconstrued. Supports Map 635, but only on a public vote. Light turnout for such an important subject.

Flynn- question for demographer. Some Council members have advocated a public vote. Atty. Fischer- law allows safe harbor by following procedure and having council approve., If voters don’t approve, then city is subject to a lawsuit. Flynn not wanting to risk litigation. Fischer- tonight Council could direct drafting ordinance, next week vote on it,. Too late for June ballot. November at soonest without a special election. Not against 635, but other much better maps. But it keeps eastern neighborhoods together. Groups most affluent residents in one district, minimizes their citywide influence. Oxnard does not fit into target of this law. View Map 622. Likes 626 best. However these maps will only be intact 3 years until census. Can live with map 635.


Fischer- pointed out that Flynn was ready to vote without even discussing vote sequencing and suggested considering proposed sequencing, before voting. The applicable item from the report is below…..

The districts would be phased in, which will make some current terms shorter. There is also the consideration that some districts may vote in Presidential election years, which means higher turnout,

There was some talk of making Mayor a four year term later.

Perello- How did you decide that Dist 5 & 6 get initial 2 year terms? Demographics guy: Dist 5 had higher turnout than Dist 6..

Ramirez wants voting on both motions for Map 635 to have council vote on it.

MacDonald was originally in favor of public vote but was intimidated by potential legal action. Perello said he will push for  a vote of the people. Threat of one person threatening a lawsuit is the equivalent of blackmail.

Flynn- Would support a vote on Perello’s idea, but time is tight. (in other words, no).

Ramirez agrees with MacDonald- fears a public vote on it- perhaps a public survey with other things on it.

Perello- should be an option for a public vote. City spends money on wasteful options. Wants more options than city atty. has provided.

See report and maps- http://oxnard.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=95&event_id=42469&meta_id=177161


M.  Investment policy and annual delegation of investment authority

It looks like Flynn was trying to vote without any discussion, Perello questioned that so there was some discussion.


Treasure Molina was brought up to summarize changes, as follows:

Formerly, only Treasurer could make policy changes- now will require Council approval.

More rating agencies to be utilized.

Fina offire smust repor

Only quaified depositories may be utilized.

State limitations rather than city rules will prevail.

FDIC to $250k

Mutual funds misidentified- corrected

Diversify investments by type and institution

Multiple council reviewers to be engaged

“Prudent person” change to prudent investor for more appropriate role identification.

Reports must show cost basis and market per GASB 31

Rating agencies charge companies that they rate.

Change to comply with Govt code 536.


Public comment

Jackie Tedeschi- Unable to attend last 2 fiscal policy task force meetings. Is this current? Treasurer Molina: yes

Woodrow Thomas- Treasurer doing a fine job. Law now being upheld – was it before? Disagree with recall. Not gonna get a different result. Cannot  take them out of seat (Actually, law says that they can be recalled). Flynn cut him off for being off topic. Woodrow- millions of dollars stolen and not recovered.

Vote approved -5-0


M-2 Contract with Ecology Auto Parts– increased by $600,00 for total of $3,500,000.


Note: This report does not cover this meeting’s appointment item E-1 on mid-year budget review



George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of CitizensJournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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