Oxnard Council: crime situation discussed; will streamline business and residential permits; EDCO holds industrial companies forum

By George Miller

This segment (4-8-15)- KADYTV host Peter Godinez interviews George Miller, Publisher of CitizensJournal.us, a Ventura County, news, commentary and events publication.  This week’s topics: Crime in Oxnard and what to do about it (00:40); Planning Dept. permitting/other services  improvements (06:34); EDCO/OPIA (Economic Development Corporation of Oxnard/Oxnard Plain Industrial Association) Forum (13:00).  There is also more relevant information below the video.

The Good Morning Oxnard show is recorded most Wednesday mornings (usually available as video on demand on kadytv.net within a couple of days), offering local personalities, issues and events- Hyper-local news, in the KADYTV tradition!   Past shows archived on the web site and via Citizensjournal.us.



Video: 4-8-15 Good Morning Oxnard news segment

You can watch the appropriate sections of the 4-8-15 City Council Meeting:

Name Date Duration Agenda Minutes Video
City Council Meeting April 7, 2015 04h 42m Agenda Minutes  Video


Oxnard  Crime

Chief Jeri Williams at Apr. 7 Council meeting: “There’s no hiding the truth- you can see crime is up 26.2% in one year.” In fact, statistics show it is up dramatically since 2011. 7293 reported crimes vs 4144 in 2011. But still down from a 1992 high. Violent crime, property crime – almost every category is up significantly. Rape up 350%- but new reporting criteria drove the dramatic change. Murders dropped from 15  to 11. But, the Oxnard per capita crime rate is 9 times a s high as Moorpark, lowest in the county,


(Front to rear): Oxnard Interim Asst. Chief Eric Sonstegard, Asst. Chief Jason Benites and Chief Jeri Williams present crime report to City Council  and discuss solutions, 4-7-15  (Photos: CitizensJournal.us)


The Chief also showed the correlation between post-release offender population and crime. She and assistant Chief Jason Benites and acting Assistant Chief Eric Sonstegard also addressed actions to be taken to deal with the situation, including:




Also discussed at the meeting was OPD’s contribution to budget cuts. But public safety IS acknowledged to be #1 priority. More civilian volunteer activity was pushed by council, and public speakers. OPD seemed lukewarm on that. Public speakers and Council members discussed pension reform, and cutting out the least needed programs, and using Measure O money.

Read more:

Oxnard crime situation

Oxnard crime situation

Oxnard crime has risen significantly since 2011 and is up 26% just in the last year. Police Chief Jeri Williams and staff will present the attached report at the Tuesday April 7 City Council meeting. There will be discussion of crime statistics, possible causes and what to do about it. Download/read report: Oxnard […]


Major improvements in the pipeline for Planning Dept handling of business & residential permits, licensing.

It appears that the city has finally discovered “World Class” customer service principles and has embraced them, with a little help from City Manager Greg Nyhoff and a supportive City Council.

It involves setting up a “concierge” system to help walk businesses through the process, set up a written plan of activities, required steps, approvals, fees and a timetable, streamline the application and permitting processes. You can see a summary of this in the 4-7-15 Council agenda. Future look at fees to be more competitive. More automation and on line access to applications, regs, approvals, FAQs’, maps, project lists, and reduction of required signatures, to reduce the runaround. Now accept Visa/Mastercard. Co-location of code complaince and service center. Streamlined temporary use permits (TUP’s), Zone Clearance (ZNCL) and business tax certificates. Treasury- business taxes online records, automated reports, imp[roved enforcement. tenant improvement permits, simplified solar permit, weekly plan checkers coordination meeting/standardize, std correction lists- res./comml/ind permits. Oxnard is also looking to benchmark with comparable and best cities. see Document: J-1 One Stop Shop Permit Center Update  (pdf  383KB)

This very upbeat council meeting presentation by retiring Planning Director Matt Winegar and Upcoming Pl Manager Ashley Golden had  enthusiastic reception and was in marked contrast to discussion on that subject Monday night EDCO/OPIA Forum at the Kitchen …..

EDCO/OPIA Forum 4-6-15

About 120 people, including a dozen City of Oxnard Department heads, showed up to network, knosh on tasty food, discuss what the City is doing and very importantly, NOT doing. Difficulty is working with the City is legendary and horror stories from some business owners and executives last night were sobering.

EDCO4-6-15 081

the City response to all this looked a bit weak, bumbling and apologetic. Our takeaways from it were: “Yes you’re right, we’re not serving you adequately, but we Will improve and we ARE working on it, but it will take at least a year and a half and by the way, we’re broke, so we don’t have the resources to do it, but at least you have EDCO to help work the system for you.” They briefly mentioned that some improvements were in the works.  Audience feedback on EDCO assistance activities was pretty good.

The panel and EDCO President also field questions and complaints, including some real horror stories, which you can read about and even hear via our event report. City officials promised to follow up on open items. City Manager Greg Nyhoff requested that businesses copy him on staff correspondence.


This week’s show venue:


Tomas Cafe, main dining room

Show venue was Tomas Cafe. Food was good, place is roomy & squeaky clean, with an extra banquet room.  Menu: viewmenu.com

622 South A Street, Oxnard, CA 93030
ph: 8054836633, fax: 8054834439
tomascafe2001@yahoo.com  http://tomascafe.com/



George Miller is Publisher of Citizensjournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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