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    Oxnard Council: Finalized Cannabis Sales, Short Term Rental Rules; Ban of Flavored Cigarettes

    By George Miller


    At the 12-3-19 Meeting, the Oxnard Council made a few  changes and approved final legislation for cannabis sales in the City. The next step is implementing supporting ordinances. After years of work, final short term rental (STR) rules were approved, with some exceptions carved out for The Colony/Harbor Island developments and timeshares. It was noted that changes may be advised after these are tried out in actual practice. The Council took preliminary steps to ban flavored cigarettes, cigarette coupons and “small cigars.” They and speakers/experts deplored these and “vaping in general,” citing far higher addictive nicotine content. Saving children was the justification. They deplored the high retailer violation rate of 15.9% in selling to minors. The irony of banning flavored cigarettes while promoting cannabis was not lost on some people we spoke with. The Council also appropriated $540,000 for downtown district improvements, with a three year projection of $1,614,948, which would leave about half of the original $6MM settlement fund earmarked for downtown remaining. Appropriations were focused on improving appearance and safety in the district to help encourage development and business retention. Public resistance to the proposed. some say “done deal” Saviers Road homeless shelter continued.

    Meeting AGENDA, VIDEO

    D-1-  Southern California Edison, Wildfire Mitigation Planning and the Public Safety Power
    Shutoff Program

    An SCE rep. discussed  potential power shutoffs due to fire danger, which most of us have heard the big picture news on. The power company is attempting to harden the system to reduce future fire risk and probability of shutdown, but this may not happen for some time. Only one area in Oxnard is contemplated to be at risk of such a shutdown.

    “At this time SCE has identified one PSPS circuit within the City of Oxnard. This circuit, known as the “Carnegie
    Circuit,” provides power to approximately 7.14 square miles (4,566.87 acres) of the City including areas of the Victoria
    Estates, Cypress Point, Windsor North, Cabrillo, Sierra Linda, Fremont North, Carriage Square, Orchard Park and Rio
    Lindo neighborhoods. To date this circuit has not been de-energized as a part of the PSPS Program.”

    There’s a map of the affected area on page 9 in the linked agenda materials.

    Useful Information:
    • Update Customer Contact Information
    • Information on SCE Wildfire Mitigation Plan
    • Twitter – @sce
    • Facebook –
    • Fire Cameras-
    • Weather Stations –
    • CPUC Wildfire Maps Information –
    • Fire Preparedness –
    • Red Cross Emergency Preparedness
    • FEMA Emergency Preparedness –


    F- Public Comments on Items Not On The Agenda

    Jeff  Burum- Candidate for VC Supervisor 5th District- My Christmas list: Promote Jobs; More Small businesses- learn from Amazon mistake (City lost potential 1500+ employee Amazon facility), promote growth in harbor after 15 years of delay; promote health and safety- address crumbling bldgs; use private help to help people, promote fiscal responsibility, transparency, accountability; do this without raising taxes another 1.5%; stop Edison canal pollution/algae due to circulation system shutdowns. Downtown, Halaco, Ormond Beach are catastrophes. Some of you have been naughty, this is my campaign platform.

    Jackie Tedeschi- Last INCO (Inter Neighborhood Council) meeting of the year upcoming. City Mgr. Alex Nyguyen will be the speaker.  Encourages Council members to come to INCO meetings. Few Council members come.

    Santa Claus. Mrs. Claus and their elves came to Oxnard Council meeting (above meeting screenshot), promoted Christmas events including 12-7-19 parade, city tours dec 7-17. Mayor Pro Tem Carmen Ramirez was introduced as Mrs Santa Claus. Santa did not offer to close the budget gap.

    Jorge Escalerra- Business owner near Saviers Road proposed shelter. Nearby businesses oppose. Community has not approved. High traffic, nearby schools, expensive. building and parking inadequate. Illegal waste dumping, excrement, vomit, RV vehicles, customers feel unsafe. Why is Oxnard homeless population increasing so rapidly unlike Camarillo and Thousand Oaks? Do not allow this.

    Robert Schaeffer- Local business owners oppose  shelter. Negative impact of homeless population on dense residential population with families with young children. Will also negatively impact businesses.

    Walter Ontoveros- We obviously have a homeless problem. Savier site is not a solution. Two nearby liquor stores, high visibility area.  Mylar balloons can cause electrical lines fires, especially if not weighted.

    Luis Garcia- Does not want city to pay $20,000/mo to rent shelter space. Should buy one or use existing facility. Use the armory- buy it. Concerned about unsafe trains going too fast. Lack warning signs.  Need to educate people, not just hand out citations.  Want to reach CPUC re Ca rail crossing hazards.

    Richard Tucker- Regarding 90% done deal shelter (per Cty Mgr). No buy in by neighborhoods, outreach. How will web site help if people don’t know about it. 1750 residents and 100+ local businesses. City not helping with flyers. Facility is too small., will take almost 2 years and waste 2.5 million in improvements left behind after 5 years lease. This is incompatible with the neighborhood.Will assist in finding another larger facility needed. Please reconsider.

    Lucy Cartegena- Not being transparent about shelter, Will require 3 year up front payment. Do NOT have to leave existing site,. Not being transparent in public say or working with us. Need to look in ML zone.

    (missed name)- opposed.  Really busy street, will be hard on residents, businesses. Do elsewhere. Opposed. Not much help  from police.

    VacheGaminin- Owns Savier Laundry- Families and children use the facility. Find meth pipes, needles, etc at site. People drinking right next to nearby liquor store. Littered. Homeless sheler detrimental- will make it worse. Homeless already causing many problems. People are uncomfortable. Foul his restroom. Location is not good for area

    Pat Brown- Smithsonian aeronautical publication features Camarillo Airport- extolls it! Opposed to Saviers homeless shelter. Already have a shelter at 6th and Meta St. Too small. Homeless wander all over town, like a herd of cows. My neighborhood won’t like having 2 nearby homeless shelters, One is bad enough- lots of problems.


    Mayor Flynn- Community engagement on proposed shelter will continue until 1-28-19. Noted discontinuance of flyers to inform the local residents.Wants city to get the word out. Housing Director Ramirez will discuss outreach program, per City Mgr. Nguyen. He noted full blown CA homeless crisis- 133,000 in CA alone- 1/4 of nation’s homeless. Other crises get rapid response- not this one. No state/fed rapid response. Must provide shelter, housing.  Expected resistance on shelter site (on Saviers Road). Wait until we do “Housing First.” Having homeless in a shelter is 1000 times better than having them on the street. We have looked at over 20 sites, No neighborhood will welcome it. Nguyen introduced Emilio Ramirez, Housing Director: this is a matter of concern. we are starting outreach on siting, setup, operation of shelter. Only found this location a few weeks ago. Must  move fast (90 days) to capture it.  Doing community engagement starting Nov 4.  Creating collateral material, social media and web site  outreach including FAQ. Setting up neighborhood meetings and Chamber of Commerce (12-9-19) + business canvassing,. 18 December and 13 February townhalls planned. Meeting with 4 local school principals. Will speak to interested groups.  Flynn- need to agendize discussion on this to stay within Brown Act requirements.


    G. City Manager Report

    Nguyen- Added one more venue to view meetings on Oxnard YouTube channel: Have about 200 subscribers and growing.


    Council Remarks

    Lopez- attended World AIDS Day raising awareness events. A problem in VC. Get tested. Want economic development report.

    Perello- Lost Eleanor Brant Humor- past civic activist of Rio Lina area. Started first neighborhood watch group locally. Help fee at Rescue Mission Thanksgiving feast. Please donate. Went to Whittier with Pinmedo’s P{acica High won CIF championship. Will compete in state championship.

    MacDonald- Upcoming  Gold Coast Transit meeting. Wilson Neighborhood putting on annual Christmas Tree Lane display. This is great. Traffic will be very heavy- be careful.

    Ramirez- Honor Jackie Tedeschi for her INCO leadership. Thankful for my home, career, income. Remember many who don’t have that. Homelessness is bad here, but much worse elsewhere in SoCal.  People are unhappy with homeless solution/shelter. If we don’t address, will be more, sooner.  Current problems have nothing to do with shelter- it will improve things. Housing unaffordable for many. Welfare is only $900/month. Searched for years for a shelter site.

    Basua- Businesses in area have reached out to me about the shelter. We failed to do outreach before voting on it, Contact city officials with your input. But community opinion WILL be heard. Went to Ventura College women in politics conference.

    Madrigal- Went to VC Rescue Mission dinner. Never enough. Be grateful for what we have every day. CIF Championship at 6 PM at Birmingham high school to qualify for state championship. Meeting at Ramona school on pedestrian safety.

    Flynn- Homeless issue- what progress made to being problem solver rather than a promoter of problems.Existing shelter accommodate sup to 125 people. Attempt to provide fhelp. Joan Lucas, an elderly woman: Gabriels house helped, applied for homeless voucher- rented apartment and a local church is helping her to outfit it. Try to help people and help them get on with their lives.

    Nguyen- Homeless program info on Housing dept page. Will set up simplified url soon. Asked businesses to provide entry level jobs for Homeless. The new (Oxnard) Gold’s Gym is on board to help with this!

    Flynn- Need help with homeless census call Mark Alvarado-385 8044


    I-K. Information Consent Agenda

    Items pulled for discussion- K-3,5, K-10. (Itesm are normally voted on in total without discussion, unless specific items are pulled for discussion by Council members).

    Perello on K-3- Oppty to receive firefighter training to become paramedics.  How can we hold on to licenses if they leave or can we make a minimum service time requirement.  MacDonald- similar court rulings have gone against that. Instead focus on incentivizing them to stay. Perallo- continued pay increases are a problem. MacDomald- we have no trauma center here. Need resources. Flynn- Citizens could assist. Yes, there are risks.  Police can train, city provide insurance. OPD Chef Whitey approves, suggests using Neighborhood watch

    Ramirez- K-10- Need bike/pedestrian infrastructure. Need protected bicycle lane. Grant for this?

    Tatania Argor of Public Works- awaiting consultant report, may not qualify for “Class 1” fully protected bike lane. Looking for other funding oppy’s to continue bike lane from freeway down to Ormond Beach.

    Nguyen- Oxnard not an “outlier” in traffic deaths which are dropping in Oxnard, while pedestrian/bicycler deaths are rising slightly.  Predicts fewer autos in near future and more driverless ones. Need to plan for bicycles now.


    Public Comments

    Jackie Tedeschi- Public Works Committee meeting on Southbank Neighborhood. She sees more people biking. Some dangerous areas in Oxnard.

    Jackson Piper- Joked about his lack of fitness and need to bicycle. Good transportation oppty. 60,000 LA County homelessness and another 700,000 teetering on homelessness. Claimed that they house as many as homeless but more became homeless.  Lack of car can make people homeless .  Bike lanes will only encourage a few more. Need lanes with barriers to make them really comfortable/safe/encourage more use.

    Vote 8-0 approved unanimously (included one Housing Commissioner)


    L-1-Planning and Zoning Permit No. 19-580-05 (Zoning Text Amendment) – Amendment to
    the Oxnard City Code to Create Regulations for Cannabis Retail Dispensaries. 

    RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council approve the first reading by title only of an Ordinance to
    regulate retail cannabis within Chapters 11 and 16 of the Oxnard City Code pertaining to permitting and
    siting of cannabis dispensaries. (Housing and Economic Development Committee approved 3-0)

    Development Director Jeff Lambert: tonight is really the last legislative step before implementing new ordinance.

    Kathleen Mallory- Mentioned that Kim Camardi HTL Consultant. This has been going on since 2017 to develop regulations consistent with state  law and community needs.  This is for retail dispensaries (retail cannabis). 600 foot buffers from parcel line to parcel line. Residential areas chosen as “sensitive” areas.  Would reduce potential parcels from 673 to 146 in the city. Would include two new downtown zoning areas- up to 132 additional sites. Wanted to ad religious institutions as sensitive areas.

    Staff recommends Option #1. Map is on the city’s cannabis website.

    Vaping products may not be sold in cannabis dispensaries.

    All dispensaries would require a special use permit. C-1, C-2 and CPD zones would allow cannabis special use permits. Regulation includes operating, security, training, delivery and storefront standards. Permit steps are specified. Process is competitive. Planning Commission oversees. “Social Equity” (“Local Equity”) was provided, which includes some preference for locals,

    Second reading would be Dec 18. Selection process could open by Feb, 2020.

    Public Comments

    Carolyn Tedprep?- Here on behalf of President of Medical Cannabis Education Center. Want to request adding non-storefront delivery model, which requires much less public safety resources. She claims it is very safe. More scalable and more taxing potential. Better safety and convenience, especially for the disabled. Says it;’s working in La Habre.

    Rick Casas- CEO of Medical Cannabis Education Center (largest org in San Bernadino County). Now in multiple counties. Projecting in $5-10 million per license- large tax revenues.- Applauds Oxnard Go Slow approach. Delivery model (“Amazon Model”) works well. There are 700 licensed dispensaries in CA.Social equity program is great (allows local participation).

    Ed Gutierrez- for Local 770 represents SoCal cannabis workers. Pleased with regulation of cannabis businesses. Look toward areas that are already doing this. Supports community benefits, worker protections, strong regulations protecting workers. Wants mandatory contract with labor organization. Wants to participate in development of Oxnard regs.

    Juan Garcia- Storefronts are not the future. Mobile is. Half of dispensaries in Colorado are mobile. Re: “Black Market” There are 2885 unlicensed dispensaries. There were over 100 mobile dispensaries in this area. If more licenses were available, it would reduce unlicensed ones. City is not thinking big enough with only 10 dispensaries,

    Shawn Belchner- Have 40,000 sq ft growing/processing facility in Lancaster. Wants one here, too. Concerned with sec 1144. Requirement to only have daily demand available in sale area is not good- impractical/very difficult to implement/regulate.

    Lonnie Jarvis- CEO of Safeport dispensary in Port Hueneme.  Re:  a next door Gold Coast pastor’s (Louis Delucca) comments on a buffer zone. He wanted churches added as sensitive areas. Jarvis says he has allayed his concerns. Hopes that special use permit process will address concerns.

    Devon Wardwall-  Director Public affairs for Coastal Dispensaries- highest scoring applicant in Santa Barbara. Likes Oxnard prices. Please no additional buffers above state law- will severely limit eligible property and site costs. Merit-based process should consider public benefit plan. Add site visits to the process.

    Nancy Lindholm (Chamber of Commerce)- C of C leadership supports staff recommendations- especially affordable housing sites, buffers, sensitive areas, go slow process. Opposes  mandatory donations provision.

    Pat Brown- stop dispensaries between 5 points and 3rd St. Sees hazards.

    Development Dept. Kathleen Mallory- to address questions raised- Re: non-storefront- wants to incorporate delivery as part of retail establishment and not just delivery only organizations. Merit system is “robust.” Re: Interview vs site visits. Want interviews vs site visits, which are incredibly time -consuming. Site visits later. Visit later, annually. Metrics- restricting to daily consumption. She claims it is very common, vs an experienced speaker who says otherwise.

    Council Comments

    MacDonald- Like special use permit approach. Can tailor to each applicant/sire. Re; Mobile vs brick and mortar- permit is tied to land, not business. Tax certificate is for tax purposes only. Like “mantrap” entrance- good safeguard. State sensitive uses are defensible. Hesitant to add to it. Likes go slow approach- look at others’ experience/learn. Supports.

    Madrigal- Long process, since December, 2016.  Hospitals/libraries not sensitive areas. Area impact and economics are the main concerns. Land is not going to be available, very limited parcels, sellers’ market. Most would be near freeway, in my district (#3). T.O. facing this too. Don’t price ourselves out of the market. Black market will still be there and will affect the poor community the most. We don’t know how it will affect the black market.

    Lopez- Worker protection- can we incorporate to protect employees/hire local? How many permits? When could we open up more permits?

    Dev. Dept. Mallory- we already require stuff on workers (treatment?). Two local applicants allowed for. Up to 16 total dispensaries eventually.

    Ramirez- Don’t like fiddling with staff proposal. See how it works out- change later if needed, Dreams of a great financial reward a little fantastical. Cash only transaction presents security problems. Cannabis not my cup of tea,but to each his own. Federal govt might relaxon this in future. Cannabis is harmful to developing brains. Will support it.

    Basua- Is community benefit 1%? A: yes 1% of gross revenue. Basua- how will it be allocated? A: by Council

    Perello- Can DHL (Consultant) answer? Re: Cash handling? DHL- state will legislate contracting of armored car services. Some take non-cash payment. Suggested micromanagement  regulating of cash handling. Re: slide #7- sensitive areas. How do we know applicants control the sites they apply with? We can do better than 600 ft buffers. Not exceed state regulations for this. I support this. 

    Flynn- Re: religious institutions. Clergy members have expressed concern. Entertaining option #6 (1000 ft from religious institutions- 458 sites). Would leave 767 sites. People have asked- why not more dispensaries.? There is a substantial risk, especially if there are more.

    Mallory – recommended 8-10 initially, maybe more later. Not sure how many the community can support.  Religious institutions can pop up anywhere. Don’t need special permits. Not commonly restricted.

    MacDonald- many years ago we allowed churches to go into non-traditional locs. This makes it more difficult for other organizations if we restrict locations because of them. Uncomfortable with option 6 for that reason.

    Vote (option 1)- 6-1 to approve, Perello dissenting, wants 1000 ft.


    L-2- Short Term Rental regulations-

    This would regulate short term rentals and require changes to regulations, including separation, restricting sound, changing zoning, exempt existing timeshare properties (no 200 ft buffer and not limiting days per year, removed the Colony and Harbor Island from the regulation.

    Also now proposing incorporating corporate ownership for timeshare STR’s and multiple STR’s by one owner there.

    This had to come back again as a first reading because of the magnitude of the changes required by Council.

    Public Comments

    Dick Elfinger- On Behalf of Harbor Island (President and Board Member)- Thanks for listening. We support

    Deidre Frank- Greatly appreciate work city has done on this, especially Ken Rozelle (Atty). Good compromise, needs monitoring for cheating. Need weekend code compliance.

    Gil V- For the Colony- we thank you (city) very much, for understanding the Colony’s position.

    Walter A . Not easy. Challenge for Oxnard Shores. Gives us chance to manage this. Needs Coastal Commission approval

    Beth  Hansen – Board of Directors of a timeshare,  Timeshare is not a residential facility.  Other timeshares have rentals to fill in vacant times. Not available for long term leases. We shouldn’t even be in a regulation for residential properties. Worried about how this could negatively impact then in the future, Have always followed regs, monitored guests, maintained property well.

    Dorie Hollard- Thank yo for all your hard work and fitting us into your regulation. We are  a business.

    Council/Staff Comments

    Lambert- We’re only talking about STR aspects for timeshare facilities. May assign timeshares with a few variable STR permits to use around the complex.

    Perello- How will we ensure we get what we are suppose to get from the timeshares? Lambert not prepared to answer. Looking for a monitoring company now.

    Vote- Unanimous approval


    L-3-  Permit for 2900 Saviers Road property- Continued to to Feb 12.

    Lambert says applicant is “rethinking the project” a 7-11.

    Public Comments

    Daniel Chavez, Jr,- Here as resident, not planning Commission member.  Strongly supports Planning Commission position to deny. It would be materially detrimental for multiple reasons. Two large intersections. This would be a 24 hour business. Poorly lit area with vacancies. High crime area, contributes to vacancies..


    Lambert- a rethinking might require resubmission of the project.

    Vote – unanimous to continue this item, although Perello wanted to do otherwise. Didn’t like this fait accompli


    M-1- Downtown Improvement Program report and  Downtown Improvement Program Settlement Funds (DIPSF) – Priority Funding 

    ‘Fund was from a 2015 settlement, was about $6 million.

    $540,000 appropriation. about $4.4MM remaining. Briefly sited how money was used (see ganada materials).

    See  SUMMARY slides of uses in agenda package.

    800 downtown housing units anticipated. 50+ submitted. Homeless impact considered. Create vibrant downtown. Spend money on making downtown a good economic investment vs “brick and mortar”.  A clean and safe downtown will stimulate economic activity.

    $100K/yr for homeless outreach. Property management., $195K to demolish laundromat building. Work on reactivating that space. $65,000 for better parking structure lighting. Maybe future cameras. $200,000 for additional police overtime for downtown patrols (40 hrs/week).

    Re Recruiting for Economic Development Mgr. New City America consultant to come on board.

    Future enhanced maintenance, parking, trash, sidewalk washing, etc, real estate transaction expenses.

    Three year recommendation- $1,614,948. Will leave abut $3MM in fund.

    Public Comments

    Pat Brown- On the right track. Liked everything said. Liked community arts program in old laundromat idea.

    Abel Magama- Thanks to staff for giving Downtown District members opportunities to provide input for appropriations/actions. Right now, we need a clean and safe downtown. Thanks to OPD. Staffing has dwindled, dept. has utilized resources well. Businesses have left due to vagrancy issues. We support recommendations. We would like a matching grant or forgivable loan for design guidelines. Incentivize property owners to invest capital.

    Council/Staff Comments

    MacDonald- Concerned about overtime and whether people will raise hell about it after year end. This is not in general fund?

    Madrigal- There was disagreement on priorities. These items are all needed now. Looks like the same kind of disagreements over settlement money as we have over Measure O money.  Objects to parking structure items. Most vehicles there are city ones.

    Ramirez- All sound like very reasonable things.

    Nguyen- Will look at city vehicle parking in structure. Figure out best investments, desperately needed and smartest ones. Other downtown investments on a parallel track. Want to actually revitalize downtown.

    Flynn- This appropriation is spot on. We passed vagrancy ordinances just in time before more downtown businesses pulled out.

    Perello- agrees with majority of comments. Was disagreement among board members.  No security from 11PM to 2AM when some businesses close up. A number of cameras not working. Want to use union members for laundromat demolition as training program- special rates? Half of settlement spent. Need public toilets downtown. How long do you expect people to hold it? Supports.

    Vote- Approved unanimously


    L-2 Ban the sale of flavored tobacco products

    Asst. Police Chief Eric Sonstegard-Says these products are harmful- children are at risk. He has experts to testify.

    Gabe Teran of VC education- E-Cigarettes, Vapes, JUULs harmful, marketed to children. They are battery powered devices that convert liquid to an aerosol.

    Officer Estrada of Youth Services

    10% of 7th graders have used these. Virtually all contain habit-forming nicotine. MUCh stronger than cigarettes.  many retail sales violations. Per American Tobacco Assoc, vape users are far more likely to become tobacco users.

    Bright colors and “cool names” are designed to attract youth.  These are marketed to youth. Standard consumer marketing techniques.

    Acumulates heavy metals from coils, second hand exposure is a significant factor, especially lead. Nicotine is the addictive substance, “Literally rewires the brain.” makes it much harder to quit.

    This is not banning vaping, but “simply banning the sale of flavored tobacco products.”

    162 tobacco retailers in Oxnard, unknown how many sell these products. Nearly 20% of stores monitored sell tobacco products to minors.

    They also slipped this in there: prohibits tobacco coupons and discounts. Prohibits sales of “little cigars.”

    Public Comments

    Sheree Egbert- County wide task force, Reached out to Oxnard School District. Ventura already banned. Epidemic in the county. Wants it passed here too.  Kids see the flavors as fun, actually think it is healthy. Addictive. 23% of youth addicted to tobacco products. 95% of nicotine addicts started before 21. Sf, SAc, Beverly Hills. LA County banned, you can, too.

    ‘Nancy Maxim- VC Action on Smoking and Health Chair- Many nicotine addicts started off with flavored products, vaporizers. This doe snot ban vapes, just flavored products

    Alejandro Valencia- Prodecyt Specialist, VC Education- Work with youth on alcohol and drug prevention, try to eliminate risky behavior. It’s the flavors tat get kids started. Oxnard would be first city to get A grade from American Lung Assoc.


    Council/Staff Comments

    MacDonalds- Companies which sell these products are not good community partners- gave JUUL as Exhibit A. Cited health risks. Supports.

    Ramirez- Supports. No brainer. Are retailers fighting this?  A: no objection sent to city.

    Basua- First time she has seen these. Supports.

    Perello- You said it targets minorities. What minorities? Teran denied any knowledge of where this came from. He said that lower income, areas of color tend to have more outlets that sell these. Pertello- Is selling these to children legal? A: No 21 years of age.  Perello- Mom and dad need to take the majority of responsibility for this/. Is 15.9% violation rate acceptable? Whitney- No. Perello- Are we gonna tangle with menthol and get rid of it, too?  A: yes. Perello- stressed parental responsibility for this and for junk food. Where do kids get the money? Need parental education.

    Madrigal- Perello, I should take you to high school for a day. Being a high school teacher, I know some of my kids have JUULS. Some are doing CBD oils, wax, even in the classroom. Black market is more of an issue here, do to less money available. Banning may exacerbate the problem and create more health issues. Remember how easy it is to get marijuana illegally.

    Nguyen- can also buy online. It’s a tobacco/nicotine product, may be more dangerous than cigarettes. We already know some of its hazards- may be even more. Don’t want a tobacco industry 2.0 revival.

    Vote- Passed unanimously.


    L-3- Approve Purchase Order with WEX Bank for Fleet Fuel Cards Program. 

    Continued until next meeting.

    Vote- continue by unanimous vote,


    George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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