Oxnard Council Levies Public Safety Pension Assessment, Tightens Gun Sales, Presents Cannabis License Reqmts

By George Miller

The Oxnard City Council held a meeting on the eve of Independence Day, 2019, to cover the following business:


We were informed that the so called “Carman Override” supplemental tax to close the gap in public safety pension funding (police & Fire) will be assessed to property owners at the rate of $66 per $100,000 of assessed valuation. You cannot vote on this tax- it is done for you, per statute.

Council authorized staff to go ahead and complete  their  plan for cannabis license application fees. Estimated costs/application for a business- $14,700+ approx. $700 in additional costs. Expect $500K revenue next year. Expect tax rate to increase later. Permit should take 3 months AFTER application process is completed. A resolution will be presented July 30. After a public speaker suggested that “social equity” should be addressed, councilmembers were tripping over themselves to say politically correct words about whatever that is. It was clear that there was no agreed upon definition of precisely what that means, which should make for more entertaining discussion. Staff/Council intend to make this program fully self funding from fees.

Council and staff will place additional restrictions for gun stores and shooting ranges, in addition to stringent state and federal requirements,  to open (there are 6 now) , stiffening requirements and limiting where they can be located.  This is still in the planning stage, with a draft policy written, and a target of finalizing it by 7-30-19, because it is said to be “urgent.” So far they have not demonstrated how this would make the community safer, but say that they have the authority to do so under state law. Prohibited zone around sensitive areas was extended to 600 ft, for establishments like schools. Hospitals were added,

The Council approved $1.1 million for refurbishment of wastewater power co-generation, $600,000 of that to be covered by a grant requiring $200,000 in matching city funds.

The Council heard two anticipated litigation items in the closed session, but wouldn’t tell us about them. At this point, residents/taxpayers have no idea of the  magnitude and probability of the city’s legal liabilities. There are no reserves for such liabilities published that we know of. The Council also discussed personnel evaluations, which are confidential.

Gabriel Turan said that the InterNeighborhhod Council will have a District 5 & 6 meeting on July 11 at the South Oxnard Center on Bard & Saviers.  Want district council chairs to help.Several other speakers and councilpersons reinforced its importance.

The Housing Plan annual progress report was filed. STATISTICS- see agenda materials. Housing assessment allocation quota will be raised. Oxnard claims to have exceeded its numbers and still perceives a serious housing shortage, pushing up prices and limiting housing options in the city. The state establishes housing unit and type (income level) quotas/allocations. Then SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments), a regional government construct, divvies up the allocations into lower govt levels. Per mayor Flynn- Re: “fairness.” We have enormous overcrowding in Oxnard and income disparity. Greatest in the county. Looking for balance. Doesn’t like having state RHNA process driving housing planning. We have limits. We have 3 of the 12 criteria.Oxnard previously asked for more housing than the allocation. Concerned about capacity.

More info: https://www.oxnard.org/city-council-meetings/

George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of CitizensJournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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2 Responses to Oxnard Council Levies Public Safety Pension Assessment, Tightens Gun Sales, Presents Cannabis License Reqmts

  1. Citizen Reporter July 6, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    Re: Carman Override tax: http://www.cp-dr.com/articles/node-690

  2. Sheryl Hamlin July 6, 2019 at 10:43 am

    In 2015, Oxnard was overcharging with the Carman …

    The special tax has come into focus in the past year or so because, it turns out, Oxnard has been overcharging taxpayers. That information came to light during an operational assessment launched last fall at the request of City Manager Greg Nyhoff…




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