Oxnard: Council meeting to cover new City Manager compensation

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Greg Nyhoff

Council will consider approval of contract/compensation for newly recruited City Manager Greg Nyhoff at the meeting starting at 6 PM at City Hall.

An article in the Ventura County Star and the draft contract mentioned  a base salary of $265,000. Total compensation is estimated at approximately $362,000, with all fringes considered.  We have heard estimates of $326,000-$385,000. The Star article suggested that Mayor Flynn wasn’t even aware of the amount. Flynn took issue with that in a conversation with Citizens Journal today, stating that it is rather difficult for anyone to precisely quantify the amount of fringes, because some are estimates, it’s not entirely clear which need to be included in the total and how they are all calculated. He said that fringes are typically about 25% of the total contract. However, our calculations show this case may be somewhat higher.

It appears that the amounts under discussion are on the high end of average for such a position in a California city the size of Oxnard, so Mr. Nyhoff may have already helped to establish his credentials as a good negotiator.

There are also issues to be resolved with the comparative salary of Interim City Manager Karen Burnham, who would be stepping down when Nyhoff takes office.

Mayor Flynn said that they are setting an important precedent by having the new City Manager pay 7% toward his own pension plan, something they would eventually want to do across the board for employees.

Also of note on tonight’s meeting are: Presentation of Proclamation Designating April, 2014 as “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”, Receive and review the Oxnard Public Access Channel draft Request for Proposal and provide direction to staff, Planning & Zoning Permit No. 08-300-05 (Final Map for Tract 5796), The Colonial House Mixed-Use Project, Located at 705 N. Oxnard Boulevard,


George Miller is Publisher of Citizensjournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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Bill Neumann
Bill Neumann
6 years ago

The salary is too high, and “fringes” need to be eliminated, as well as retirement payments — go no Social Security like all the rest of us. And its not unreasonable to have public employees pay 50% of health care costs. I have to pay 100% of my own! So let’s not over burden the tax payers!