Oxnard Councilman Bert Perello’s Candidate Profile

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Prepared for the March 15th All Comers Recall Election Debate

As an elected official, you are required to work and fight hard for the public good. Representing those that voted for you, and those that didn’t vote for you, faithfully. I will continue to do my best to fight for the public health, safety, and welfare of ALL 200,000+ residents of Oxnard, rich or poor, living in ALL 50+ neighborhoods, North and South, and East and West.”

Bert Perello was born on November 5, 1950 in Santa Barbara, California.

His parents, Eugene and Lena, moved the family to Oxnard in 1959 where they operated a family lemon ranch business located on the outskirts of town. It was around this time when a young Bert was introduced to the world of politics.

Bert’s father, Eugene, got involved in politics as a youth shortly after WWII. Later in life he continued his service to the community by being voted to the board of the United Water Conservation District. Eugene always said the key components to any successful community were health, safety and welfare. He once told Bert something that has stayed with him to this day—if one person doesn’t stand up for the rights of the people, nobody will.

Bert graduated from Rio Mesa High School in 1968. He continued his education at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo where he studied farm management at the school of agriculture.  

In 1990, Bert married Susan Miller, a girl he went to high school with and the one he credits for his direct involvement with neighborhood politics. In 1998, while attending a Southbank neighborhood meeting, an issue was being discussed that prompted residents to call for volunteers to help with its research and organizing efforts. Bert’s wife elbowed him gently, encouraging him to take on that role. It was there that Bert got his start as an advocate and fighter for the people, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Long before he was elected in 2013, Bert attended city council and neighborhood meetings consistently to help raise questions on issues that affect every Oxnard resident.

In 2009, Bert helped to organize efforts to question and speak out on the validity of FEMA flood maps on the north side of Oxnard where over 6000 homes were being constructed in a flood hazard zone. These efforts lead to the formation of the Flood Zone Justice Association, to raise funds through membership donations and to retain and assist legal counsel and keep floodplain residents informed.

Ultimately, Bert’s leadership efforts resulted in FEMA’s withdrawal of a fatally-flawed flood insurance rate map from taking effect. And in the recent completion of the first phase of SCR-3 Levee Rehabilitation project construction by the Ventura County Watershed Protection District in February of 2018.

In his many years as a voice for the community, Bert has spoken out more for transparency in local government, lobbied in favor of Spanish translation at city council meetings, and advocated for the public’s right to be informed during the 2010 District Attorney’s investigation of several former city officials.

Bert always does his Council meeting preparation homework before the meeting, and is proactive in representing and fighting for the public health, safety, and welfare of ALL of Oxnard’s 200,000+ residents in ALL of Oxnard’s 50 neighborhoods, rich or poor, North and South, and East and West.


Bert SUCCESSFULLY led the Council fight to recover $68,000 in improper and unlawful Supplemental Retirement Benefit Payments made by former City Manager Ed Sotelo.

Bert saved millions of dollars for the city by providing the decisive THIRD VOTE to oppose the ill-advised, proposed settlement of former City Manager Ed Sotello’s bogus lawsuit.

Bert fought government waste, fraud, and abuse by successfully persuading his council colleagues to adopt a FIRST-EVER “Whistle-Blower Policy” protecting truth-telling city employees from unlawful management retaliation and harassment.

Bert OPPOSED hiring the immediate past City Manager WITHOUT specific performance standards and job evaluation metrics HARD-WIRED into his employment contract. And he WILL OPPOSE any such efforts in the future.

Bert OPPOSED the ill-advised waiver of a large debt owed to the city and the sweet-heart deal sale of city-owned property in Heritage Square at a price that was $315,000 BELOW the fair market price established by the appraiser in 2016.

Bert worked to improve financial oversight and technical assistance to the city as a member of the City’s Fiscal Policy Task Force. He PERSONALLY VISITED the Office of the State Controller Betty Yee in Sacramento and urged the state auditors working there to provide increased assistance, leading to a critical development, which ultimately resulted in the recent “CLEAN-UNQUALIFIED” audit of the City’s financial books

Bert will continue to FIGHT for accountability, demanding that all city staff be held PUBLICLY ACCOUNTABLE to the City Council, and the people whom the Council serves, for their public service attitudes, answers, and official actions.

Bert WILL CONTINUE to ask the TOUGH QUESTIONS required to expose the truth about city finances, programs, and public service performance.

Please join the hard-working men and women of LiUNA Local 585 who are also Oxnard residents and voters, along with many of your Oxnard friends and neighbors in Voting “NO” on the Question of Recalling Councilman Perello (#2 on your ballot) on May 1st.

Campaign Website: www.noperellorecalloxnard.com


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