Oxnard Councilman Perello Announces Positive “City Red Team” Work Performance Results

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Councilman Perello Announces Positive “City Red Team” Work Performance Results:
Upwards of $10 Million in Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Funding Requests Submitted to FEMA by the City of Oxnard
(March 20, 2018)

Councilman Bert Perello today announced that the City’s “Red-Team” of subject matter experts representing various City departments, working under the strategic direction of Acting City Manager Scott Whitney, and guided by the superb Team Leadership skills of City Attorney Shiri Klima, successfully submitted a strong suite of ten candidate projects totaling upwards of $10 Million in Federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Funding requests to FEMA by the March 15, 2018 submittal deadline.

“During the City Councilmember comments portion of the January 30, 2018 Council meeting, I called upon Acting City Manager Scott Whitney to convene a “Red-Team” of subject matter experts in various City departments tasked with helping to develop a credible, compelling and powerful suite of candidate projects for submittal to FEMA in order to maximize the City’s chances of obtaining grant funding under the Federal Hazard Mitigation Grants Program (HMGP).” Councilman Perello said.

“Acting with breakneck speed for government, Chief Whitney heeded my call and promptly convened the first meeting of the “Red Team” at 8:30 a.m. the next morning, Wednesday, January 31, 2018. And with today’s positive announcement regarding the results of the Red-Team’s can-do spirit, and “pedal to the metal” grant funding request preparation performance, the rest as they say is good-government history!” Perello observed. City Red Team members included: Acting City Manager Scott Whitney, Assistant City Attorney Shiri Klima, Acting Assistant City Manager Ashley Golden, Assistant City Manager Jesus Nava, Fire Chief Darwin Base, City Disaster Services Coordinator Scott Brewer, Assistant Police Chief Jason Benites, Public Works Director Rosemarie Gaglione, Assistant Public Works Director Thien Ng, Robert Hearne, City Flood Plain Manager, Doug Anders, Public Works Management Analyst Doug Anders, Public Works Grant Specialist Eric Humel, and Media Relations Manager Carri Karuhn.

“By working together diligently and purposefully, the City’s Red Team, led by Chief Whitney and Assistant City Attorney Klima, demonstrated the best characteristics and attributes of true public service professionals.” Councilman Perello said. “Oxnard residents, ratepayers, and taxpayers have been well served by the Red Team’s hard work. And I want to publicly acknowledge, commend, and thank ALL of the City’s Red Team Members, as well as any other city staff who provided critical administrative, financial, and operational support to make the team’s work happen. As someone far wiser than I once said, “..There is no letter “I” in the word “Team!”


March 16, 2018
TO: Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council
FROM: City Manager’s Office
SUBJECT: City Council Weekend Report

The City of Oxnard’s Red Team submitted an application for the non-competitive grant which was due February 28th. That application was for $615,000 for Mandalay Beach road drainage improvements.

This past Thursday, March 15th, 2018, the Red Team submitted seven competitive grant notices ofintent (NOIs) for:
● $3,000,000 for the SCR-3 Phase II levee project (to which the City will have to add $6,000,000);
● $3,000,000 for Mandalay Bay seawall maintenance and replacement (to which the City will have to add $1,000,000);
● $300,000 for a backup generator for the Traffic Management Center (to which the City will haveto add $100,000) ;
● $562,500 for a backup generator for the MRF (to which the City will have to add $187,500);
● $375,000 for a backup generator for the Police Station (to which the City will have to add $125,000);
● $3,000,000 for a backup generator and electrical building for the wastewater facility (to whichthe City will have to add $3,000,000); and
● $203,250 for an emergency transportation battery and stop signs (to which the City will have toadd $67,750).

Meanwhile, the Red Team has been working with CalOES in compiling a long list of items related to the Thomas Fire for recovery of costs. CalOES and FEMA do not have an estimate of when the City will have a response, but staff will update Council as soon as more information is provided.

Memo Images: Bert Perello 3-20-18


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