Oxnard Downtown candidate forum- 9-28-16

By George Miller

The Oxnard Downtown Improvement District sponsored this event, to showcase Mayoral and Council candidates to the public. The forum questions tended to emphasize downtown concerns. We didn’t see an official count, but there seemed to be about 175+ people there, which would make it the biggest Oxnard candidate forum of the year.  The event was moderated by attorney Richard Francis. The questions were provided to candidates in advance- candidate Jack Villa said he did not receive them.


Oxnard Mayoral candidates Armando Sepulveda, Mayor Tim Flynn, Miguel Lopez. Photo: Manuel Hererra/Citizens for a better Oxnard

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We strongly recommend that Oxnard voters go through the videos for at least a couple of candidate forums for each position contested, to better acquaint themselves with the skills and views of the contenders. You can find them right here at CitizensJournal.us in the Candidates Corner section.

Here were the questions for both Council and Mayoral candidates:

1.       Downtown Renewal was officially a 44-year, multi-million dollar project of the former Redevelopment Agency. What would be your top goals to revitalize downtown in a 4-year term with the current budget?  
2.      Give us your “elevator pitch” to attract new business to Downtown Oxnard? 
3.       What do you think are the major challenges impeding Downtown development and what strategies would you propose to stimulate private investment?    
4.      Homelessness is a major quality of life and public safety issue in our community. Please share your philosophy on the issue and ideas to end homelessness?    
5.      The Arts are a proven economic catalyst for Downtown’s nationwide. What policy and strategies would you leverage to support development of a vibrant cultural arts district?


City Council Forum

Candidates for Oxnard City Council answered five mostly downtown and business related questions, some of them multi-part, at a candidates forum at Casa Lopez Restaurant in downtown Oxnard, California.

Candidates participating were (L-R):  Enrique Petris, Aaron Starr, Genevieve G. Flores-Haro, Oscar Madrigal, Bryan MacDonald, David Albanese, Orlando Dozier, Steve Huber, Jack Villa , Daniel Chavez, (Al Velasquez didn’t participate).

Video of Downtown Oxnard City Council Forum 9-28-16 by Dan Pinedo



Mayoral Forum

Candidates for Oxnard City Mayor Armando Sepulveda, Mayor Tim Flynn and  Miguel Lopez answered several downtown and business related questions at a candidates forum at Casa Lopez Restaurant in downtown Oxnard, California. The Oxnard Downtown Improvement District sponsored the event. 

Video of Downtown Oxnard Mayoral Forum 9-28-16 by Dan Pinedo



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The mayor of Oxnard championed a 20 million dollar Taja Mahal at Rice and Rose in college park, not near or close to, but in the park. It now stands as a beacon of the corruption that serves as the hallmark of Oxnard’s incredible stupidity!
That land that fire station 8 sits on was public park set to become a pool or a aquatic center, deeded to the citizens for “public park use in perpetuity.” Tim Flynn wanted the vote from the firemen’s Union so that’s what you got a fire station “in the park.” He and Oxnard fire department saw to that you and your kids did not get a pool, you got fire station in a public park! Thanks to mayor Flynn. Not going to vote for him!