Oxnard Downtown Management District Meeting video 4-1-2017

By Dan Pinedo

Downtown Oxnard has struggled economically as the result of the Riverpark housing and THE COLLECTION shopping center developments in north Oxnard. As the result of an agreement violation regarding movie theaters, the city of Oxnard was awarded a settlement of 6 million dollars to assist in the revitalization of the downtown business district. The Oxnard DOWNTOWN MANAGEMENT DISTRICT board met on April 1,2017 to discuss the issues that concern merchants in downtown Oxnard and to develop strategies to attract more visitors.
Event Video

Dan Pinedo is a Citizen Journalist/photographer residing in Oxnard

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Steven Nash
Steven Nash
3 years ago

Thanks to Mr. Pinedo for his efforts to chronicle civic matters. He is not paid for this so throw him a $20 or whatever when you see him so he can pay for his equipment. Watching this group talk about the $6 mill settlement fund is similar to asking a child what they would do with $100. Well, buy some candy and ice cream and video games and . . . and, oops, no more money! The downtown needs a cohesive and comprehensive master plan and a director to assist in the implementation of that plan. They need a streamlined process to assist developers navigate the cumbersome permitting process with new development standards and design guidelines. They know this but they choose to ignore it because each business/property owner is only concerned with their little slice of the pie. Revitalize the entire downtown neighborhood and everyone benefits.