Oxnard Fiscal Policy Task force Committee meeting of November 9, 2016- Internal Auditor/Whistleblower Hotline

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The City of Oxnard Fiscal Policy Task Force Committee (Councilman Bryan MacDonald and Councilman Bert Perello), held a meeting on November 9, 2016. The committee took public comments from attendees, and reviewed a revised request for proposals, (RFP), for an internal auditor program services. The recommended action was to review and approve the revised request for proposal and direct staff to distribute it.

The city of Oxnard is looking to implement this program to keep itself from repeating the financial situation it has found itself in.

It was a very short meeting of only 20 minutes, with little drama, mostly focusing on the RFP to get an internal auditor/whistleblower hotline. Withb the audit resolved and issues identified and tasked for resoilution, some of the pressure is off.

Jim Lavery also complained again about what he said was an an excessive use of cconsultantsby the city. He called to an end to it. He also brought up the audit of the golf course and what is being done about it. Councilman Bert Perello indicated that the golf course is within the scop eof the proposal.

The RFP will be put on the Internet and also sent to some prospective bidders. Phil Molina also advised some additional bid solicitation efforts. 

Councilman Perello asked how whistleblower  complaints should be handled once the auditor determines that they have merit.  City Attorney Stephen Fischer, who wrote the Whistleblower policy, made a few suggestions on this.

The RFP was approved by Task Force members Perello and MacDonald for City Management to work on.

Event video by Dan Pinedo:

Meeting agenda and Auditor/Whistlblower Hotline RFP and bidders list

Next meeting is December 14 at 0900.

Dan Pinedo is a Citizen Journalist/photographer residing in Oxnard

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