Oxnard High School District can’t decide why so many school days are canceled?


By Jane Germaine

Rancho Campana H.S., Camarillo, CA

No one can remember more school days canceled before the recent huge fire in nearby cities, which thankfully did not reach Oxnard or Camarillo. Air quality was poor in the fire areas and Oxnard for some of the time, but Camarillo didn’t seem too bad.

In spite of that, Oxnard Union High School District closed its schools  on December 5-8, 11-15 and the 18th. We received an email from our son’s High School (Rancho Campana) Principal, Roger Adams, that the school would be closed for poor air quality. Rancho Campana H. S. is part of the Oxnard Union High School District, for better or worse. Well, first of all, Camarillo air quality wasn’t too bad. Maybe Oxnard’s was. Closing it didn’t seem like the smartest decision, especially as badly needed instruction time to prepare for finals, SAT’s, etc. was lost 

Now we’re learning that time will never be made up, but the district may still be paid by the state for the time, under a disaster clause in the law.  Anyway, what use is it to close the school for allegedly bad air when the kids have to breathe the same or worse air home or while out and about?

Then to add insult to injury, another parent received a response to an inquiry made to OUHSD Supt. Penny DeLeon. DeLeon indicated (see below) to us that the real reason for closure wasn’t bad air, it was….. (drum roll) ….  a shortage of teachers? Although the fire tragically destroyed hundreds of homes (changed by author 12-19-17) in the county,, it is hard to believe that its effect legitimately kept a critical mass of teachers out of a Camarillo school so that it wasn’t even possible to conduct classes. 

If Deleon was really concerned about the students, she and her fellow administrative staff members would be in the classroom teaching and helping out the numerous teachers who were allegedly affected. 


Here are the emails from Rancho Campana HS Principal Roger Adams and Oxnard High School District Supt. Penelope DeLeon ……

·        A message from RANCHO CAMPANA HIGH SCHOOL

Dear RCHS Families and Friends,

All OUHSD schools will be closed Monday, December 18.

The Oxnard Union High School District has decided to keep all schools closed through Monday as air quality has remained unhealthy and unsafe for students, faculty, and staff. The decision to close school is a difficult one, however, safety is the priority.  The decision as to the rest of the week (Tuesday through Thursday) will be made by noon on Monday.

Thank you for your continued support through these difficult times.


Roger Adams


Jane Germaine, an Administrator for an area long-term care facility, resides in Ventura County, is concerned and involved for her sons, who attend Rancho Campana High school.

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3 Responses to Oxnard High School District can’t decide why so many school days are canceled?

  1. Joe December 19, 2017 at 8:23 am

    Wait…you really want unqualified administrators teaching classes? How about at that point, if you really care about your kids, you teach your own kid instead of wasting time whining on a blog?

    • Diane December 19, 2017 at 9:34 am

      If you’ve all looked a map lately, you may have noticed that Rancho Campana High School is NOT in Ventura. The air quality in the VENTURA area was indeed “Unhealthy” and even “Hazardous” according to EPA data, and we should all support these folks and feel bad for their predicament. However, if you actually look at the EPA air quality data on the dates this school was closed, the facts speak for themselves. This campus was affected by “Unhealthy” air quality ONLY on December 8th. The worst EPA rating this area received was “USG” (unsafe for certain subgroups), and only for brief periods of time. Based upon these facts, which you can review on the EPA site for yourself, it was criminal that this school was closed, especially for students who are preparing for AP exams. This prep time is now lost and will not be made up. (If your kid isn’t interested in the whole college thing, this may not matter). I think some of you who are bashing this article need to stop wallowing in your victim status and think about what’s really going on here. I wish I could not go to work for 3 weeks and get paid. Hmmmm. https://airnow.gov/index.cfm

    • Diane December 19, 2017 at 9:35 am

      Joe, Joe, Joe…. You must know that every school administrator started their career in a classroom. So glad you’re not my kids’ teacher. Yikes.


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