Oxnard Mayoral candidate forum, by CICA

This Oxnard Mayoral candidate forum on 10-8-16 was hosted and moderated (Tom Petersen) by the Channel Islands Community Association (CICA). All three candidates participated: Incumbent Mayor and school teacher Tim Flynn, UCSB project manager Miguel Lopez and businessman Armando Sepulveda.

KADYTV2Event video by KADYTV


CICA President kicked off the session and introduced the moderator, CICA board member Mr. Petersen. At this point in the campaign, the candidates have their formulaic responses down pat, but there were some differences. They were unchallenged by the moderator or each other, mostly. Nothing new, really, except some harbor-related discussion, but good to expose it to as many people as possible.

This election is really a referendum on the city’s performance in recent years and the Mayor’s role in it. While there have been serious problems, there have also been accomplishments (summarized at about 46:00 on video). Two challengers have emerged, one a young community activist and one a successful businessman with a firm grasp of business and finance. 

It is now up to the voters to decide if we are better off with the status quo and if not, which challenger would best serve us.


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Ron J

Well said Nash! I can’t even get the CM, the Mayor, nor the PD to respOnd or prOvide answers tO any questions….

Steven Nash

“Formulaic responses” . . . well said, CJ. At this point, it is dispiriting to hear the same comments forum after forum. Gentlemen, what will you cut from the budget to pay for your grand schemes. Grants? What grants? Mr. Lopez, if you vet every single project by the impacted neighborhood council, I can pretty much guarantee that no project will ever move forward in Oxnard. It is the job of the council and mayor to govern and to be held accountable for their decisions. Fill 150 vacant positions, Mr. Lopez? At $100K per position that translates into $15 million dollars per year. How the heck are we going to pay for this? These are difficult questions that must be answered by the candidates. Enough with the “I’ll do this and I’ll do that” nonsense. Tell us, how are we going to pay for these things?