Oxnard Measure M Wastewater Trial Fails to Finish on Schedule- next hearing 2-23-18

By George Miller

Friday, January 5, 2018 was supposed to be the last day of the City of Oxnard vs. Aaron Starr civil lawsuit challenging the legality of the Measure M voter initiative rescinding the 2016 88% wastewater rate increase. This has dragged on for a year. Judge Rocky Baio slapped an injunction on Measure M until the case was resolved in a trial, which didn’t even begin until late December. Recent Citizens Journal trial articles covered the 12/29/17 and 1/4/18 court sessions (see links below).

Both sides stated their cases and called witnesses, delivering many hours of mind-numbing accounting numbers, bond coverage rules and more, but did not reconcile their different presentations, especially revenue, expense and bond covenant/reserve numbers to his satisfaction by Friday.

Foreground, L-R: Plaintiff’s Counsel Barbara Whately, City Attorney Stephen Fischer; background: defendant’s counsel Chad Morgan in court in the January session for Oxnard vs Aaron Starr case on legality of Measure M wastewater rate rollback. Photo: George Miller/Citizenship


The City insists that Measure M is illegal because it would remove the funding needed for it to run a best practices wastewater facility and would violate reserve and bond coverage rules.

However, Starr insists that Measure M is legal, that it protects ratepayers from overpaying, clears the way for new rate studies (the 2017 rate adjustment actually LOWERED scheduled increases), allows the wastewater facility to operate satisfactorily, as well as meets all reserve and bond coverage requirements. He further provided evidence that the City’s numbers were inaccurate and misleading.  For example, ex-City Manager Gregg Nyhoff expressed high confidence that projected revenue of only $23 million was accurate. The real number (or what they finally said was the real number) was about $30 million. Multiple inaccuracies of other numbers and errors in calculation methodology further cast doubt on the credibility of the City’s case, according to the Starr team’s testimony, counsel statements and exhibits presented,


Recall signatures verified

Meanwhile, during the trial, he Ventura County Registrar Mark Lunn certified the Starr-initiated recall petition signatures to potentially recall Mayor Flynn, Mayor ProTem Carmen Ramirez, along with Councilmen Oscar Madrigal and Bert Perello. Ramirez and Perello were at the trial. Wastewater rate increases were the #1 driving issue behind the recall.  The special election will likely take place around April, in spite of City delaying tactics.

Mayor Pro-Tem Carmen Ramirez, Assistant City Manager Ruth Osuna (recently removed) and City Attorney Stephen Fischer have been there every day. One of the latter’s staff Attorneys,  Shiri Klima, was there part of the time, seated next to Outside Counsel Holly Whatley.

When I asked Mayor Pro-Tem Carmen Ramirez her opinion of how the proceedings were going, she would only say “winning,” with a big smile. She told us it would be inappropriate to comment further until a verdict is reached. However, she did agree that the case would drag on longer with potential multiple briefs and oral arguments, running perhaps another 90 days.  I saw Councilman Bert Perello and Treasurer Phil Molina there several times.  CFO Jim Throop was there testifying twice and hovered outside the courtroom on Friday on the chance that he might be needed again.  He spent the better part of a day on the stand on 1/29/18. Interim Utilities Director Ng Thien testified on 1/4/17, as did a consultant and Former Utilities Director Dan Rydberg, who left the City’s employ in July, 2016.

1/5/18 Session

So far we have heard no arguments on the legality of Measure M, which appears to have statutory and case law supporting it. The City claims it is illegal because it would prevent them from satisfactorily running the wastewater facility due to a lack of funds to support operations, needed capital projects and debt service. We were told by Starr’s team that is because items of law will be handled in the briefs (see schedule near the end of this article) and facts are handled in the testimony to date.

Aaron Starr had strenuously objected to terms of a new bond letter of credit at a December Council meeting. It stated that any decrease in rates would create a bond default. As far as he and the public knew, that would go into effect on 1/1/18 and $16MM in refunding and $3MM penalties could potentially be invoked in a default under its terms.  When the letter of credit came up in the  Friday court session, plaintiff’s Counsel Whately quickly interjected that City external advisor Curls had negotiated improved terms, to the evident surprise of Aaron Starr, Alicia Percell and Starr’s Counsel Chad Morgan. Starr later told me that the memo confirming that was dated 12-18-17, yet it only came to light at this 1-5-18 session.

Judge Rocky Baio stated that he was being reassigned to criminal cases, but will stay on to wrap this one up. However, he will no longer be handling the related challenges suit by Starr to Oxnard’s levying of “infrastructure fees” on the City’s utilities to bolster the General Fund, allegedly for expenses impacting the General Fund but caused by Utility activities. This will result in some loss of continuity, as Judge Baio had gained much relevant knowledge on this case.


Upcoming case schedule

Judge and both counsels agreed to this case schedule going forward:

2-2-18- Closing briefs

2-14-18- Rebuttal/replies

2/23-18- Simultaneous replies/oral arguments

The judge could then have up to 90 days to make a ruling or it might even be necessary to have another round of briefs


Official comments

We wrote and called CFO Jim Throop for clarification on helping to reconcile the differences between the City and Starr’s numbers. He ignored our requests, not just “no commented.” Mayor Flynn still insists the City’s numbers are correct and seems to feel  that Starr is doing the City a great disservice with the Measure M rate rollback and fighting lawsuits. He told me that Starr wants a zero increase, yet Starr said he was negotiating in the 20% range. However, an elected official, Treasurer Phil Molina, released this:

​If you look at the WasteWater (WW) ​Enterprise on page 33 of the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)​, you will see the ​Profit & Loss Statement (​P&L​)​. Note that with only 6 months of the rate increases included in these financial reports,​ the WW enterprise generated $11 million operating​ profits and net profits of $6,679,723​ after paying the ​interest portion of the debt service. The Judge ​handling the Measurer M case ​will understand that the rates established by the city are in fact too high if in only 6 months the increases already reverse the negative position of that enterprise​, but only​ if the CAFR is admitted in evidence.​

I don’t know if the CAFR was intentionally held up until after ‘all evidence’ was presented in court, but if so, someone in​ the city’s finance department should have known for some time these final numbers. Such information isn’t developed in an instant.

​Unfortunately by not providing Council with early information that could have given them the chance to reduce the rate increases, they put elected officials squarely in a recall position needlessly, unless I’m giving them too much credit.
But why….I don’t understand the why.
Phillip Molina


Commentary by Larry Stein, acountant, self-appointed Oxnard ‘Watchdog” and close runner-up in 1016 Treasurer election:

I only attended the trial on two days, the day the city made it’s opening statement and the final day. The city made the point of the case very clearly when it made its opening statement, “Are the rates set by Measure M sufficient to support the operations and debt service of the Waste Water Fund?”

I do not know what facts came out and what facts were prevented from coming out. The city did not allow the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report), the audited analysis of the city financial condition, to be entered into the court record.
I do not know if the rates set by Measure M are sufficient to cover the cash flow of the Waste Water Fund. It did come out that millions of dollars were swept into the General Fund from all the Enterprise Funds and Mr. Starr was successful in stopping the practice.
The court was not interested in the relationship between the Water Fund and the Waste Water Fund. The city downplayed the role. A portion of the output of the Waste Water Fund is necessary for the GREAT Program to operate, The GREAT Program is a subset of the Water Fund. I believe that the attorney for Mr. Starr was able yo make the point that some of the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) of the Waste Water Fund was solely for the benefit of the GREAT Program.
At this point in time the GREAT Program has the capacity to only receive 1/3 of the Waste Water facilities (7,000 acre feet). The demand for GREAT Water (non potable water) is less than 7,000 annual acre feet.  If the storage wells are built and the GREAT Program was allowed to expand, the the full output of the waste water facility could be used by the GREAT Program.
What was not discussed was that the Water Fund was not paying the Waste Water Fund for the output of the Waste Water Facilities. Analysis was not received by the court showing what the financial condition of the Waste Water Fund would be if the Measure M rates were put into affect, the cash that was swept by the General Fund was restored back to the Waste Water Fund and the Waste Water Fund was paid for the output that goes to the GREAT Program.
Mr. Throop joined the city in the Fall of 2016. He was the 4th CFO for the city in 3 years. 2016 had at least 3 CFOs in 2016 prior to Mr. Throop’s arrival.
Another issue that the court will have to ponder is preponderance of evidence Mr. Starr or the city has to provide to prove their case. Since the city is suing to halt the affect of Measure M, I imagine the city has to provide the preponderance of evidence that Measure M rates are insufficient. The issue of city’s credibility  was brought into question. After deliberation, the court felt that had both sides brought in witnesses to support issue of the city’s credibility, the issue of credibility would still remain unresolved, so the city’s credibility issue will not be discussed.
Respectfully submitted,
Lawrence Paul Stein
Meanwhile, the recall election qualified. 14 candidates qualified last Friday. A debate is scheduled for 3-15-18 ….

Oxnard Special Recall Election Candidate Debate- 3-15-18

Oxnard Special Recall Election Candidate Debate- 3-15-18Event Announcement BOXING THEME DEBATE- RECEPTION- CANDIDATE BOOTHS- ELECTION INTEGRITY- LOCAL DIGNITARIES- VIDEO ARCADE-FOOD-DRINK- 5:00- 8:30 pm March 15, 2018 An unprecedented stand-alone Oxnard Council recall election will be held on 5-1-18. We are “cueing” you in that the ad-hoc “Oxnard Revelations Association” is sponsoring and running an all-comers candidates’ debate on March 15, 2018, 5 pm at The Corner Pocket […]


We understand that another debate is to be held on 3-8-18, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Details will follow when received.

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George Miller is Publisher, Co-Founder of CitizensJournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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