Oxnard officially approves $6.7MM settlement to Limon family for death of their son

Alfonso-LimonBy George Miller

On Oct. 13, 2012 Alfonso Limón, Jr. was walking home from Pacifica High School with his brother and accidentally ended up in the middle of a confrontation between Oxnard police and some bad guys. His brother managed to get out of the way. It has been claimed that Alfonso assumed  a submissive posture of surrender, but was attacked by several police officers and shot 16 to 21 times, per the family’s attorney, resulting in his death. The Oxnard PD has yet to state its side of the story publicly.

The city officially approved the $6.7 million settlement and other conditions Tuesday, June 10th  at a closed session before the public meeting. It also included certain unnamed “non-monetary items”  provided by the city,  announced Interim City Attorney Fisher at the June 25 Council meeting.

Council members and Mayor Flynn expressed heartfelt condolences for the tragic death of Mr. Limón, which was described as an accident (a different opinion expressed HERE).  They also resolved to find out exactly what happened. Mayor Flynn described it as “tragedy with no winners,” hoped that “the Limon family heals” and that the city has helped to bring closure. He said that the city will work to help ensure that such things never happen again.

While the money can never possibly make up for the loss of Mr. Limón, at least it can be used for some good. The unnamed non-monetary items are said to include some improvements by the city. Also, this very expensive lesson and settlement terms may motivate the city to take actions to prevent this from ever happening again. There have been several likely unnecessary deaths at the hands of the police.


Source: http://todopoderalpueblo.org/

Family and community activists have kept attention on this via speaking at meetings, public vigils, protests, rallies and even have a website, Twitter and Facebook page.

Because of this and other incidents, activists have demanded the formation of a civilian police review board, since they feel that their concerns are not adequately addressed. While this might in fact improve community voice, it could also inhibit proper protection and become politicized if not done right, according to multiple sources.

Rest in peace, Mr. Limón.




George Miller is Publisher of Citizensjournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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