Oxnard Rams Through New Committee Management System & 100% Clean Power “Default” Option

By George Miller

At the October 23, 2018 Oxnard City Council meeting, an alliance of City Council and staff members pushed through a new committee management structure/system, which they said would result in shorter meetings (disputed) , more public participation (disputed) and streamlined approval of votes- but also much less content/detail in regular council meetings.  Whey also voted in a 100% renewable/”clean” power  default option for ratepayers for the Clean Power Alliance, which they approved several months ago. Advocates packed the room with their supporters for both initiatives.


Meeting AgendaVideo

Officials and attendees lamented the passing and celebrated the life of of Jose Moreno, head of Casa de Vida. A former drug addict who cleaned up his act, he went on to build this organization which has turned many more lives around. His funeral was held Friday, October 26, on his birthday.

The Council honored the participants and leaders of Oxnard High School District’s “Linked Learning” approach, which was designed to make education more relevant and effective in preparing our next generation for successful and rewarding careers and higher education. This night’s presentation featured the City Hall Summer internship program.

We will run a separate article on this in the future, in collaboration with Mary Anne Rooney of Civic Alliance.


C-1. SUBJECT: Sunshine Ordinance (5/10/5)
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council approve the first reading by title only and waive further reading of an ordinance adding Article IV to Chapter 2 of the City Code to establish local standards to ensure public access to open meetings (a Sunshine Ordinance).
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Alexander Nguyen Phone: (805) 385-7430
Approved 5-0

The City, via City Manager Nguyen,  wants to exceed some of the Brown Act transparency requirements, which would include a 12 day agenda notice and seven days for special meetings, in most cases. However, it does not appear to address multiple objections to how the Council conducts its closed sessions, including how they select closed items, how they often fail to even disclose the topics discussed and allegedly unreasonably withhold outcomes that critics feel could/should be disclosed. But nearly all present and expressing opinions seemed to think it was a fine start.

Public receptivity to this was very good, with some additional suggestions:

Daniel Chavez- Supports it, but said 7 days would be OK

Larry Stein (District 5 City Council candidate)- wants to include additional written documents with agenda: answer questions/requests for information in a timely fashion; report close session topics/outcomes. He and others have bitterly opposed truncated comments, not being able to make points of order and their comments often reduced to only a minute or two.

Alicia Percell- Supported it, cautioned on need to definitize what a voting “supermajority is.” Council subsequently decided that is 80% unless otherwise specified by law.

Al Velazquez- Says Mayor is attempting a power grab, suppresses public comment. Daytime committee meetings will greatly reduce public participation (this was actually covered in C-2)

Aaron Starr- Record presentations in advance so that more of public can see and digest in advance (Nguyen shot this down quickly). Allow public to submit questions in advance. Include public submissions in meeting agenda and minutes.

Dan Pinedo- Supports it, agrees with Aaron about recording presentations in advance.

Manuel Herrera-  Having committee meetings in the daytime will only inhibit public participation.

George Miller (author of this article)- Include public comments, additional documents. Restore City Mgr. report dropped by Nguyen.


Madrigal- supports

Ramirez- Totally supports it.

MacDonald- Not be outdone, he supports 110%.

Perello- Speakers have good ideas, agree on super majority amendment, add documents/comments.

Nguyen- helped to define supermajority of 80%. Said Brown Act does permit amending agenda on short notice. He says the ordinance will not add much work for staff, but is strongly oppose to amending it to include pre-recording of presentations.Already looking into including public e-comments.

Flynn- Had already recommended 2 week agenda notice. Supports 100%. Likes including public comments.



C-2. SUBJECT: City Council Committee Structure (10/20/10)
RECOMMENDATION: 1. That City Council approve the first reading by title only and waive further reading of an ordinance amending Chapter 2 Article I Section 2-1 and adding Section 2-1.1 to the City Code regarding the regular Council meeting schedule and establishing City Council committees; and 2. That the Housing Authority adopt a resolution establishing the Housing Authority as a nine member body and repealing Resolution No. 1291.
Legislative Body: CC, HA Contact: Alexander Nguyen Phone: (805) 385-7430
Approved 4-1 (Recommendation #1) [Amended]  (ed. note- Perello dissenting on both)
Approved 5-1 (Recommendation #2)
The Council and City Mgr. Nguyen pushed through a new regimen to manage via committees. These committees, which already mostly exist, would create and vet most proposals to be later voted on by the council in streamlined meetings, often just with brief summary presentations or even with “consent agenda” votes by default, unless pulled for discussion.
The scheme would involve only two general council meetings monthly in the evenings, where Council Members would hear, vote on already vetted proposals in far more streamlined meetings, which would assume prior vetting and public input at the committee level.  All committee business meetings would be done during the day in two monthly all-day sessions. Each committee would include three council members. Committees would be combined into five major groups for meetings and management. Each sub-Committee would meet for an hour and fifteen minutes.
Nguyen said that a city this large has outgrown the existing system and that this is needed  to help manage the size and complexity of Oxnard.
He pointed to 20 California cities his presentation that he said are already doing that, including Ventura. The justification for all this was to make city council meetings shorter and more manageable. Variants of this proposal had been shot down by fellow council members and the public twice before when Flynn submitted them. But three significant changes this time changed the outcome: 1)- the adoption of a 7 person council could mean even more debate  time, 2)- new City Manger Nguyen weighed in favor of it, 3)- They claimed that all committee business meetings could be done during the day in two monthly all-day sessions. Previously, it was argued that this would take much longer. We don’t know what changed that since then.
Most committees now appear rather weak and are often overridden or ignored by the Council. We’re not sure how this new system will change that without a major improvement in committee quality, training, perception, and/or their being taken more seriously by the Council.
Some members of the public pointed out some weaknesses of the proposal, but it looked like Council Members’ minds had already  been made up before they ever walked in the door. All but Bert Perello were in support this time, so it passed easily, even with some major objections by the public, which were either brushed off or simply ignored.
Nguyen argued against these objections, stating that the Sunshine Ordinance changes would make it possible for all to see this stuff in advance- at least the reports. But what about presentations and public comments? About 90% of employed people have days jobs, when the committee meetings take place. He must have been persuasive, since a”super majority” of the Council approved the proposal. It would go into effect next year and an amendment specified that the new Council would approve the committee members and chairs, who would continue to be appointed by the Mayor. Some have objected to the point that someone could not get on a committees without being picked by the Mayor.
To downplay the effect of less detailed council meetings and daytime committee meetings, Nguyen also stated that only about 30 attendees are at council meetings. He seemed to have missed that far more watch it on TV/Internet/video on demand. While the city has no statistics on this, we run into people all the time who say that they do so.
One good aspect of all this is that the city has committed to recording and archiving all the committee meetings which will be very helpful.  Nothing was said about the incremental cost of doing this.
Public Comments
One speaker said that this approach excludes working council members from full participation. Council members should come to meetings better  prepared.
Daniel Chavez- supports it. Likes 1st and third Tuesday schedule; is concerned that the average working family may not be able to attend these daytime meetings and that an hour and fifteen meetings will be insufficient to discharge committee business, but other points of the proposal may result in better public participation.
Larry Stein (5th District Council candidate)- His questions are not being answered by staff.
Dan Pinedo- supports, but says it needs refinement. Wants new council members to have a say in this.
Francine Castaneda (District 6 Council candidate)- Said it lacked “checks and balances, and she didn’t want to get into it, but did anyway, citing that info consent items could be removed by the Mayor. Says Asst City Manager is overworked and it takes two years to get response to her concerns. Wants to know if Council and staff will still vet items. She has a hard time trusting the Mayor.
Kelley Christianson- Not good for Oxnard working community. Lobby/committees not representing the city as a whole- not in line with demographics/ideology. Have committee public forums.
Al Velasquez- Agree more deliberation is needed. Trying to cram an enormous agenda into limited time. If run out of time, then just continue on Wednesday morning.Have need changes for years,- just look at streets, finances, etc.  Council wasted $1MM+ on litigation, recall was made necessary.
Aaron Starr- Disagree with the City Mgr. just making assertions about how things will work, with no evidence. Most work in the day time, which will restrict their access and participation. Hour and 15 minute meetings are  too short. Wants presentations videotaped in advance.
Alicia Percell- One council member can pull items (Flynn said pull for discussion, not off the agenda). Public lacks the ability to comment. Public participation will be even lower. Rare to get more than 10 at a committee meeting. Only 1-3% of white collar people don’t work days and 6-10% of blue collar. No rebuttals for public.
Woody Thomas- Committee doesn’t have jurisdiction over Council. Financial struggle.
Manuel Herrera- Give it a chance. It has pros and cons. Step outside the ox, What have we got to lose. He has found he’snot able to get people out to participate, in spite of his best efforts.
George Miller- Liked the Sunshine Ordinance, but this committee approach has been shot down not once but twice before for good reasons. It will not save time, not improve transparency. Committee meetings in the day and abbreviated council meetings will result in less, not more transparency. People will have to attend/watch or monitor both city council and committee meetings to really understand what’s going on. If committees are doing their jobs, they should already be vetting items before they get to council. Too many items will be relegated to the consent agenda, unless council members pull them for discussion. The all-day committee meetings aren’t accessible to people with daytime commitments. It will now be necessary to attend all the committee meetings plus council meetings to stay abreast of what is going on, an impracticality for all but officials and the occasional political junkie with lots of time on their hands. This will result in less transparency, although it might in fact be more efficient. It is possible to have an effective committee system without this restrictive meeting regimen.
He said if the council really wanted to shorten meetings it should: 1)- keep the time down on some very lengthy “ceremonial” items or do them before the main meetings, 2)- Less bloviating by certain verbose council members, 3)- less bloviating by some member of the public who insist on speaking on every topic and using the full time allotment- we have seen just one person add up to a half hour to the total meeting time, 4)- Some staff presents hog way too much time than their message warrants,. 56)- Ramirez able to get meetings done in 2/3 the time- learn what she is doing and emulate. (part of this was from prepared notes not spoken because of insufficient time).
Council/staff  comments
Madrigal- Everyone my age working, no time for any council meetings. Even a pothole fix is a long, difficult process. People feel they are not being heard. Favors proposal.
Ramirez- Let’s give it a try. City is big, complicated, needs a change. Delay any committee appointments until after the election. Give committees more authority? Council has ultimate say.
MacDonald- favors proposal
Perello- Has some concerns. Pull back until after the elections, Doesn’t like appointment process, picking committee members and chairs. many can’t come to day time meetings. Most committee meetings lightly attended. Why ram this through just before the election? Not in favor.
Flynn- Already have committees, but they “are not purposeful.” Very limited. The size of the city requires this approach. Congres must meet in the daytime- CSpan cover sit for latter viewing. How can we make policy with 4+ hour meetings> Should have done this 30 years ago.
Nguyen- Every council member is responsible for reading everything (agenda materials). Not a rubberstanp, Committee makes it even harder. It is not the only mode of public input (public also sees agenda, comments, videos, but they have to be there if they want to speak).Expand modes of communication. Gives more time (12 day agenda).Opens system up.
Flynn- Postpone committee assignments until after election,.


K-3- SUBJECT: Selection of Default Tier Option for Clean Power Alliance (CPA). (10/10/10) 
RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends that City Council approve the selection of 50% renewable energy tier as the default product for Clean Power Alliance customers within the City of Oxnard.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Ashley Golden Phone: (805) 385-7882

Several months ago, Oxnard joined the “Clean Power Alliance,” which can purchase clean power and put it on the grid. Ratepayers would have to opt out of doing this, if they wished to purchase some or all of their electric power from SCE. The alliance has the power to raise money, buy bonds and charge ratepayers via SCE billing. Tonight they voted to offer a 100% clean energy default to power customers, which they can opt out of in several tiers .

The justification of all this is the supposed imminent threat of ecological disaster brought about by manmade global warming, now referred to as ‘Climate Change.” Speakers and city employees alike invoked visions of rapidly rising seas, wildly changing and bad weather, food shortages and more, mostly without any proof. They presented this proposal as one of the solutions. They claim evidence presented by the UN and NOAA.Studies have indicated that all of the proposed anti-climate change programs would result in about 1/10 of a degree reduction from predictions. 

Previous predictions of complete Arctic ice sheet melt and a 12′ sea rise were supposed to have already occurred. But speakers assured us that it is coming and coming rapidly, because once it starts it will do so very quickly. Hundreds of scientists have refuted this but thousands support it. Contrast this with predictions of Global Cooling as recently as the late 1970’s, now largely, but not completely abandoned.

The preferred remedy is to reduce carbon emissions and electric power generation and automobiles are the prescribed solutions, by going to renewable power sources to fuel these both. Nobody saw any downside to renewables, except that the cost will likely be much higher and attainment quite difficult, so a small minority of speakers advocated slowing the migration down and were opposed to the 100% default rammed through in lieu of the Council recommendation of 50%. But, the Council saw the political handwriting on the wall and agilely pivoted to 100% without a pause. Most if not all are already true believers. Mayor Pro Tem Ramirez used the unanimous 100% default vote by Thousand Oaks as a whip to close the deal.

I contacted  a couple of T.O. City Council members later. Only one was willing to talk (write actually). He quickly agreed with me about the pressure to get on the bandwagon and saw no upside in bucking it, even though he disagreed with it. He rationalized that ratepayers can still opt out, although only 1% do, according to a Clean Power Alliance representative at the meeting.

Going to renewable power is only one aspect of the new regimen that Climate Change elite demand for us. They also want major reordering of where we can live, what kind of houses cars and appliances we can have and when and how much we can use them, if at all. Major mass transit programs such as the bullet train are being funded, often with money intended for other programs such as roads. Even food and farming will be affected. For instance, meat production is being discouraged. Cow flatulence is considered a significant Climate Change contributor and is to be combatted.


Public Comment (not all listed)

Most wanted 100% renewable energy and thought it would lower our cost and get rid of horrible power lines that interfere (it was pointed out that horrible power lines would still be need to conduct renewable power to customers).

Kittie Merrill- Choice is a lot about context. Strongly advocate 100%.  May cause people to pay a little more. A pebble compared to climate change, climate refugees we’ve been hearing about in the news. We had a  hurricane   on the West Cast which doesn’t happen. This is about preventing climate change.  Give low income people freedom of choice.  Please stand if you’re ion favor of 100% power

Steve Nash- Support 100% renewable option. support our hopes and dreams for sustainable planet. People say that they have seen no sea rise, but once it starts, sheet ice melts and it goes faster- temperature and sea level rise- melting of ice sheets.

Sierra Club- Rep wants 100% renewable, Oxnard should be a leader.  Blames climate change for hurricanes. Climate change biggest issue of our time, Oxnard leaders should lead on this, I have solar and electrical vehicles.  Join T.O., Ventura, Ojai.

Cat Young-  Anyone can opt down.

Speaker- Went green, but still not 100%. Businesses not showing same determination. Want 100% with Clean Power Alliance.

Elizabeth Mark- Sierra Club- Want 100% renewable option. Says UN says we have to act now. Ned to treat climate change with the urgency it requires, Low risk to do this. Can select any plan theta they want.

Todd Schuman- Important to end addiction to fossil fuels. Select 100% Option. Costs will come down with economies of scale. Care Program is just Edison default.

Christoper Toh- We as a species are facing climate emergency. Global temps are headed to unimaginable damage. 1.5 f degrees will cause raid and disruptive effects. A win-win, no regret decision. Position Oxnard as environmental leader and  a carbon (reduction?) leader

Carrie- Want kids to have good air, less fires, jobs that actually help whole city. These jobs would be created by investing in clean energy 100% renewable option, which would encourage more jobs. Large corps want wholistic short term, quarter to quarter program does not fit goals.

Speaker- Another supporter of 100%

Al Velasquez- Re: Climate change around since the time of the Pharaohs- natural phenomenon. Can’t get rid of ugly lines. Not so easy to withdraw from plan. They may be selling expensive bonds, putting us all at risk.

Christopher Young- Ojai resident. Climate reality project trainer- supports 100% option. Climate change isn’t coming- it’s here. Inter-govt. Climate Panel of UN warned us we have as little as 10-12 years. Updated assessments show this is moving much faster. We must prepare for the worst. Expenses are important, but electricity cost will pale compared to what we will pay if not stopping climate change. Foods, winds, crop loss.

Michelle. Ellison- Your decision will have an incredible impact. Default decision may turn out to be the moist important  decision.  CA passed 100% goal by 2025.

Lots of the speakers are from Ojai and Camarillo



The council appeared to be all in for the plan, with concerns that people be able to select “lower tiers.”

Madrigal asked questions about levels and opt out.

Ramirez- Supports 100% option. Business community can opt for a lower tier. Made dire predictions about temperature, sea rise and its terrible effects.

City Mgr. Nguyen supports it. Understands inspirational, do what is right, vs pragmatic. Glad he is in his chair and not council’s

Perello- Supports 50% recco. Doesn’t want to go all in. What’s the risk with the bonds mentioned by Velasquez. Want to limit our risk. Oxnard might want to use some protection. Remember the recall.  Residents do not like certain things imposed on them.

Nguyen- I do not believe there is risk in joining this program. Opt out programs are never as you wish them to be. Need additional support in outreach above and beyond the mailers.

Ms. Mallory- Development- Goes into effect next year. Vendor has given us “robust” digital outreach program.

MacDonald- if Council approve 100% option, could the City of Oxnard select 50% for itself.  This would reduce city liability.

Flynn- re: opt-out is his issue. If outreach process is like wastewater one, it won’t work/. What is opt-out process. Notices aren’t very effective here. What else can be done. What is notice like. What has  unincorporated LA county, Rolling Hills Estates and one more. Of 34,000 non-residential customers- 1% opt-out.

Vendor- all customers receive enrollment form, have 4 notifications and oppty to opt out. Notice is a postcard mailed to all customers with terms and conditions, options, how to do it. 60 day window.

Ramirez- Everyone can choose an option. She wants default rate of 100%. Good marketing tool for Oxnard as a modern, Progressive city.

Move to make Oxnard a 100% city.

Vote: Perello no. 4-1.


E- Public Comments on Items Not On The Agenda

Paul Wheely- OPD Code Enforcement has been harassing him, based on calls from a harassing neighbor. he was a neighborhood council member. Says Mac Donald knew the OPD was harassing him. Drove his son out of the house. I won’t vote for anyone on the Council now.

Woody Thomas- Again asked for compromise at least on his lawsuit with the City.  Say he has been stopped, harassed, beat up by police, in part, because he is a black man. Doesn’t like insurance company, thinks city should get a more caring one.

Al Velasquez- Not voting for Mayor Flynn or mayor Pro-tem Ramirez- spending millions suing Aaron Starr and denying us our constitutional rights. Spent over $1MM on recall election rather than compromise with Starr on Wastewater. Fighting power plant and losing $70MM in revenue. Voted millions for police fire, other services free to County instead of being paid by county. Allowed $40MM in spending in Enterprise funds duplicating city resources. Please vote Aaron Starr for Mayor. You have demonstrated you can’t handle finance.

Kelly Christianson- Have obnoxious smell in S Oxnard/PH- Saturday Oct 27, 11 AM meeting at City Hall. Public services stopped in our neighborhood. Irregular.  Proposed/planned developments have inadequate parking plans.

Adam Vega- Community Organizer- VC Coalition for pesticide safety-  want to transition away from toxic chemicals in Oxnard. Some are disproportionately affected.

Alicia Percell- Supposed to speak on City Mgr./Council reports, but we haven’t heard them yet. Your lawsuit violated our rights. Flynn’s campaign statement declared illegal. Flynn’s campaign signs are illegal. Violated Brown act even though your =own city atty warned you. Got to set a good example for employees.

Aaron Starr, candidate for mMayor. High tax rate but low revenue city. We chase away companies which provide high paying jobs. Fight homeless issues via nonprofits. so much oppty, but we just trip over our own feet. See starrforoxnard.com- hundreds of endorsements. He read  a ringing endorsement letter from former VC DA Michael D, Bradbury

City Manager report

Utilities Mgr. Thien Ng- Surfside neighborhood of Port Hueneme invited to meeting at Saturday 11 am at PH City Hall. Will talk about how to improve air quality and established 24 hr hotline.


G-1- SUBJECT: Adoption of a Resolution Supporting the “Hope for the Coast” Initiative (5/5/5) 
RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council adopt a Resolution in support of the “Hope for the Coast” initiative that promotes the advancement of the City of Oxnard’s coastal ecosystem.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Ashley Golden Phone: (805) 385-7882
Document: G-1 Staff Report

Alyssa Mann- Nature Conservancy- Please adopt Hope for the Coast vision for CA coast. 1/3 of our coastline conserved. With 5′ of sea level rise, it will be vulnerable, unrecognizable. CA announced grand coalition to protect coastal habitat.

Pat Brown- a wonderful idea. Wants Ormond Beach restored, people educated on it.  Concerned about homeless at Ormond Beach and power plant- wants it demolished.

Council discussion

Perello- Several developments planned on the coast in his district. Not requiring residents of new homes to comply? People not told by realtors, brokers, etc. Ashley Golden says residents are being warned.

Approved 5-0, without any real discussion or presentation.


General Council Member Comments

Madrigal- Mr. Jose Moreno, in charge of Casa de Vida, passed away- helped many drug addicts. Fri Noon Ventura Missionary Church. Went to Guadalupe Church free medical services.

Ramirez- Karen Miller leaving, going to Ventura PD.

Flynn- Jesus Nava’s father passed away.

Perello- ditto for Moreno, Pinkard. Went to Channel Islands Task Force. Not assigned to committee anymore, but will stay involved.



Approved 5-0 no debate and only minimal discussion


K-1. SUBJECT: Water Revenue Refunding Bonds Series 2018 (Refunding of 2006 Bonds). (20/10/10) 
RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council approve the following Resolution:
Legislative Body: CC, FA Contact: Jesus Nava Phone: (805) 385-7479

Document: K-1 Staff Report & Presentation

Oxnard Wastewater Treatment Plant

Assistant City Mgr. Jesus Nava (who has resigned and is leaving before year-end) said that total refunding for water and wastewater bonds will total about $80mm , which will result in savings.

NHA rep. claims $1.3mm in water savings – about $100k/year $4.2 mm in wastewater savings- about $300K/yr.  Will terminate the infamous RNC “swaps,” interest rate hedges which are expensive- savings included $2MM termination fees. Now 5.85% vs =3.9% now, 5.1% effective rate with fees included. Others reduce 5,5% debt to around 4%.


Std and Poors rating conference call on Wednesday. Bond rating should improve as a result of these transactions, improving Oxnards future credit-worthiness.

Want to close by December 1 to avoid “negative” carry interest payments.

Phil Molina- happy to get back to fixed rate. Asked for numbers, hasn’t received them.  Offline correspondence from him to quite a few officials and residents had numerous suggestions which he said were ignored.

Al Velasquez- Impossible for laymen to understand this info. refinancing makes bondholders rich. What is cost of issuance. We never get out of debt. I don’t believe council knows what’s going on.

Flynn asked to have speaker questions answered. So Jesus Nava read the refunding amounts again- $72MM, not to exceed $80MM. City only borrowed more to pay termination fee. Only have issuance estimates at this time, sort of like a proposed real estate closing statement.

Nguyen- He understands frustration about what happened in 2006- we are trying to move forward. The actual report is far more detailed than the PowerPoint presented, he said, while waving the voluminous document. He said that we will have more time in the future to digest such material, alluding to the new Oxnard “Sunshine” law, which exceeds the Brown Act transparency requirements.


Madrigal- Something we need. Nothing can be done about the past.

MacDonald- He already approved at Fiscal Policy Task Force meeting.

Perello- Sat through court case (Oxnard v Starr, on Measure M wastewater rate rollback)- CFO couldn’t make numbers work out under oath. No CFO approval shown for this project. He says contract does not allow providing work papers. Nava leaving at year-end. Why isn’t interim CFO involved (there is an interim CFO. Oxnard has had four in recent years)? Nguyen- he’s only been here a couple of months.

Flynn- glad we’re getting out of this.

Vote on K-1 and K-2 approved 5-0

(vote applies to item below as well, since they were considered together)

2. SUBJECT: Wastewater Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2018 (Refunding of Variable Rate 2004B and 2006 Bonds). (20/10/10) 
RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council approve the following Resolution:
Legislative Body: CC, FA Contact: Jesus Nava Phone: (805) 385-7479
3. SUBJECT: Selection of Default Tier Option for Clean Power Alliance (CPA). (10/10/10)
RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends that City Council approve the selection of 50% renewable energy tier as the default product for Clean Power Alliance customers within the City of Oxnard.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Ashley Golden Phone: (805) 385-7882
City Treasurer Department
4. SUBJECT: Investment Report for the First Quarter FY 18-19 (5/5/5)
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council review, accept and file the Investment Report for the First Quarter FY 18-19.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Phillip S. Molina Phone: (805) 385-7808
Phil Molina gave the report. Chance is 60% of recession next 2 years per JP Morgan/Chase.  General Fund cash down from 12 to $11+ million. Total is $182MM including investments.  Maturities are “laddered” out 6 years, to provide access if cash is needed and deal with interest rate fluctuations optimally.
No questions, except from Perello-. Molina’s response was that  we don’t draw interest on successor agency funds. But we get a balancing against cost of insurance- about a $6,000 annual benefit. He again lamented that we have no right to the work papers.
Council accepted 5-0
Meeting adjourned.

George Miller is Publisher and Co-Founder of CitizensJournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard. 

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William Hicks

Sounds like Oxnard is emulating, and in some cases exceeding, Sacramento.

John Barrigan

After Feb. 1, 2018, I understand there is a small fee to go back with SCE. I agree with Steve, the policy decision by council errred on the 100 tier.

Steve Offerman

Once the residents figure out that their utility bill has increased due to council decision to select 100 percent tier, the opt out rate is likely going to increase. Is there a penalty to revert to SCE after enrolled into CPA…

While I believe competition is good, I don’t appreciate government decision to automatically enroll everyone at a higher rate.

Steve Offerman

By example, if for whatever reason, I am automatically enrolled into CPA and later decide to switch back to SCE, do I lose my grandfather status?

Steve Offerman

I see no one on council is thinking of the low wage income earners or seniors who are on fixed income. Bad policy decision by council and great cajoling by speakers who are not Oxnard residents.

What kind of impact is this CPA going to have on people like me who installed PVS more than five years ago and are on net metering?