Oxnard Recall Debate TV/Video coverage announced

By Oxnard Revelations Alliance (ORA)




Press Release
March 12, 2018
Oxnard Revelations Alliance (ORA)
George Miller – [email protected]
Alex Rey Rivera- Manager, Corner Pocket Billiards, [email protected]

The ad hoc “Oxnard Revelations Alliance” (ORA) announced the TV/Video coverage plan for Thursday’s (March 15) Special Recall Election debate:
Keep in mind that there are several parts to the event:
1. Reception and candidate meet & greet 5:00 – 5:45 PM
2. Main event bouts (debates)- Perello/Ramirez race; Madrigal race, Mayor Flynn race
3. Post fight analysis/panel
All of these will be televised/video-recorded:
– Facebook live streamed, with commentary by Rev. Richard Linares, on Citizens Journal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/citizensjournalVC/
– Spanish commentary on www.pedrozaradio.com
– On youtube, available later, by Dan/Barbara Pinedo (linked to CitizenJournal.us)
– On hi-def video/sound, by Citizens Journal, available later (linked to http://CitizensJournal.us)
– Live streamed on http://KADYTV.net -go to upcoming broadcasts, on right side of page.
But there is no substitute for actually being at this event. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and talk to up to 15 candidates and staff in person, see them in action and all the ancillary things going on that won’t be as visible, visceral, or timely on TV/video.
We don’t know yet if other SoCal TV stations will cover something like this historic event, but if they do, it’s usually a very brief piece. Why is this a historic event?The number of incumbents involved, the size of the city, the fact that it is a standalone election, run by the city instead of the county and the unique nature and style of the debate, are collectively an unprecedented combination, for the history books.

Then, the debate itself is being staged in a non-traditional, working class venue, with beer, nachos, tri-tip sandwiches available for purchase, with the unusual setting of the debate literally held in a real boxing ring, with a round gong and moderators dressed as boxing referees. Attendees will be encouraged to “score” the “bouts” on a “card” (sample ballot) provided. This is intended to help attract people who would not ordinarily attend a political event. There will also be unprecedented, in-depth coverage of the event.
The moderators are both successful, community-engaged local Latino businessmen, not political science professors or politicos. WATCH: Debate Organizing Team member and KADYTV Good Morning Oxnard show host Peter Godinez interviews broadcasting executive and debate moderator Pablo Ortiz: https://youtu.be/FIaaEFhlc6E?list=PLPxYEqnNBsmOwZmymlMtls126mrEbE7lS
Moderator Pablo Ortiz  Moderator Manuel Arriola
We are committed to candidates being presented fairly and accurately and helping the voters to understand them.
More about the event (click link below):

Oxnard Special Recall Election Candidate Debate- 3-15-18

Oxnard Special Recall Election Candidate Debate- 3-15-18
Event Announcement BOXING THEME DEBATE- RECEPTION- CANDIDATE BOOTHS- ELECTION INTEGRITY- LOCAL DIGNITARIES- VIDEO ARCADE-FOOD-DRINK- 5:00- 9:00pm March 15, 2018 An unprecedented stand-alone Oxnard Council recall election will be held on 5-1-18. We are “cueing” you in that the ad-hoc “Oxnard Revelations Association” is sponsoring and running an all-comers candidates’ debate on March 15, 2018, 5 pm at The Corner Pocket Billiards and […]
Alex Rey Rivera
George Miller
for Oxnard Revelations Alliance

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Eileen Tracy
Eileen Tracy
3 years ago

The question is; will candidates each have enough time to communicate there vision for where they want to take the city and it’s services?