Oxnard residents question Mayor’s motives in attempting to take Council Member Bert Perello off the Fiscal Policy Task Force


By Dan Pinedo

Editor’s note: at the 2-28-17 Oxnard City Council meeting (Agenda item F-1), Mayor Flynn was attempting to remove Councilman Bert Perello from the Fiscal Policy Task Force, a committee charged with looking into City finances and record keeping systems and helping oversee action to improve them. Bert Perello and Chair Bryan MacDonald are recognized as a fine team who worked with some success with City staff and a fairly large core of resident-observers/commenters. Knowledgeable people did not want to break up this team. Some were suspicious of Flynn’s motives for doing this and several public speakers accused him of wanting this for nefarious purposes. Flynn’s stated purpose was to use Perello to reinforce the Utilities Task Force which has its work cut out for it this year.  Committee assignment was kept.We used Pinedo’s talk because it was fairly representative of what most speakers were saying and it was easy to reproduce in digital form


Mayor,  Mayor Pro-tem,  Council members:

Funding is the green blood of the city. Lack of oversight, understanding and coordination of our city’s financial system has been at the core of its problems and became Oxnard’s nightmare.

The Fiscal Policy Task Force Committee, Councilman MacDonald with his leadership and Councilman Perello with his relentless fiscal inquiries has worked diligently to help unravel the entanglement.

Now we come to the appointment of council members to committees and you Mayor, want to remove councilman Perello from the Fiscal Policy Task Force Committee. This is a wrong move!

Is this to shut councilman Perello up because he is the voice for the community and asks the hard questions that the rest of you should be asking?  I’m not happy Mayor. Are you going to put yourself as chair and then shut the community up too?  Is this the transparency that we as a community deserve?

Why is this the only change you are making besides putting Councilman Perello on the Utility Task Force, where again, if you wanted him on that committee, you should have put him on it when you put councilman McDonald it.

The perception is that you wanted control of picking the panel, but now that those meetings are over, you don’t want to face the hard decision that has to be made. In my opinion, this is a political move on your part Mayor.

Councilman Perello, I hope that you continue to attend the Fiscal Policy Task Force meetings and stay informed so you can continue to bring light to the city finances. That’s what you were elected for.

Mr Nyhoff, I hope that you didn’t have anything to do with this decision.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak.


City Council Meeting February 28, 2017 – 06:00 PM Agenda

Dan Pinedo

Dan Pinedo is a Citizen-journalist/photographer/videographer residing in Oxnard

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Eileen M Tracy
Eileen M Tracy
4 years ago

We were all thinking the same thing as Dan. I am reminded that Flynn told the URAP attendees that he didn’t want staff presentations audited. The reports were often unsubstantiated, data changed from week to week without explanation and Ms Asuna retained complete control of the meeting and the discussion, often behaving rude and unprofessional. My impression is that the Mayor wants things to go back the way they were under Burnham where the council blindly approved everything presented by staff. After spending almost a million dollars the past 2 years, I cannot imagine why the Mayor wants to return to the days of fiscal unaccountability. He should just resign if this is his objective.