Oxnard Shores Short Term Rental Owners Embrace NoiseAware

Short term rental (STR) owners in Oxnard Shores, California are showing the way to better community relations by voluntarily committing en masse to NoiseAware.

“The only way to prevent a noise complaint is through proactive incident management.” explains NoiseAware Co-Founder David Krauss “NoiseAware ensures that you are the first to know of noise issues at your properties, not the last to find out.” 

Installing a NoiseAware sensor is quick and easy. In just five minutes, owners can connect the sensor to their property’s Wi-Fi, set quiet hours, customize the property’s noise sensitivity and choose notification preferences. 

Mike Hoch is an STR owner in Oxnard Shores who led a community-wide effort to partner with NoiseAware in the installation of multiple NoiseAware sensors in dozens of STRs in the Shores. “With NoiseAware protection, I can relax knowing that I’ll be immediately notified if the noise level at my property ever exceeds my quiet hour’s settings. I’ve already had several neighbors thank me for installing it. It’s great,” he said.

Fellow Oxnard Shores STR owner Armen Moloian is even more enthused. ‘It’s a totally noninvasive noise monitoring device that’s as affordable as it is useful.

I think of it pretty much like a smoke detector except for noise! If the noise in my property ever hits a predetermined level, it alerts me and allows me to deal with it 24/7 well before any of my neighbors are ever disturbed. I also like that NoiseAware will help me determine which noise complaints are genuine and which ones aren’t.”


“NoiseAware was designed by rental managers for rental managers with portfolios of all sizes. The patent pending technology identifies noise violations using algorithms and advanced machine learning. No content is ever recorded, ensuring that guests’ and neighbors’ privacy is always protected.” says co-founder Andrew Schulz. “Neighbors also appreciate that NoiseAware has shown to have a preventative effect. Installing NoiseAware reduces the likelihood of nuisance noise because STR guests have a heightened awareness of potential noise issues and quiet hours when noise monitoring is in place.”

About NoiseAware

NoiseAware protects against noise nuisance issues by allowing property owners and managers to remotely monitor noise levels. NoiseAware sends instant alerts if noise levels breach the customizable quiet hours’ settings. Founded in 2015, NoiseAware has customers in 16 states, as well as Canada and the UK. HomeAway has recently listed NoiseAware as an Official Partner on their partner product website.

Visit www.NoiseAware.io for more information.

About Short Term Rentals in Oxnard Shores

STR owners are proud property owners in Oxnard Shores, California.  They share a common interest in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Oxnard Shores. Some use their property for short-term rentals, thereby generating much needed Transient Occupancy Tax which is paid to the City of Oxnard. They believe that open dialogue, mutual respect, and consideration are the only way to resolve issues.

More information can be found at www.ouroxnardshores.org.


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