Oxnard Starr supporter unloads on Mayor Flynn’s 2-13-18 comments

By Aaron Starr Supporter


(ed. note: we received this email on Oxnard Mayor Flynn’s attack on Aaron Starr near the end of the 2-13-18 Oxnard City Council meeting. It carried the stipulation that the writers’s identity not be revealed. We know this is a Starr supporter.)

Oxnard recall initiator and local financial executive Aaron Starr faces off with Mayor Tim Flynn at a Council meeting. Photo: George Miller, CitizensJournal.us


“Mayor Flynn has a memory that seems to only suit him. I re-watched the May 16, 2017 city council meeting, where the council voted to raise wastewater rates and where Flynn states that Starr was not willing to compromise and that anyone who is unable to compromise should not hold elected office. Moreover, Flynn made a rather misogynistic statement that Starr couldn’t make a decision without consulting his wife. 

Flynn’s statements are a misrepresentation of what happened. What I saw was Flynn blindsiding Starr with a proposal that he endorse a 75% wastewater rate increase in exchange for eliminating the Infrastructure Use Fee that the City uses to siphon money out of the utility enterprises into the general fund. (Starr is already suing the City to make them stop the likely unlawful practice and to return $22 million back to those enterprise funds.) 

Starr responded with his own compromise that he was willing to walk away from the controversy in exchange for freezing the current rates, which were 35% higher than they were last year, and eliminating the Infrastructure Use Fee. Mayor Flynn basically restated his offer and told Starr to take-it-or-leave-it. Starr didn’t accept the heavy handed offer. With Flynn’s unwillingness to compromise, perhaps he doesn’t meet his own standard for being qualified to hold office.

Later that evening Starr served notices of recall to Flynn and the three of his colleagues who voted to raise wastewater rates by 75%. Perhaps Flynn would have better served to have not doubted Starr’s resolve, now that he and three other council members are fighting for their political lives.

As an interesting aside, I did not see Starr consulting with his wife Alicia on that video. However, the very fact that Flynn has a problem with someone consulting others with expertise — especially if they happen to be female– says a lot about Flynn as a man. Alicia might be one of the brightest people in the room and — unlike city council members — has actually read the nearly 5,000 page integrated master plan for proposed utility infrastructure expenditures. Starr was smart to marry up. As a team, Starr and his wife are a formidable crew and Flynn is obviously intimidated.”





Ed.note: brief summary of Flynn’s comments at the end of the 2-13-18 meeting:
Mayor Flynn- Thanks to City Clerk. Election being held because of unwillingness to compromise. Civil War shows what happens when we don’t compromise. Starr was asked publicly if infrastructure fees were eliminated could he support rates. He couldn’t make decision, had to ask his wife who said no. Flynn said we did everything we could for compromise, but Starr decided if it didn’t go 100% his way, he wouldn’t bend. I don’t think a person belongs in a public office if he wouldn’t compromise, he shouldn’t be in public office. Extreme solutions to solve problems. Now we have a special election.

Source- below in article. Also see linked meeting video:

Oxnard Council 2-13-18- Recall election progress; “5 and Below” is in; City Manager Report; Las Cortes Dev. Progress

Oxnard Council 2-13-18- Recall election progress; “5 and Below” is in; City Manager Report; Las Cortes Dev. Progress

By George Miller At the 2-13-18 Oxnard Council meeting. City Clerk Michelle Ascension reported what was being done and what it would cost to make the 5-1-18 Council recall election happen on time and correctly (Council approved expenditures, plan), while Mayor Tim Flynn lashed out at recall initiator and local financial executive Aaron Starr, who […]


There is a summary of the interaction between Starr and Flynn in this article linked below, but it’s better to watch the linked video for exact words…..

Oxnard Council approves wastewater rate increase; Starr initiates …


May 17, 2017 – Tags: 5-16-17, bond rating, capital improvement, city council, debt, financial policy,increase approved, meeting, Oxnard, prop 218, recall, Vote, … After many months of fighting overwastewater rates, capital budgets, infrastructure fees, debt, the rate-setting process itself and more, theOxnard City Council …

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Robert Franks

As I recall, part of Mr. Starr’s compromise was that the City Council ‘declare Measure M constitutional’. Councilman McDonald said that this was a ‘non-starter’. The majority of Oxnard City Council did not agree with Mr. Starr that night, not just Mayor Flynn.