Oxnard | Theft of Catalytic Converters

Oxnard Police Department – Incident Press Release

The city of Oxnard has recently experienced a rise in the theft of catalytic converters.  The catalytic converter is attached to the vehicle’s exhaust system. Catalytic converters contain certain metals such as platinum, rhodium, and palladium.  The metals are expensive, and thieves steal the converters to sell to scrap metal yards.  It has been reported that it can cost, on average, up to $2,000 to replace a catalytic converter.

The city of Oxnard is not alone in dealing with this growing problem, nationally the theft of catalytic converters is on the rise as well. 

Thieves are targeting vehicles with a high ground clearance like trucks and certain SUVs.  The high clearance allows thieves to crawl under the vehicles with ease.

How do you know if your catalytic converter is missing?  If you notice a loud roaring sound or your engine begins sputtering as soon as you start to accelerate, your catalytic converter has likely been stolen.  If you are comfortable and can do so safely, look under your car.  The converter is a round canister and is usually located near the center of the car.  The catalytic converter connects two pieces of piping in the exhaust and if it is missing, you will see signs of the piping being sawed away.

To help prevent catalytic converter theft, park in well-lit areas when possible.  Other options are to park your car in the garage or close to a building entrance when parking in a public lot.  Depending on your vehicle, mechanics can install additional pieces of metal on your catalytic converter to make it difficult to remove your converter or to deter the thief. 


The Oxnard Police Department, Property Crimes Unit is committed to reducing theft in the city of Oxnard.  Anyone with information regarding any of these cases or other criminal activity is encouraged to contact the Oxnard Police Department at (805) 385-7600 or online via the Oxnard Police Department’s website:  www.oxnardpd.org, and clicking on “Report Suspicious Activity.”  You can remain anonymous if you choose to do so by calling the Ventura County Crime Stoppers at (800)222-8477. You can also visit their website: www.venturacountycrimestoppers.org to submit a tip via text or email. 

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