Oxnard to discuss Channel Islands Water Problems at 7/5 Special Meeting

By George Miller

The Oxnard City Council will hold a special meeting at 9 Am on July 5. This meeting is needed to authorize an $72,650 extension to testing contracts, but does not say what they are testing for. A recent report said that there was no significant bacteriological danger.

Residents have complained of the harbor waters’ brown opacity and smell. Some city personnel suggested that it might be due to an algae bloom or red tide. These usually occur only in  hotter weather than the harbor area has been experiencing. Some attribute it to the February shutdown of the Mandalay power plant and resultant stoppage of the cooling water pumps which greatly increased back harbor water circulation.

City staff and Council have been very responsive since mass protests by residents. This publication has written about the circulation pump situation twice before it became a big issue recently.


Meeting Agenda


Council Chambers, 305 West Third Street
July 5, 2018
Special Meeting – 9:00 AM

Pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States.
A person may address the legislative body only on matters appearing on the report item. The
presiding officer shall permit a person to address the legislative body after the staff presentation
on the report and before the consideration of the report by the legislative body.
Public Works Department
1. SUBJECT: Fifth Amendment to Agreement No. 7620, Aquatic Bioassay and Consulting
Laboratories, Inc. (10/10/10)
RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council:
1. Approve and authorize the Mayor to execute the Fifth Amendment to Agreement No.
7620 with Aquatic Bioassay and Consulting Laboratory, Inc. in the amount of $72,650
for monitoring services in Channel Islands Harbor.
2. Approve a budget appropriation from General Fund reserves in the amount of $72,650 to
fund the Fifth Amendment to Agreement No. 7620.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Rosemarie Gaglione Phone: 385-8055

Channel Islands Harbor Water Quality FAQs 7-3-18

Oxnard Channel Islands Harbor Water Quality Improving 7-3-2018


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Missing: circulation ‎| ‎Must include: ‎circulation

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George Miller is Publisher and Co-Founder of Citizensjournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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