Oxnard to work its way out of budget meltdown

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Also breaking: Ex-City Mgr. Sotelo lost wrongful termination/damages suit today

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cost arial, sans-serif;”>The buck stops here. Oxnard Mayor Tim Flynn looks serious as budget hearing grinds on, 5-26-15. Photo: CitizensJournal.us

Oxnard held a lively  public hearing on its budget tonight. The city must extract $10-11 million from current spending levels of over $115 million in the General Fund and/or increase revenue to close huge gaps discovered in recent months after extensive audits and analyses.

OXCC5-26-15 008

Men in blue are very concerned about the Oxnard budget talks. Some spoke up tonight. Photo: CitizensJournal.us

Dept heads for Police, Fire, Development, General Services, Developmental Serviecs, made their presentations tonight. Heated and emotional pleas were made to preserve public safety items. Aggregate cuts of about 10% are needed. Each dept. was told to submit scenarios for 5, 10 and 15% cuts, which were done with varying levels of detail, specificity and professionalism.

Other departments will present at another meeting on Thursday, then staff will go off to figure out how to make it all happen. Other cash drains, such as the Performing Arts Center and golf course, must also be addressed.


Name Date Agenda Video
City Council Meeting – Special Meeting May 26, 2015 – 04:00 PM View Agenda
City Council Meeting – Special Meeting May 28, 2015 – 04:00 PM View Agenda
Document: B-1 Fiscal Year 2015-16 Budget Process (pdf  2510KB)
Document: City Manager’s Office / Intro  (pdf  1,349KB)
Document: Video
Document: Fire Department Budget  (pdf  1,462KB)
Document: General Services Budget  (pdf  960KB)
Document: Development Services Budget (pdf  1,461KB)
Document: Community Development  (pdf  1,126KB)

A more comprehensive article will be published this week,



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