Oxnard Treasurer race tightening

By Phil Molina (candidate for Oxnard Treasurer), 11-10-16VCRecorder

Good People of Oxnard;
Just got back from the County’s Election Department where they are knee deep in ballots.
To be precise they identified (ed: county-wide) 88,897 more ballots counted  that  need to be processed, PLUS “they are still pulling ballots out of the yellow bags that are over the 88,897 already identified. So, they estimated at least 100,000 more ballots to be counted and it “may take until December 6th before all ballots are counted”.
Oxnard City Treasurer (Vote For 1)    
91 of 91 Precincts Reporting
    Percent Votes
37.17% 12,817
12.96% 4,468
36.96% 12,743
12.37% 4,264
0.55% 189
We have decreased the spread from 100 to 74 between Larry and me, with a substantial number of ballots yet to be counted.
So given the variance between the current top vote-getter and me is less than .2% (two tenths of one percent), and the county staff suggested when the vote is within 1% the candidates should wait till a final number is counted.
Phillip Molina

Oxnard 2016 Treasurer candidates (l-r): Larry Stein, Phil Molina, Al Jones, Jonathan Royas, at 10-5-16 “We The People” candidate forum. Photo: George Miler/CitizensJournal.us

West Village and all good people,
Many of you informed me that the voting machines at Fire Station #5 were not functioning last Tuesday, and you wanted to make sure your vote counted. I was told that there were so many voters that the “security box” was overflowing so the election staff placed the ballots into big yellow bags and you wanted to make sure your vote was counted.
I called for the second time this week and I recently visited the County Elections Department to ask about the internal controls over the number of votes casts and the number of votes counted.
Today, Jason at the County Elections Department said all the votes cast will be counted and reiterated the process the County Elections staff uses to assure all votes cast are counted.
This is how Jason explained the internal control process to me to assure all votes are counted:
First, when you went to vote, you were required to sign a booklet with your name and other identifying facts. Each signature had a number assigned to it with the pre-numbered line.
Secondly, when the ballots were brought to the County, the staff counted the ballots received and compared that number to the total number of signatures on the booklet line numbers.
Thirdly, when the numbers matched they documented that all votes cast equal the ballots counted.
Jason assured me that this process is done meticulously, so I thanked Jason for his explanation.
Jason was not sure that the current count would be entered into the computer by noon today, but said they should be entered by end of day. 
 Provisional ballots processing has not been started, but by end of day the staff should know how many provisional ballots there are to process. As of now, the provisional ballots have not been counted, and provisional ballots include ballots that are irregular for a number of reasons, however, most are likely to be mail in ballots with signatures missing, etc.
Hope this helps us as we wait for the final numbers.
Phillip Molina

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