Oxnard Union High School District Board Complicit With Political Bias in the Classroom



By Gina Mulhern

I felt compelled to attend the recent OUHSD board meeting on April 5, 2017.  I voiced my opinion regarding a newspaper article in the Camarillo Acorn regarding a teacher at Camarillo’s Rancho Campana High School who told her class she lost a $100.00 bet due to President Trump not being assassinated  at the  Presidential Inauguration Ceremony.  What a despicable statement coming from a so-called entrusted  educator of highly impressionable young captive minds.  

While at the meeting I learned there were more teachers at the same school in Camarillo who had made equally shocking, unprofessional statements or irresponsible actions to the students in their classrooms.  

There were about a dozen citizens at the meeting who spoke on the same topic,  “Campana Gate” that evening.  Afterwards we were all assured by YOU, that the Oxnard Union High School District Board members had already looked into the many incidences by the various teachers and “appropriate disciplinary action”  had taken place.  Ms. DeLeon stated she could not tell us what these disciplinary measures were.  Little did I know at the time I was being stabbed in the back. 

Can you even imagine when I learned the very next day that Mr. Gibbs announced to his class he was leaving as he received a promotion!  Did you folks actually think we would be able to digest your “Catholic Priest Style Shuffle” of an unethical teacher being rewarded for their abominable behavior by transferring them to another school?  Is this what you refer to as “appropriate disciplinary action”?  

Your  choice of promoting Mr. Gibbs to a Vice Principal at Hueneme High School is nothing short of irresponsible and scandalous.   So let me understand clearly, when a teacher allows a  student to harass and bully another student who has a different political belief by performing a rap referring to our President of the United States as a “racist bastard”, THIS  is the type of activity you deem acceptable for a teacher to be promoted? 

Political discrimination falls under the “hate” umbrella.  Mr. Gibbs promoted this discrimination in his classroom.  And YOU reward it with a promotion!  It is now clear the political bias force fed in the form of harassment and bullying by the teachers at Rancho Campana High School starts at the top.  It was stated at the meeting “a fish rots from the head down.”  Your political one sided platform was well demonstrated when you rewarded this teacher with a promotion!

In the “Official” website of the OUHSD it states “political affiliation” is not discriminated against.  Bullying, harassment and intimidation are not tolerated as stated in your “Official” website.  The student that was discriminated against in Mr. Gibbs classroom was bullied, and harassed in their classroom by a teacher encouraged activity.  

It is simply astounding , no words can describe what an incompetent, terrible job you are all doing to insure support for ALL ( no matter what their political affiliation is ) the students at Rancho Campana High School in Camarillo.  

You have all broken your own rules and seemingly don’t care. Your lack of respect for our current President, your uncaring attitude of bullying and harassment to students who do not follow your liberal political bias, your actual promotion of a teacher who encouraged this type of behavior is beyond belief.  

Not all tax payers share your liberal beliefs.  You have demonstrated an unbelievable case study in bias using children.  What is next?  Perhaps a promotion for Ms. Eglitis, Ms. Butler, Ms. Garcia or Mr. Creech who suggested he would bring a gun to school and students who chose to follow him would get extra credit? 

Just exactly what is the prescribed “disciplinary action” the tax payers can expect from you?  Based on your recent incompetent example, students, parents, and taxpayers have a right to know. 

Your actions and the teachers are being closely monitored.  Clearly your motto is not “All students matter.”

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Editor’s note: OUHSD Supt. Dr. Penelope DeLeon differs on some points. These will be included in a future article.

Gina Mulhern is a long term Ventura County resident concerned about the political bias affecting her grandchildren in the public classroom.

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Deborah Baber Savalla

I too attended the school board meeting discussed in this editorial. I share the author’s sentiment 1,000%! As a taxpayer I’m outraged. As a responsible citizen, I am deeply troubled by this turn of event that a teacher, Mr. Gibbs, has been promoted! How in the world can Superintendent DeLeon justify this action? What in the world does DeLeon’s “disciplinary” promotion of Mr. Gibbs teach our young people? The question for all parents and concerned citizens alike is: How do we hold Superintendent DeLeon accountable for the dangerous precedent she has set with her action?

1. Come to the next Board meeting on Wed. May 10th. This is an agenda item: 309 S. K Street, Oxnard Phone: 805 385-2500. http://www.ouhsd.k12.ca.us

2. Broadcast this story.

3. Write to Superintendent DeLeon and the other Board members:

-Dr. Penelope DeLeon, Superintendent [email protected]

-Beatriz Herrera, Board President [email protected]

-Dr. Gary Davis, Vice President: [email protected]

-Harold Wayne Edmonds
[email protected]

-Dr. Steven Hall: [email protected]
Karen Sher, Clerk [email protected]