Oxnard’s Electile Dysfunction



Now that the recall is qualified for the ballot, Oxnard Mayor Flynn has stated that he wants to schedule the recall election as soon as possible – perhaps as early as April 24.

The reason to us is clear … a short filing-period makes it more difficult for candidates to launch campaigns to replace him and his colleagues on the City Council.

Selecting the earliest possible election date would give competing candidates only until February 8 to gather signatures and file paperwork to get on the ballot.

Such a short window of time would mean fewer candidates … and fewer choices.

And with fewer replacement candidates on the ballot, the Mayor hopes that voters will be less likely to remove him and other council members from office.

This is an unfortunate malady we call … Electile Dysfunction.

But there is a cure for this condition. It’s called … competition.

The good news is that the Mayor does not get to choose April 24 on his own … that decision will be made by the entire City Council on Tuesday, January 23. Even the City Clerk suggests that April 24 would be too soon to hold an election.

We do believe voters deserve choices … the more, the better.

So, to counter any political maneuvers the Mayor and Council might have in mind, we ask that you spread the word and let everyone know that candidates should be ready to pull nomination papers later this week.

You see, the treatment for Electile Dysfunction is not a little blue pill. Instead, the prescription is running more candidates for Mayor and City Council.  Perhaps you can be one of those candidates.

And if the time is not right for you, urge a trusted friend or neighbor to run for office. The filing period for gathering signatures to get on the ballot may begin as early as January 25.

Those interested in becoming part of the solution should contact City Clerk Michelle Ascencion at [email protected] or 805-385-7805 for more details about running for office.

And please have candidates email me at [email protected] to let us know they are stepping up to the plate.

Working together, we can …

Recall … Replace … Reform!

Aaron Starr
Oxnard Recall
[email protected]

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