Oxnard’s Public Relations and Community Affairs Manager leaving

Delana G. Gbenekama, Oxnard’s Public Relations and Community Affairs Manager, is leaving the City. Turnover in the upper ranks of the city has been rather high. From our perspective, she brought a high level of professionalism to the job, helping the city’s image and information dissemination.

She provided only this brief statement for publication appearing below …

“I made the difficult decision to leave the City of Oxnard to be closer to my family. Working for the City of Oxnard has been a rewarding and challenging experience for me. I learned so much while working with city employees, residents, the city council, local organizations and the media. I’m proud of the accomplishments the Public Information Office has made during the past 15 months in terms of more effectively communicating with the public, media and other stakeholders. I’m confident the City of Oxnard will find a replacement for me who will continue the momentum.”

Delana G. Gbenekama
Public Relations and Community Affairs Manager


We do not know what the city’s plans are at this point.

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One Response to Oxnard’s Public Relations and Community Affairs Manager leaving

  1. publius May 16, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    I did not know this position exists. Since city is having budget issues why not just eliminate the position? Doesn’t seem necessary. What did she do that was of any value to the average overtaxed Oxnard citizen? Will anyone notice if we go on without a “Public Relations and Community Affairs Manager”. How many other unnecessary jobs are there like this that the city blows money on?


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