PAL national boxing championship continues in Oxnard

Bouts going on all week 6-10 PM until Saturday

By George Miller

Event action is going on all week, from 6-10 PM through Saturday.

This is the 40th Anniversary of this event, going on right now in Oxnard, held here multiple times, including last year and also planned for next year. Terrel Harrison, Oxnard PAL Director and California PAL (Police Activities League) Board President, on national board and Chairman of National Boxing Program (17 years with the City) says that Oxnard is widely heralded for running very well-managed events. He says all staff are volunteers- doctors (each participant is examined for each event and physicians are always available), referees, staff, etc- all volunteers, who received only expense reimbursement for their valued participation.

Action in ring 3 at PAL National Boxing Championship, Oxnard, CA, 10-1-14 (Photo:

Local Oxnard Police Department (OPD) participation is strong- For instance Greg Wilson is President of CA PAL. Commander “Randy” Latimer is on the board for fundraising. Retired Sgt. Ken Klopman is involved.  Chief Jeri Williams is heavily involved and supportive, encouraging department member participation,


2-time world champion Mikey Garcia, from Oxnard (photo:

The three ring event was in progress at 6:00 PM last night at the Oxnard Mid-City Boxing Gym at 350 S K St, site of the old high school. The event was in full swing when we left to go to the Oxnard candidate debate, which lasted until 10, so no return was possible until tonight. Action starts again at 6 PM.


Claressa Shields, 1st ever American female Olympic boxing gold

Hundreds of competitors are here this week. Many are national champions, with even some Olympic medalists,  creme de la creme of amateur boxing.  The first-ever American female Olympic gold medalist (2012), Claressa Shields is here this week, as is bronze medalist Marlene Esparsa.  Fans know that Mikey Garcia, two time world champion, came up in the Oxnard program and won this tournament in 2008.

There are about 75 people in the Oxnard PAL boxing program currently. About 15-16 are competing. Terrel Harrison says that the Oxnard boxing program is very strong, encompassing the following clubs: Oxnard Mid City Boxing, Colonia Boxing Club, Robert Garcia Boxing School,  Oxnard Boys and Girls Club and of course Oxnard PAL. When pressed, he estimated that there are at least 500-600 people involved locally, including fighters and coaches.

Oxnard has produced quite a few champions- it is a boxing center. Kids start as young as age 11 and range up to 40. There are many age groups and weight classes within those age groups, all separated into male and female categories. There are multiple facilities in Oxnard. Proponents say the program is a great way to develop youth, put them on a better path to fitness, focus and accomplishment, which also helps keep them out of trouble. When you’re training 10-12 hours weekly (25-30+ hrs. for elite competitors), you don’t have all that much time and energy to get into mischief.  This can be life-changing.  More info.

You will note that unlike in professional boxing, fighters wear helmets that provide very good protection against head injury. This writer almost cries about what happened to Mohammed Ali after years of pounding- without any helmet.


Oxnard Candidate Forum 10-1-14 082

Here is the event livestreaming link: All three rings are shown in separate windows! Better yet, come on down to see and meet the players and crowd. Oxnard Mid-City Boxing Gym at 350 S K St, site of the old high school.

Download details and come: NPAL-2014-Information-Packet

Who's fighting tonight: Bout Sheets Thursday October 2

Results of Oct. 1 bouts: October_1st-_National_PAL_Results

Oxnard Candidate Forum 10-1-14 080

Part of the Wednesday bout card (Photo:

Oxnard Candidate Forum 10-1-14 088

Oxnard Assistant City Manager Karen Burnham takes in the scene at PAL National Boxing Championship after hours.


Keep in mind that next year’s PAL national boxing championship will also be held in Oxnard, 1st wek of October

The “Addidas Boxing Tournament,” which is Oxnard’s own branded national boxing championship event, will also be held here the 3rd week of June. So mark your calendars now, fans.

Thanks to Terrel Harrison for his assistance with this article, He deserves all hte credit for the good stuff and none of the blame for any of my errors.


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George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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I would like to sing up go turnaments for boxing for Oxnard county. how do I sing up?