Pelosi and Schumer –Treason?

Palosi and Schumer are quibbling over a mere $5 billion? That is almost peanuts when one considers our National budget.



by Naomi Fisher

Many Democrats in Congress express favoring open borders.

WE – The People, the U.S. Citizens, do NOT want open borders!! We want our Nation to remain INTACT! The United States of America!!

We do NOT want our Nation being flooded with immigrants and having to face and try to cope with Spain, Germany and England’s immigration problems.

We do NOT want our Social Services financially bankrupted by trying to help immigrants. It is already incapable of taking care of all our needy: Veterans, disabled, homeless, low income, seniors and legal immigrants. Our Social Services are woefully underfunded. Their case workers overworked. Yet there are so many needy that many are not getting the help they need. So, where is the money going to come from to help illegal immigrants? Simply put, it won’t be there. More illegal immigrants will bankrupt a system already staggering under its own weight.

That is why:  WE – The People, The U.S. Citizens WANT THE WALL!

Historically we have always  allowed immigrants to come in, work with Green Cards, go through proper procedure to become legal citizens. The immigrants responded and helped make our Nation great. Why should we change that now?

We all agree the Government workers should not be held for ransom. They are the innocent victims of Pelosi and Schumer’s stupid war. The workers should receive checks. Palosi and Schumer should be fined and receive no pay until the impasse they are creating is solved.

WE want Pelosi and Schumer to fulfill their vows of office and negotiate and compromise with President Trump. When they took the vow of office they vowed to do their best to work for the betterment of our United States, our Citizens and to keep our Government running as smoothly as possible. Above all they vowed to help preserve this Nation!

WE don’t care if they do not want to agree with President Trump because he’s a Republican or because they despise him. They were not elected to love him but solely to do their job!

However, instead of fulfilling their vows, Pelosi and Schumer are posturing and pouting, slinging mud and creating a civil war within our Government!

President Lincoln said it best: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

In my opinion their stupid civil war threatens the stability AND the survival, of our whole Government – therefore our whole Nation.

And that, my friends, constitutes TREASON!











The next two really explain the ideology behind their stand:

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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