‘Panic time’ for NBA over plunging ratings

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Viewership amid Black Lives Matter push hits historic lows

It’s “panic time” for the NBA in the wake of its adoption of the Black Lives Matter agenda, with viewership plunging on ABC 45% since the 2011-12 season.

Breitbart News reported the ratings disaster includes a viewership drop on TNT of 40% and 20% on ESPN.

“This ratings tumble is nothing new, granted,” the report said. “The past two NBA finals each have fallen one over the other, with last year’s down 51% to an all-time low for the championships. The worst was the final game, off nearly 70% year-over-year.”

Breitbart said the NBA’s ratings collapse “may not be surprising in light of recent polls finding that basketball fans feel that the league has become far too wrapped up in politics.”

The average viewership is down to 2.83 million, according to The Athletic.

Sports events typically have drawn bigger crowds than anything else on television, but now even NBC’s “The Blacklist” is outdrawing the NBA.

A Harris poll last fall found 39% of people who identify as sports fans said the NBA was too political. Nineteen percent said they turned off pro basketball because of the league’s deep financial ties to communist China.

Last October, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the BLM campaign is winding down and and there will eventually be a “return to normalcy.”

Is the NBA’s ratings plunge due to its leftist politics?

“And, I understand those people who are saying, ‘I’m on your side, but I want to watch a basketball game,’” Silver said.

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David Lewis

I used to love NBA basketball , until the team/ and the management, joined the BLM movement. Crap! I watch sports for fun, but I won’t watch anymore. I won’t allow politics to be shoved down my throat, whether I agree with them or not. You lost me!!

Ron g

Watching a bunch of guys passing up lay ups and mid range jumpers so some 7 ft center can shoot a brick from the 3 point line just sucks to watch . Now all the young kids aren’t learning the game in favor of imitating Steph Curry ( there is only one) it’s really not that hard at all to shoot a open 3. Having said that the playoffs will be exciting because they all decide to play a real game

Mike Smith

Watching an NBA game (TV or in person) is supporting BLM.

It’s a free country — but it gets less free when people support communist insurgencies like so-called ‘Black Lives Matter’. The NBA is a lost cause.

Boycott the NBA and invest the difference into something constructive.


LeBron has ruined the NBA im done and as far as him being a king Jordan will always be the king he was never spewing politics

I Hate NBA

And it will continue to tank when you have idiot mouthpieces like L James spewing #@$#*&!. Time to send them all to China where they are supported.

Harold Luttman

I wouldn’t watch a professional sport of any kind until they get out of politics! Play the game, we don’t want to hear your opinions!


Sanity arrives at CJ’s doorstep!

Finally someone who has their head screwed on right. Well done, Harold.

David Bowsher

I seriously doubt that people said “We’re on your side.” You misheard them. What they probably said was “You’re on the WRONG side, and we’re tired of watching this CRAP!”

Last edited 5 months ago by David Bowsher
Mike Smith

“Last October, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the BLM campaign is winding down and and there will eventually be a “return to normalcy.”

Good luck with that!

BLM is a Marxist-Communist revolutionary front group. BLM‘s advertised issue is not the real one, and the group does not have an ‘off switch’.



Ron g

Oh for Christ sake….get a life

Ryan Milligan

Exactly right brotha. These BLM folks are out of there damn minds. Hard to watch how many people are being suckered by these grifters in their millionaire houses.

T Wysocki

The overpaid players should. Respect the beliefs of fans sick of theBLM rhetoric.