Parents Need to Protest Graphic Curriculum

by Paul D. White

Here’s a proven alternative approach to sex education Conejo Schools might want to consider. 

As a  public school teacher & administrator, I taught Sex Education (and all subjects)  to students  ages 10-18 for over 20 years.  The last 10 years were at a storefront school I started for the most challenging and highest risk students in the LA County School District (13-18 year-old Blacks and Latinos, repeat offenders, drug abusers, and gang members). The school achieved positive results in all areas, but the results from our approach to Sex Education were perhaps the best result of all.  This sex ed curriculum is morally and spiritually strong, and yet it fits completely within the confines of public schools. 

  • With a student demographic that has the highest national rates for teen pregnancy, our school had one pregnancy – and no abortions that we knew of – in 10 years(and that couple – former gang members and substance abusers – have been married for over 6 years, have 2 children, the mother is finishing her Nursing degree and the father earns 6-figures as an automotive manager). 

Our students and their families came from a wide variety of beliefs and backgrounds. 100% of the parents agreed with our approach to teaching Sex Ed to their children. 

This curriculum would work equally well for Conejo Unified.

Stronghold Institute SEX ED. CURRICULUM

  1. a) Our Sex Ed curriculum did NOT start with the assumption(as do most school districts’) that ALL students are going to be involved in sexual intercourse.  
  2. b) We taught the state law: Anyone having sex with anyone under the age of consent is committing statutory rape: a sex offense that can cost you jobs and restrict your freedom for your entire life. 
  3. c) We taught unselfish concern for others.NO teenager is ready to be a great parent, and by having a child that young, you’re sentencing it to either being poorly parented, single-parented, or parented by neither the mother nor father, ALL of which are leading factors in a majority of troubled adult lives.  Since most of our students had been raised in those situations and suffered from them, we emphasized the fact that they wouldn’t want to inflict that on their own children. It worked. 
  4. d) We taught that unwanted pregnancies lead to THREE horrible choices: having an unwanted child, giving a child away, or having an abortion.  There is NO quick-and-easy way out of an unwanted pregnancy. 
  5. e) We taught historical facts. 

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.” (John Adams)

Going back thousands of years, EVERY major world religion advocates against promiscuous sexual behavior outside of a committed family structure.  It doesn’t work for individuals OR nations, and is NOT working in the US today. 

  1. f)  We taught the facts about relationships.  Statistically, couples who engage in sexual intercourse before marriage are less likely to get married, and more likely to get divorced. This totally negates the irresponsible argument that, “If you loved me, you’d have sex with me.”  If you TRULY love someone, you want it to last, so you would NOT want to have sex before marriage, because it would increase the chances of the relationship not lasting. 
  2. g) We taught almost NOTHING about traditional birth control, including abortion. We explained to students that there are mechanical and chemical methods for avoiding or terminating pregnancy and detailed information is abundantly available if they want that.  ONLY abstinence offers 100% protection against pregnancy and STD’s. We took our stand that we would not teach birth control details, because, “There’s no RIGHT way to do the WRONG thing,” and for countless reasons, sexual intercourse by unmarried minors is unquestionably the “Wrong thing,”  
  3. h) We DAILY emphasized the statistically MOST effective method of “birth control” for  teenage girls: doing well in school and having a job.  100% of our girls were highly successful in school, had to take early-college classes and work part-time jobs, and had to keep 3/4 of their earning in savings accounts.  A wonderful side-effect of this type of “birth control” was that our female students not only had no pregnancies, but also had very few incidents of boyfriend abuse, and naturally gravitated toward dating higher quality young men. 
  4. i) We taught that the first casualty of teen sex is honesty, and the cure is to STOP LYING. Boys lie to their girlfriends about how much they plan to always love them and get married some day, because they want to keep the sex going.  Girls having sex with a boy are lying to themselves, because they KNOW that the boys are in NO position to be able to make that commitment.  PARENTS of teens having sex are lying to BOTH the children and themselves, trying to pretend that they don’t know that their children are sexually involved. When you get everyone telling the truth, the promiscuity diminishes greatly. 
  5. j) We taught NOTHING about sexual intercourse details, other than a brief biological explanation of how it occurs and how babies are conceived, for the reason stated in item “g”.  
  6. k) Homosexuality and HIV/AIDS”  We taught the facts.
  • Promiscuity is promiscuity, and homosexual sex among unmarried minors does NOT work, and is not “harmless”, any more than it is for heterosexual sex.  With homosexual marriage being legal in all 50 states, there is no more justification for homosexual promiscuity than there is for heterosexual.  
  • There is NO unanimous scientific proof that homosexual tendencies are ALL by nature or ALL by nurtureNone of us are forced into lifestyles.
  • Homosexual males make up less than 2% of the US population but account for 60% of the new AIDS cases. HIV/AIDS rates in all categories are steady or decreasing, except for homosexual men, where the rate is increasing 22% per year. This is almost solely due to their excessive promiscuity, and their refusal to wear condoms. • Blacks have an HIV/AIDS infection rate 9 times greater than Whites, and 2 times greater than Latinos.  This statistic has nothing to do with biology, and everything to do with behavior, and thus could be changed.  

We did not just present the above information one time and then leave it alone.  We regularly emphasized the need to build relationships “on the rock” if you want them to last.  

Paul D White’s Stronghold Student Handbook 4th Edition

Paul D. White is the Director of Stronghold Institute and former head of QOL-Ventura.   Located in Ventura from 2012 – 2017, Stronghold currently operates out of Reno, Nevada.  Mr. White welcomes comments at:   [email protected]

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