Paris is burning!


By Michael Greer

Paris is burning as the citizens of England, Germany, and the Netherlands march to restore their countries sovereignty. Many of those marching and rioting don’t fully understand the goals of the Leftist elites, but they know they are no longer represented by their governments. Why aren’t world leaders representing their people?

Their leaders have been telling them the flood of migrants and refugees is good for their country and economy. They’re told diversity is a noble goal. They’re told they must not offend the new migrants. They’re told expecting migrants to assimilate is racist and bigoted. They’re told to ignore women and girls being raped. Women should dress modestly, or wear a button that says, “NO”, or carry a whistle. Citizens are told they need to adapt to the newcomers. But the citizens know this all defies logic and common sense. Citizens see their culture and traditions being eroded. They understand it’s their culture and traditions that bond them together. They instinctively know if the newcomers don’t share their values and traditions they cannot live together peacefully.

Paris protesters are unset about the gas tax and other “green” policies as well as unbridled migration from Middle Eastern and African countries. Even the people who believe in AGW are beginning to understand how oppressive the policies being implemented are to their lives. When people realize they can’t travel or move freely, when their access to cheap, abundant energy is rationed, their choices limited, and their governments won’t listen, their only recourse is to take to the streets. And while their access to energy is being rationed, their governments are bringing in limitless numbers of migrants from countries whose cultures clash with theirs.

At the same time the media is complicit in supporting the world’s elites pushing these policies against the will of their citizens. The media gives only the Left’s agenda and mocks, lies about and demonizes any opposing view. Meetings and conferences, public and secret, are held around the world every year planning for a future the citizens haven’t been asked if they want. This is not a representative government by any definition. This year’s UN Climate Change Conference in Poland ended just before Christmas.

The EU passed laws against speaking against Islam, Muslims, or Sharia even if what you say is true. They are talking about passing laws against Climate skeptics even if what they say is true as well. I wonder why people don’t question these laws. Are there laws against speaking against Christians or Jews? I’ve never seen people in search of the truth censor speech. The only reason to censor speech is to prevent people from knowing what is true.

We’re also told we need these migrants because we aren’t having enough babies to replace our populations. But why do we need to? Many of the low skilled jobs are being replaced by automation. Many jobs are simply going away. Plus, the globalists want to reduce the world population to under one billion, so we don’t need to replace our population and we certainly don’t need to increase it.

We are in a fight for the survival of the Western World. Many don’t comprehend how far reaching the threat is, they just know something is terribly wrong. They sense their leaders are not working on their behalf. The citizens of England voted to leave the European Union. They realized the EU didn’t have England’s best interests in mind, and why would they? They realized the EU was making decisions that hurt England and they were helpless to do anything about it. The farther you are from government, the less influence you have on it. So, the people voted to leave the EU. But their Prime Minister, Teresa May, is doing her best to stay in, against the will of her people. 

The English, the French, the German people want to stop the flood of migrants into their countries. They want to stop the liberty stealing green regulations. They are realizing how these regulations and laws are robbing them of choices, jobs, how and where to live, and freedom. And those the Left is always beating their chests to protect, the poor, are hit first and hardest.

We Americans aren’t quite as far down the road as Europe because we had the good sense not to join the North American Union. We’d be in the same place as Europe if we had. In order for global governance to happen, the Western Cultures need to be reduced. This is happening by flooding the rich, educated countries with poor, uneducated migrants, many with cultures that conflict with ours. This is why American’s present conflict over the border wall is so important to the Left. If the English can leave the EU and stop the constant flood of migrants and America can truly secure our border and stop illegal immigration, global governance will be dead… least for now.

The Left is desperate to stop America from securing her borders. Have you ever seen Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Pelosi fight harder for anything then they are fighting to stop the border wall? Regardless of what they might say publicly, they know American citizens want a wall. This President won because we want a wall and he promised us one. They also know it’s in the best interests of the American people to secure our border and reduce illegal immigration to a trickle. They all said so in 2006. They all voted for $46 Billion for a physical barrier. Now they are fighting against $5 Billion for a wall. We all know why. The media knows why. The Liberal pundits on television know why. They just pretend they don’t.

We are in a fight for our culture, our traditions, our way of life as we know it. I don’t know if we will win, but fight we must.

Michael Greer

Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:

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