Part II: NEW Investigation Uncovers Plots to Chain the Trains and Shut Down DC During Trump Inauguration

From Project Veritas:

Yesterday, I sent you our latest work that showed alt-left activists plotting to release Butyric Acid at the National Press Club.

There intent was to shut down one of the inaugural balls.

In response to our video, the group DisruptJ20, put out a release saying they were essentially just messing with us and knew that they were being filmed.

I don’t believe that for a second, and neither should you.


In this 10-minute video, undercover journalists for Project Veritas expose the broad plans of DisruptJ20 and it’s not pretty.

This is a group that is looking for a fight and looking to do harm.

You should watch the video more than once to get a full understanding of their mindset.

They think people like you and me are “Nazis.”

Their recommendation to dealing with anyone with opposing views is to “throat punch” them . . . and they weren’t joking.

The group admits in our video that they are considering “arrestable civil disobedience” and have even plotted to hook chains onto metro rail cars in order to disabled them – something they planned to rehearse.

While our first video showed a plot against a single event, this larger group is planning mass disruption of any traffic coming in or out of the nation’s capitol


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Keith Stahl

Crazy stuff! And I’m glad it’s not going to happen. I remember Trump 4 yrs ago tweeting – March on Washington – the Electoral College is a disaster for democracy- when he thought Romney won the pop vote.
Imagine if he lost like Hillary did, he and his followers would be freaking out of their minds. He played with 2nd amendment remedy references during the campaign. Fact! Would he and rabid trumpsters just chill and accept our non democracy in action?

Andre Casanave

Ahhhh. All the birth certificate chasers are sad that we are being mean to their Twitler. Get used to it. He is not our president!

William Hicks

All of the accusations of bad behavior within the republican party is small pickings compared to these people. They didn’t get their way so they plot to disrupt civilization. You can call them by several names, and as soon as you identify them they change their names. Stop and consider that what ever name they give themselves, “occupy wall street” or any other term, they are simply anarchists.

Richard A

This is exactly why the libs lost the election and also how they almost hijacked our country. I just hope that Trump has the right answers, but anything is better than where we were headed.