Partisan Propaganda or Facts?


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By Tony Dolz

Without diversity of opinion, the Acorn’s lengthy eight column piece, “Undocumented: One Family’s Story”, is over-the-top partisan propaganda.  Eight column pieces are exceptional for the Acorn, and one must wonder why this was such an exception?

There are two major camps of opinion regarding illegal immigration.  One camp expects and demands that the Federal Government enforce immigration laws that are on the books today, all of them; and the other camp expects and demands that the Federal Government not enforce immigration laws, and in addition, that the Federal Government should give a categorical forgiveness to certain immigration law violators.

A fair and balance journalist and a fair and balanced Acorn, has an ethical obligation to present BOTH camps of strongly contested opinions, with vigorous equal treatment.  In this case, the Acorn must give the opposing camp eight columns of coverage, without prejudice.

Reporter Michael Aushenker leans on Savatierra’s words to deliver a first-sentence partisan shot at president-elect Donald Trump, whose pledge to enforce existing immigration laws is labeled “contentious immigration policy” by Aushenker. 

Brian Dennert is behind the Brown Bag lectures.  Dennert sought Anna Salvatierra to speak on why she was “unafraid and unapologetic” relative to immigration law violations.  Brian Dennert is a Ventura County Star political commentator who is unafraid and unapologetic in his support of Progressive and Democrat Party causes and personalities.  He is decidedly partisan and the Brown Bag series is a great vehicle for his brand of political evangelism.

I demand that the Acorn be ethical and fair and publish eight columns of an opposing view.  I will gladly help.

Tony Dolz is a resident of Thousand Oaks

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One Response to Partisan Propaganda or Facts?

  1. William "Bill" Hicks December 16, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    WELL tony, have you considered writing an eight column article with your point of view?

    I have written in both CJ and the Acorn. In both cases I’ve had little resistance to stating my point of view. From what I read here, you are quite capable of writing an article in the Acorn on the subject and I encourage you to do so.


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