Passenger saved by Jaws of Life in Ventura accident

On Saturday afternoon in East Ventura, two four door sedans crashed at the intersection of Ralston St. and Ramelli Avenue.  One vehicle directly struck the passenger door of the other sedan at a high speed. When firefighters arrived on scene the car that was hit on the passenger’s side had a passenger trapped and injured inside.  Both drivers able to exit having only sustained minor injuries.

Ventura Police took control of traffic and began an investigation of the incident while Ventura City Fire Truck Company 5 quickly stabilized the vehicle and started to dismantle the car with ‘the jaws of life” and high tension steel cutters. Ventura Fire paramedics began treatment on the patient inside the vehicle while teams were working on the outside. Flammable liquids escaped both vehicles and absorbent and fire prevention measures were put in place to minimize the threat of fire. The patient was extricated in 13 minutes and transported under advanced life support measures to the closest trauma center. Fire and tow companies cleaned the intersection with the Ventura Streets Department to follow up, ensuring the collision site will be free of debris and hazards.

All photo credits: Ventura Fire Department

All photo credits: Ventura Fire Department

Source: Ventura Fire Department


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