Pastor Rob McCoy: “Children are a blessing from the Lord” – Powerful Sermon on Sanctity of Life Sunday



By Michael Hernandez

NEWBURY PARK—“Children are a blessing from the Lord (Psalm 127:3),” said Pastor Rob McCoy at Godspeak Calvary Chapel during services celebrating National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, an observance that had been started by President Reagan.  “We need to honor life, protect life and ‘set the captives free (Isaiah 61.1).”

The Dos Vientos Celebration of Life at 320 Las Brisas also included a presentation introducing Healing Hearts Ministries, a pro-life ministry offering two women’s Bible studies at Godspeak as well as a baby dedication.

National Sanctity of Human Life was designated by President Ronald Reagan on Sunday, January 22, 1984—the 11th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, in which the Supreme Court issued a ruling that guaranteed women access to abortion—proclaiming that the closest Sunday to the original Jan. 22 date be celebrated according to Pastor McCoy.  President Reagan was a strong pro-life advocate who said that in Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court “struck down our laws protecting the lives of the unborn.”

National Sanctity of Human Life Day was observed by President H.W. Bush as well as his son, President George W. Bush and by President Donald J. Trump.   The day was ignored by Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Pastor McCoy bemoaned having to “remind us not to kill our children… Everyone is affected by abortion.  Our state has killed more babies than the population of Canada.  The March For Life had twice as many participants as the Women’s March, which had all the media.”

The March For Life was the 46th annual march at the nation’s capital “to end the human rights abuse of abortion” while the Women’s March was the third march that organizers called the “resistance to the Trump presidency.”

Pastor McCoy showed congregants a Prager University video on:  “The most important question about abortion.”  (Editor’s Note: See link:

Dennis Prager argues:

  • “A living being doesn’t have to be a person in order to have intrinsic moral value and rights.”
  • “On what moral grounds does the mother alone decide a fetus’s worth?”
  • “No one asks a pregnant woman, ‘How’s your body?’ when asking about the fetus. People ask, “How’s the baby?’  Why does one person, a mother, get to determine whether that being has any right to live?  People respond by saying that a woman has the right to ‘control her body.’  Now, that is entirely correct.  The problem here, however, is that the fetus is not ‘her body;” it is in her body.  It is a separate body.”
  • “Virtually everyone agrees that the moment the baby comes out of the womb, killing the baby is murder. But deliberately killing it a few months before birth considered no more morally problematic than extracting a tooth.  How does that make sense?”
  • “Aren’t there instances in which just about everyone—even among those who are pro-choice—would acknowledge that an abortion might not be moral? Would it be moral to abort a female fetus solely because the mother prefers boys to girls—as has happened millions of times in China and elsewhere?  And one more example:  Let’s say science develops a method of determining whether a child in the womb is gay or straight.  Would it be moral to kill a gay fetus because the mother didn’t want a gay child?”

According to Pastor McCoy, what are our reasons for abortion?   Should it be based on:

  • Small(ness)?
  • Development?
  • Environment?
  • Dependency?

“Planned Parenthood, funded by the government (taxpayers) has a 40 percent share on all abortions,” said Pastor McCoy.   “The African American community is less than 13 percent of the population but has 32 percent of all abortions which are done by four percent (half) of the population.”

McCoy challenged congregants to look at the history of Planned Parenthood and how its founder Margaret Sanger believed in eugenics—“a set of beliefs and practices that aims at improving the genetic quality of a human population by excluding certain genetic groups judged to be less desirable (such as African Americans) and promoting other genetic groups judged to be superior.”

An example of this in world history was “The Final Solution” proposed by Reinhard Heydrick and Adolf Eichmann at the Wannsee conference held at an SS guesthouse near Berlin on January 20, 1942.  Their plans were to exterminate all the Jews of Europe.   “The were close to meeting their goal, about 60 percent or six million Jews were killed…It was the American GI’s that “set the captives free and proclaimed liberty.”


“No human life is worthless.  All men are created equal, even men with disabilities,” said Pastor McCoy.  “Society can survive if citizens do immoral things but society cannot survive if immoral things are called moral.”

Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service, founder of History Makers International—a community nonprofit serving youth and families in Ventura County, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor.  He has worked 24 years as a middle school teacher.   Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email at [email protected].

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