Pastor Rob McCoy of Calvary Chapel to run for State Assembly- 44AD

McCoyRob11-13By George Miller

After much thought, consultation and prayer, Rob McCoy  has decided to run for the 44th Assembly District seat being vacated by Jeff Gorell, who is attempting to trade up to Congress next year. He announced it to 1200 of his congregation, although no formal announcement has yet been released.

McCoy is Senior Pastor of Godspeak Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks which also owns and operates Little Oaks School. It is one of the largest churches in the region.

He is an advocate of what he calls “Bean Patch” politics , or civic discipleship. Pastor McCoy lives with his wife Michelle and is the father of Molly, Kelly, Natasha, Daniel, and Michael.  He has served as the Senior Pastor of Godspeak Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks since April of 2001.  He was born and raised in Coronado, California and came to Christ in his teens.

Supporters told us that he wove his concerns about society into his sermon to his congregation last Sunday, then announced his intention to run immediately thereafter. They say he has shown an ability and willingness to think across, even beyond party lines, in both the religious and secular communities. What motivated him to run was his dismay over the pervasive lawlessness and corruption in today’s society.

We understand that Sean Paroski, former aide to ex-State Senator Tony Strickland  and Brian Zink, who ran in 2012, are also running. Next year should be very interesting in Ventura County.


George Miller is a Citizen Journalist, “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams
7 years ago

Dear Citizens Journal,
On February 17th, the VC Star printed a letter to the editor from a Jim Shahan titled “Preacher and Politics”. I had to trim it back to fit into their format, I would like to share my response with Citizens Journal it its original, un-edited form:

The specific item to which “Preacher and Politics” points, is “The Johnson Code”, authored by Lynden Johnson to scare Churches away from politics. The IRS “Johnson Code” is about Church intervention. Churches can talk about politicians, as long as they don’t intervene. Additionally, the IRS says it’s perfectly fine for a Church to discuss non-partisan issues… like taxes… ironically enough. Any good candidate SHOULD be concerned about taxes, regardless of current profession.

For the record, the Johnson Code is under siege. Pastors across the Nation are recording sermons with strong political messages and sending the discs to the IRS essentially DARING the government to come after them. They never do… and they won’t because they know they would get challenged and lose because it’s unconstitutional. The Johnson Code is a growling, frothy dog… with no teeth.

Since the 70’s, CA has experienced several “Temporary” sales tax increases, but they always end up being permanent. Brown did this in the 70’s…and the misled voters fell for it again with prop 30. An extra provision of Prop 30 added a “Temporary” increase to the income tax ceiling to 13.3%… the highest in the nation. After Prop 30, the LAO stated that everything was fixed. What the LAO conveniently failed to mention is the $443 BILLION in unfunded obligations. Now, do you really think any of these tax hikes will be temporary? Really?!

Regarding the pot-shot at Republicans, I’ll simply say that the Democrats have a supermajority and hold every major position in Sacramento, so it’s a bit silly to blame Republican policies for ANYTHING in California. The “Anachronistic” policies you referred to that were mentioned by McCoy happen to WORK where they’re employed. (TX, AZ, FL…) “Forward” only works if you’re going the proper direction. We’re not. Sacramento is the home of the “Thelma & Louise” school of driving. Besides, what is it you don’t want to turn back towards? Cheap gas? Ample water flow? Balanced budget? Low unemployment? Booming economy? Personally, I would LOVE to go back to THOSE “outdated” concepts.

There is a stampede of tax refugees seeking asylum from the California governmental barrage, turning places like Plano, Texas and Chandler, Arizona into boomtown bastions of former CA business dollars…and jobs…by incorporating fiscally responsible principals.

I’ll agree with one comment… California is a magnificent place… and it’s broken. If we really love it, we must fix it. Assembly Candidate Rob McCoy offers proven solutions.

Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson
7 years ago

I wish I lived in your district so I could vote for you. God’s call to the church today (mostly falling on Laodecian ears) is to start voting for righteous candidates. My daughter goes to your church and told me about your courageous move.

God bless you and all pastors who keep their congregations informed about what is happening in the world of government.

Citizen Reporter
7 years ago

Pastor McCoy’s campaign sent us this bio today:

Pastor Rob McCoy

Pastor Rob McCoy was born and raised in Coronado California. Being from a family of a conservative Naval officer father and an activist Republican mother, he was exposed to grassroots politics and duty to country from his youth. He walked precincts and saw the real meaning of the adage, “All politics is local.” A highlight was his meeting with then Governor Reagan, whose personal well wishes to Rob are still alive today.

He attended California State Fresno earning a Bachelor of Arts in history. During his high school and college years he was an All-American water polo player and a national finalist in swimming. Later he was an assistant swimming coach for Fresno State University.

After graduating Rob entered the working world in a variety of sales and managerial capacities, with such notable companies as Helene Curtis, Chesbrough Ponds, as an area manager, and as a divisional manager with Unilever, largest consumer product company into world.

Rob was raised enveloped in Biblical principles but for many years did not attribute those values to their source, Christianity. It was not long into his adult years, that Rob recognized the importance of Christianity and found his calling to be a pastor. His seminary education was at the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary in Fresno. He was ordained at Calvary Chapel in 1995 and has been senior pastor at GodSpeak Calvary Chapel for 12 years. Pastor Rob was on the board of the Conejo Pregnancy Center and has served as the chaplain for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office. Pastor Rob is married to Michelle, “my greatest blessing”, has 5 children and lives in Newbury Park.