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    Paul Pelosi Case Takes Another Bizarre Twist

    Paul Pelosi's mugshot
    Paul Pelosi’s mugshot

    It’s true that crimes often don’t have simple explanations, but the incident in which Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was attacked in their San Francisco home seems to be extreme.

    Fox News has revealed that a report from NBC News that explained Pelosi had opened the door for police, and then went back into his house where he was bludgeoned with a hammer attack, was withdrawn for not being up to reporting “standards.”

    However, Fox noted, “A new NBC Bay Area report about the assault on Paul Pelosi last month includes several of the same details in NBC News’ retracted national report that suggested Pelosi may not have been in immediate danger when police arrived prior to his attack.”

    The network report, by national correspondent Miguel Almaguer, said on Nov. 4 that it was Paul Pelosi, apparently calm, who “never let on to responding officers that he was in distress just seconds before he walked back into his house where an intruder bludgeoned him with a hammer.”

    Almaguer reported for the “Today” show that police didn’t know they were responding to the Pelosi residence at the time, and Pelosi himself opened the door for them.

    But he didn’t attempt to escape or declare an emergency, and “even walked away from law enforcement and toward his eventual attacker,” all of which raises a lot of questions.

    Then the network pulled the report.

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    But, Fox said, “A local NBC reporter’s similar story was not retracted and remained online as of Wednesday morning.”

    That report was from the network’s San Francisco affiliate, KNTV, which “aired an explosive report with highly similar details indicating Pelosi opened the door for police and didn’t immediately attempt to escape.”

    On that station, which noted the conflicting claims, reporter Bigad Shaban explained, “This all has to do with the moments, seconds really, just before Paul Pelosi was struck in the head with a hammer inside his San Francisco home. Now, there continues to be contradicting accounts of a relatively simple question. Who opened the door that night when San Francisco police arrived to the Pelosi house?”

    A federal indictment charges that “two officers” opened the door, in conflict with the local prosecutor’s confirmation that, “Mr. Pelosi opened the door with his left hand.”

    The local station cited a source who had watched police body camera video from that night.

    “The video clearly shows Paul Pelosi open the door with his left hand,” the station reported.

    But that video hasn’t been seen by the public.

    Then there was a “brief conversation” before suspect David DePape hit Pelosi with a hammer.

    When approached with a question about why Pelosi didn’t flee the house when officers arrived, District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said it’s not fair to “Monday morning quarterback” the scenario.

    Multiple commentators have said the details need to be released publicly.

    And the New York Post reported that Almaguer was suspended by the network, with the network refusing to comment on “personnel matters.”

    WND earlier reported apparently DePape broke into the home calling “Where’s Nancy,” and when he was told by Paul Pelosi she wasn’t in, he said he’d wait.

    Somehow Paul Pelosi got into a bathroom, from where he called 911. A short time later he was letting police in through the front door.

    The Daily Mail described what reportedly happened:

    When Officers Kolby Wilmes and Kyle Cagney responded to the residence and rang the doorbell, DePape reportedly told Pelosi not to open the door, but he did anyway using his left hand.

    Pelosi and DePape stood in the dimly lit foyer and faced the officers as Pelosi calmly greeted them, the report said.

    When one of the officers asked what was going on, DePape said, “everything’s good” and pulled his hands toward his body. When an officer turned on his flashlight, DePape could be seen holding the bottom handle of the hammer with one hand and Pelosi’s right arm with the other. Pelosi’s right hand was also on the handle of the hammer.

    When an officer ordered for the men to “drop the hammer,” DePape raised the hammer and said, “um, nope” as he tried to pull it away from Pelosi who exclaimed “hey, hey!”

    DePape then gained control of it and struck Pelosi’s head, which knocked Pelosi unconscious.



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