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    Pelosi’s News Conference Triggers ‘Stroke Or Glitch?’ Question

    WND, biden, gay sex, monkeypoxWND StaffBy WND Staff

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., speaks to reporters June 24, 2021 (Video screenshot)

    One of the things that Joe Biden’s presidency will be remembered for in history is his penchant for verbal blunders, stumbles and gaffes.

    It’s helped by the fact that video recording is just about everywhere, so those “what?” statements are part of the record.

    But Biden isn’t the only one who has, on occasion, garbled his way out the room.

    The latest on the stage is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, an octogenarian who’s actually a year or three older than the facing Biden.

    commentary at Twitchy charged, “‘Stroke or glitch? YOU decide.’ You can actually see Nancy Pelosi’s break BREAK in real-time during press conference (watch)”

    Pelosi previously inserted the innocuous but out-of-sequence “Good morning, Sunday morning” in the middle of an interview on network ABC.

    Twitchy commented: “Nancy is a TAD more ‘there’ than Biden. But just a tad. … Also, you can always tell when Nancy doesn’t know what she’s talking about (or if she’s lying) when not one hand but two for them get going like that. We’re shocked she hasn’t taken flight yet she does so much flapping.”

    We’re getting our … we’re sending stuff over to the Senate. (garble) Most of the product we’ve done is … we may have added in the last hours though. Some of what we added is the Senate to the bill… like hearing. Bernie doesn’t like hearings, excuse me Bernie loves hearings, Manchin doesn’t want hearings. uhm. So some in the Senate, and then we have the medical leave. We figure if they’re putting things in then we can put something in even if Manchin doesn’t like (garble) We are getting some …. Byrd and privilege. I think most of it is getting privilege scrub, because privilege scrub is deadliest to a bill.”

    Byrd won’t … uh … important you have to take it out. But privilege violation can take you out. So we’re again getting that as we go along as well. But when we pass it, the bill, then they will see it in its aggregate and make some….”

    She added, “Those are the … two exercises… we’re getting bathing exercises we’re engaged in. And uhm uhm there’s no bad answer. It is what it is. A certain objectivity. It is what it is because whatever it is.. this is the greatest monumental historical piece of legislation that any of us have ever been a part of it. And I say that with great proprietary ownership of the Affordable Care Act, which was magnificent and is. This contains that and so much strengthening that and so much more. If this isn’t in or that isn’t that because its reconciliation, we can save some of that for another day, when its regular order. But most of what is in there will survive and be great And so will help the American people. It will lower the cost of raising children in our country. Think of that uhm…. overarching part of it’s about the children, about their parents….”

    See the entire news conference:

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