Penalizing Courage: Why The California Republican Party is Dying



By Mike Smith

Every time the California GOP loses, courage is penalized.

The penalty is heaviest for Americanists here under age thirty-eight.

Younger Californians, desperate for meaning, cannot glean courage from conviction-void Republicans. Yet this describes California’s Republican powerbrokers. In California, the people with conviction are mostly of the destroyer party.

The California Grand Old Party claims to be the creator party. But the hole where the CA GOP’s conservative ideology used to be creates nothing good — let alone courageous people. The CA GOP ‘creates’ like a field worker digging dirt creates piles of soil.

Courage is caught, not taught.

The CA GOP’s political control is held by values-neutral, conviction-void kleptocrats. Young Californians see this — yet mostly blame ‘capitalism’ for their oppression. Here’s why: socialist California’s economy reflects the Marxist values of the state’s taxpayer-funded school, college and university systems.

There’s a saying in the East: ‘The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.’

The CA GOP elite’s Baby Boomers and Gen-X’ers habitually shame courageous Millennial and Centennial Americanists. Yet these younger patriots are expected to do that which the CA GOP übermenschen refuse to. So leadership by example is also penalized.

Penalizing courage discourages people. And discouraged people are prone to recruitment by society’s strongest forces. Thus, young Californians with enough spirit to fight, overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

And yes, this includes those who do not vote. ‘Not voting’ is voting left-wing. Welcome to California.

Discouraging people under age thirty-eight is electoral suicide. Welcome to the California GOP.

This party’s shame-based, self-defeating culture is nothing new.

Today’s CA GOP is stuck on a Reagan Revolution undone years ago. Meanwhile, Marxist public schooling now informs California’s popular culture. The reason traces back to CA GOP failure.

The cultural dominance of unconstitutional public school districts was preventable circa 1981-1989. Ditto with taxpayer-funded colleges, universities and what is now the federal student loan racket. Very ironically, California taxpayers are funding a Soviet-style schooling and dependency scheme under threat of fines, imprisonment or both.

Did you know that ending the U.S. Department of Education was a Reagan presidential campaign promise?

Californians need real courage, not tragic heroes to worship. The American Revolution is the one worth embracing. Think ‘1776’ and ‘2016’ — not ‘1981’ or ‘1985’.

The Left rewards indecent fighters; the California Republican Party penalizes decent fighters. Ethical, conserving Californians live betrayed — vulnerable to the state’s destroyers at all times. That is, those who are still here.

California’s Americanists can choose Californian Republicanism or American Republicanism — not both.

Death of Republican Party

Mike Smith is a longtime Ventura County resident who identifies as a Red State male in a Blue State body politic.

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