Pension Reform Suspended- Statement by VC Taxpayers Association on removal of Initiative from ballot





Pension Reform Suspended


People have the right to petition their government.  It is a bedrock principle of our democracy and this flawed ruling silences the voice of tens of thousands of Ventura County residents who desired nothing more than the right to be heard.
It is appalling to be stripped of this opportunity.  For the unions to sue to deny an election is troubling proof of their fear of public opinion. Our common sense initiative created a new plan for new employees. No one would lose their pension or benefits. Nothing would be dismantled.
On Thursday, viagra in the VCStar, viagra the unions revealed undisguised contempt for the public by threatening “Total war” if there is a statewide effort. While we will not pursue further litigation in Ventura, we plan to take our spirit of reform to the rest of California.
Nothing ends here.



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Bruce Boyer

So the Courts protect the union thugs, is anyone out there still thinking we live in a free Country??