Pentagon Stunned As Thousands Of Chinese Troops Enter ISIS War

By George Miller

We have seen reports that China is taking major military action against the Islamic State (AKA: ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) and is also upset with Turkish intelligence, which it says helped to infiltrate ISIS troops into the Xinjiang Province of China (just one report on the latter, appearing in multiple publications). Xinjiang has rebel radical Islamic factions. ISIS allegedly killed Chinese hostages abroad as well. Reports are that Chinese troops have been dispatched to Syria. Keep in mind that Turkish planes recently shot down a Russia fighter which was attacking rebel troops, as it briefly crossed into Syria. This worsened serious tensions with Russia, which has reportedly violated Turkish airspace many times. Also keep in mind that Turkey is a NATO ally, which the US is obligated by treaty to defend.


The U.S. has already been at odds with Russia over Syria, which is allied with the Assad regime, as is Iran and China. The Obama administration is supporting what it says are non-ISIS rebel groups, which it claims Russia is hunting and killing. China  has even pledged rebuilding aid to Syria. The situation is quite confusing and there is much potential for misunderstanding and wider warfare. 

The Syria Assad/Russia/ISIS situation is creating great internal US dissension as well, even spilling over into the Presidential debates of both parties. There are multiple Syrian rebel factions or foreign troops which have entered Syria with mysterious and shifting loyalties. Some have pledged loyalty to al Queda or ISIS.

On one hand, the US wants to avoid major foreign entanglements. On the other hand, the ISIS threat to friendly countries, innocent people, the oil and other trade and even US allies and the US cannot be underestimated. In a stunning reversal, the U.S. announced, via Secretary of State John Kerry, that removing Assad was no longer their immediate objective, but instead to destroy ISIS. Multiple domestic and foreign critics have said that the level of US activity is insufficient to have much impact on ISIS.  The Obama administration, after pulling troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, has reintroduced some and put token “boots on the ground” in Syria, after doing air attacks for quite a while. Military people generally say that those air attacks would not be possible without troops on the ground to gather intelligence, direct attacks to their destination precisely and assess post-battle damage.  People are wondering what the right solution is, but there may not be one.

Interestingly, this does not seem to be much-covered in the US so-called “mainstream media,” (except CNN, which merely speculated about the possibility) but only in foreign and U.S. “alternative” media. We have yet to see any hard evidence of on the ground Chinese deployment of combat troops/combat aircraft in Syria.



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George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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